21 Dirty And Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl That Make Her WTF!

We all know somewhere in our mind, we all have the desire to do something like that. We all want to explore a girl hitting with some questions that will make her go WTF. But the thing is most often before we gather enough guts to do something like that the chance slips away. Actually, men should behave as men! Yeah! There is always a chance a hurting the other part, but the girls also love the things that can give them a little roller coaster ride type feeling. So finding a medium that won’t hurt the soft minds and give them a hell of a short little thrill of rushing feelings, that’s what men do. Either you take the hot seat or seat tight and pray to God that sometimes you will have the nuts. Here are 21 dirty and flirty questions to ask a girl that make her WTF instantly!

The Starter: To Ahead To Dirty And Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl

Actually the starter is the most vital thing in these types of matters. You must know the person at least to some extent. If the person on the other side of the table is extrovert enough, you can go forth comparably in a short time. An introvert person doesn’t want to be exposed to overt types of questions in a short time. But remember one thing we all are human being and for that reason we all desire to get something extra from a mere event. So be sure that even the introvert girls like to be bombarded with naughty and flirty types of questions. Just you have to know when to trigger with the dirty and flirty questions to ask a girl that make her WTF.

Dirty and Flirty Questions to Ask a

21 Dirty and Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl that Make her Go Crazy

While asking a girl about some crazy or oozing stuffs, you have to start with some caution that you must not ask anything about their physical things at the first hand. You can do it at the later part of your conversation, but you need to settle the girl with some lightweight question at the ignition.

1. When did you first start to feel naughty?

2. Have you ever tried to stare at the next door neighbor’s conjugation or something like that?

3. Have you ever tried to peek at the boy’s washroom to be a little manipulated in the high schools?

4. What is the naughtiest moment in your school days that you can remember?

5. What are the things in a man that makes feel that you are stimulated so much?

These types of questions will set a perfect stage for going further. Try to keep track of the signs while asking these questions. If the girl feels so much bothered or ashamed to answer those questions that means she doesn’t want to answer the questions. On the other hand, the answers seem to be positively given, then go and hack with some lethal ones.

6. Do you like masturbating? When you feel doing that most? What do you think while doing this?

7. What is your body size?

8. If I ask you to ask me to do something naughty what would you prefer the most from me?

9. If I am masturbating and catch me red handed, then would you help me out or get just furious over me or just turn your back to me?

10. While you are kissing what types of other things to be done simultaneously would you prefer?

11. If someone slaps on your butts while getting close to you, do you like it or not?

12. Do enjoy watching a person being naked?

13. How long can you be in bed or can you masturbate?

14. Do you like the odor of men or have to ever enjoy my odor?

At this point you can consider yourself at the last stage of dirty and flirty questions to ask a girl that make her WTF in your conversation. If you are able to carry the conversation this long, then jump on the train. You have crossed the hardest part. No question will vulgar from here. The girls on the hand will also be very on horny side. It may happen that the girl will be willing to answer the questions at that time and if you cannot extract the best from that moment you may not be able to get the answers from her later at any cost even you have slept with her for a lot times. Girls do that because they love to keep it secret. So hammer the iron while it is red.

15. In which style you like me most to get on the bed with you?

16. Have you ever gone to bed with a person that has a bigger cock than me and has he pleased you more than I do?

17. After the initiation at what time you like to be naked most?

18. Which is the body organ when I touch there you feel stimulated most?

19. Have you ever thought watching a porn movie with me or capturing a clip with me while we are in bed?

20. Would you mind if we have sex in public or we get mingled with a group?

21. What types of sexual instruments would you like to use while I am with you?

In fine, the advice will be that these questions can be manipulated as you wish. From the general curiosity, we all want to know somewhat from our counterpart. But as generally the girls are inborn with shy to answer these sorts of questions, normally they do not want to do even if they would love to. Another thing should be borne in mind, asking dirty and flirty questions to a girl that make her WTF must not interfere with your relation. These questions might come up with some unwanted consequences that may make you remorseful in future. So, be aware and enjoy yourself.

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