10 Evident Words of Advice to Date an Independent Woman

Have you ever discovered what type of girl your girlfriend is? Many men make a mistake here and generalize their women from a same perspective. But, the fact is, every human is different from each other and so your girl is. You may encounter with different women like dependent, independent, domineering, and manic and so on. Depending on your girl’s behavior and type, you must shape your actions and words uttered with her. Here are 13 helpful words of advice to date an independent woman.

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Is She an Independent Woman? 

Think about the questions below before you decide whether your girl is an independent or not?

  • Does she know what she wants and deserves?
  • Does she rely on herself to do any task?
  • Does she take over her own decision in life?

If the answers are ‘YES’ then be sure that she is an independent girl. This type of girl is habituated to do her own task by her and never relies anyone to get the work done. Again, an independent girl knows how to survive in the fights and therefore is capable enough to take her decision in life.

If you can assimilate these traits with your woman, then be sure that she is an independent girl and therefore it is worth for you to read the advice to date an independent woman.


10 Evident Words of Advice to Date an Independent Woman

Advice While Dating an Independent Woman

1. An independent woman generally loves to scrutinize if you are giving your best or not. If you really love her and want her in life, be careful and follow the tips you must maintain in the relationship.  [Read: 8 Tricky Ways to Make Him Commit and Want You in Life]

2. Take and behave her seriously. This type of girl wants a big space whatever it is at home or outside. An independent woman takes everything almost seriously and so she expects from her boyfriend. Be careful that you are not cutting jokes superfluously.

3. When it comes to take a decision, listen to her and think of it. Being an independent girl, she takes a decision based on her strong belief and perception. Rather, hold a great respect for her ideology. It’s better to have a discussion to come to a point.

4. Before handing over any role or decision to her, ask her what she wants and what she does not. To make the relationship better with an independent girl, this is a great strategy.

5. An independent girl does not like to maintain a relationship with those who just loves to be obedient without any personal liking and disliking. So, being honest with your liking and disliking is an advice to date an independent woman. It’s better to take part in decision before you set up a new step with her. [Read: 13 Cute First Date Ideas]

10 Evident Words of Advice to Date an Independent Woman

10 Evident Words of Advice to Date an Independent Woman


6. Let her choose the restaurant she wants to take today’s dinner on or the cinema hall, she wants to enjoy the late night movie. This freedom will present you as a gentleman before her.

7. Don’t be a loser and spend the dating being in the off – mood. Rather, support her taking an action incorporating yours one also. Be a better boyfriend and a better husband. Together, some greater output will come out.

8. Never try to play the boyfriend card with an independent girl. It is a worth advice to date an independent woman. An independent girl never appreciates her boyfriend to ask her ‘You do that’ or ‘I want you to do this’ or ‘You must do that’ type of stupid dominating words.

9. An independent girl always wants her boyfriend to be also independent. Do not always be submissive or afraid of her and overly complement her being overly dependent. Rather, overcome your fear of approaching her and give her a space . Being an independent girl, she needs a solid time for her. Don’t interrupt or try to cuddle her in that period of time.

10. It is a hidden law that the boys have to pay the bill. But, if your girl wants to pay the bill, don’t reject. She may take it personally rather the affection you do it from. So, let her pay the bill where she wants to do it.

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