5 Mysteries about Women’s Relationship Issues: A Must Know Guide for Men

The two sexes of the world – one complete opposite to the other in comportment and convention have been sent by God not only to seek the world, but each other’s unification. Women outwit men differently in relationships and it is not easy to decrypt their true thoughts. But you can, trying out and keeping a look out for the following that will inform you about the mysteries about women’s relationship issues.

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What are Her Views?

God created both of you to see things differently; your mother saw one side of a story while your father saw another. The same thing goes for her and yourself. Although you might be the haggard type when it comes to certain issues but she might not. She, on the other hand, is readying her irons to make sure her points are provided when you two will converse about a topic or issue.

It is her view that you should be aware of and try to understand it in order to understand her. How do you do that? How do you understand if she is going through certain issues of the bonding she has with you? Here is how:

Know About Women’s Relationship Issues

1. Expressing To Each Other

Did you know that when your lady talks with you she is trying to portray a talk that is full of lovely adjectives and thoughts? Therefore, at times it might seem to you that she is being repetitive but she is not. You need to get on the same level of thinking as her and then she will be okay with what you guys are discussing.

You also must know that she is always trying to be there for you even when you do not need her. And in case of her own, she is always listening to your opinions and suggestions. If you want her to work in a certain way or do a certain thing, then let her know but do not impose it on her. That will just make things get ugly.

For them, conversing is more emotive and personalized and they tend to shift from one topic to another while talking. You need to act and be patient when she does that. Listen to her and don’t act tough or irritated. If you find things going over your head, then tell her to elaborate it. She will be happy to do it. Don’t act too smart though or she might get bothered.

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5 Mysteries about Women’s Relationship Issues: A Must Know Guide for Men

2. Money and the Duty for Your Honey

A woman finds it difficult if she isn’t getting the monetary stability from you. You didn’t know but she might have planned a trip to somewhere good at the end of the year and, unfortunately, you are putting her off. Never be too miserly or be the one spends too much. Always follow protocol to spend accordingly and talk to her about any problem you are facing. She will listen dearly and help you out!

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You now have shared her duty, and, so, it is also now your duty to share the duties of her in the house. As long as the finances and the chores are evenly spread out and in balance, she will have no reason to be upset. But, if you want to remain a couch potato and do anything in your own house, then, sorry to say, you will be putting her off and that will fuel her distaste into a bad hair day.

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3. Love-making and a Tale of Lunacy

God created the horniest creature in the form of you and her. Like you, she has a massive tenderness in her that is hard to tame and harder to please. Even then, there can be situations where she is not in the mood, unlike you. How do you set her mood right. She needs an emotive connection to get aroused and you need to be aware of that. The act is not only what matters to her, but the timing, foreplay and everything that shall make it more harmonious. Be in control so that she bolts her thoughts into you and what you want to do. As, in that way, the peak of satisfaction that you will be giving her will be not only the release of pheromones enticing her but also her mind being loved too.

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4. Habits, Hobbies and a Lady Friend

The mystery of women’s relationship issues is still going on and I believe you have got an immense idea on the fact. However, if you have a bad habit of dressing up snobbishly then she might have an issue with it. Appearance is important to her, yours and hers too! Therefore, you should be aware of how you dress up. Take a little patience and make sure she is pleased.

What do you do to pass time that doesn’t involve her? Are you trying to destroy an empire in an online game or are you trying get to the next level of photo-editing in Photoshop? Whichever it is, the prolonged time of you not talking to her or contacting her anyhow might make her feel stressed and insecure. Take a break from your activity and send her a message saying that you love her. Men forget that after getting committed to their woman, they should still flirt and be all cute and romantic to their ladies. It is essential!

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You can have friends who are girls. Or. You can have a “lady” best friend. But one thing you must know is that you cannot let your girl feel tolerant of it. It is usual for women to feel uneasy when their partners have a best friend or a friend of the opposite gender. Make sure you have your priorities and everything set right because if she finds something that she doesn’t like, she will not feel at ease with it.

5. Love to Share

It is never entirely possible to list all the things that can make your girl upset or feel like there is an issue in your relationship. One thing that you need to be sure of and certain is that you need to listen and understand more about her. If you do so, everything will pan out smoothly with no worries at all!


This article about the 5 mysteries about women’s relationship issues will help men a lot to get their women right. Go on guys and make your girl happy.

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