10 Rules to Be a Gentleman to a Lady

So, you want to be a gentleman to a lady? That’s sounds good! Modern man means a lot. To be a gentle and modern man to a lady, you must possess 10 must-have rules. Monika, a lovely lady, thinks- “a man should have at least some decency, attitude and some kind of gentlemanliness to be liked by women.” So, these seem to be pretty obvious for every man to have some special traits to kill a lady and retain an image of a modern gentleman.

What are these rules of etiquette that make you an appealing man to a lady? Let’s discover.

Rule-1: Be a Gentleman to Open the Door

Girls always like their guys to open the door for them. Be a gentleman. You must know when she returns at home or when she will knock at your door. As soon as the calling bell rings, go and open the door for her. It is just only the etiquette, but also it proofs that you admire her with love and care. Remember that, the ladies do not like disrespectful guys.

How to Be a Gentleman to a Lady

Rule-2: Make Her Sit First

You have opened the door for her and it is nice to think about. But, you are not escaping from your roles. You must have a sit for her first and then make you one. It also may allow to drag the chair a little bit and to sit closer at her. This makes it clear that you are decent and you care about her presence.

Rule-3: Basic Manners at Your Dining Table

Not slurp the soup, not chew the food with close mouth or even not keep your elbow on the dining table. These all are the dining table etiquette that make you a gentleman to your lady.

Rule-4: Skip Other People’s Things

Avoid touching other people’s things. A gentleman doesn’t do that. You must follow this rule. It will keep you safe from many unwanted things.

Rule-5: Control Your Drink

Don’t just gallop a gallon of drinks. Don’t just change glasses. It must be kept in mind that taking alcohol and drinks can make you out of control. You then may face many stupid situations.

Rules to Be a Gentleman to a Lady

Rule-6: Listen to Her First

Avoid blatant attention to her while she is talking to you. If you don’t find interest in her topic, drive the discussion to something else that you both find interest in.

Rule-7: Make Your Phone Low

While you are on a date, you must remember that you are here to enjoy. A mobile phone can break your enjoyment here so try to keep your mobile phone in low ring tone.

Rule-8: Text More, Call Less

Gentleman means he knows how to be romantic and at the same time can arise his partner to him. Avoid calling too frequently. Text more and use attractive words or phrases to impress her. It will make her feel romantic and you will haunt her again and again whenever she reads your messages.

Rule-9: Be Honest

Honesty is the modern gentleman’s weapon to hunt ladies. Nobody, at least a lady, likes dishonest person. So being trustable to the ladies is important and you can only achieve it through honesty.

Rule-10: Be Precise

Don’t just say so many things at a time. Go at a proper pace and talk precisely. Even be precise in your expression. Otherwise she might be floated into so many ideas together.

So, what gentlemen don’t do?

Being a Gentleman to a Lady

Uh, that’s the biggie! There are some particular things that modern gentlemen don’t do, I swear!

  1. They don’t look at other girls.
  2. They never chew foods like an animal having their mouth opened.
  3. They do not yawn without putting a hand on the mouth.
  4. Gentlemen do not belch in the presence of many people.
  5. They are not selfie addicts!
  6. They do not sleep with many women.

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