5 Ways To Stop Being Codependent In A Relationship: For Men And Women

The unnatural and extreme dependency on each other of the couple makes their relationship as a codependent relationship. Many couples do not find any problems with such relationship. Although, it seems fine in the broader line, but eventually it may cause for the great sufferings for the people in the relationship. So, you must at least know the ways to stop being codependent in a relationship that you can take step in need.

So, Who Are Codependent in Relationship

You know the one I am talking about – the couple who spend every waking moment with each other, who complete each other’s sentences and do absolutely each and everything together in 24/7. Are you still frowning with your brow, thinking what type of relationship I am talking about? Ok, you remember the characters Marshall and Lilly from “How I Met Your Mother” and you will know the kind of couple I am on. They often talk a statement like “You complete me”. It may seem new to the new lovers who are in first proposal, first love and first kiss but the people who are having in a relationship for a years are also like that.

Reasons behind the Co-dependent Relationship


One of the main reasons behind these types of codependent relationship is a serious case of insecurity or dependency. One or more of the partners feel unhappy and insecure about themselves and so they try to depend on each other that turn their relationship as a codependent relationship.

Ways To Stop Being Codependent In A Relationship

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Detached From Others

People who are detached from their near and dear ones are dependent much on their loved ones and thus they become codependent on each other.

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Detached from Recreation

The people engage in this type of relationship think their relationship as the number one priority and they find suddenly that other parts of their lives become neglected. Hobbies, friends, families – all feel as though they have been forgotten and snubbed because of the new romance.

Why You Shouldn’t be in a Codependent Relationship

The most defining characteristic of the unhealthy relationship is the fact that you absolutely, positively, must do the same thing being in dependent on each other. Like, when you are standing in line at the movie or even when you are in the next room you are stick to be with each other. While it is certainly nice to do things with your partner, you don’t have to do everything with them. This can cause problems with your friends and other relatives or people who you work with or go out, who might feel as though your co dependent relationship has put a strain on your friendship.

While all that does seem magical, there are some adverse effects of this kind of relationship on each other. So, I am going to talk about the co dependent relationship and the ways to stop being in a codependent relationship that will give each other a space you need to grow.

Ways to Stop Being in a Codependent Relationship

You may find the easiest strategies of the question that ways to stop being codependent in a relationship. The strategies described here are both for men and women. So, go through it and find which strategy suits you more.  

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Ways To Stop Being Codependent In A Relationship

1. Love Yourself

This is the most important aspect to be part of a healthy mature relationship as it harmful for both parties and can lead to one party taking significant advantage over the other. We have all heard stories of the boyfriend or girlfriend who is treated very badly by their partner. That is the case of a co dependent relationship and, as mentioned before, this is caused by insecurity. The person who is insecure about losing their partner will pay no heed to their own needs and wants in order to make their partner happy. This is a recipe for disaster.

To combat this, you must know who you are. Know yourself and your wants and your needs and make sure your partner take it easily. Do not be needy for affection or a clingy person. Learn to be alone and you will find your relationship to be more satisfactory for both of you. The Psychological fact about love can be helpful to fix your own state sometimes.

2. Have Your Own Friends

One of the easiest ways to stop being codependent in a relationship is having your own identity and to preserve that identity whomever you are dating. That means that you should be continuing to pursue your own interests, hobbies and other activities. The most important of this is to keep contact with your friends.

3. Have Your Own hobbies

Similar to the previous entry, it is important that you also have activities which brought you together, you should also have something where you can do to get away from you’re the regular practice. Do something like your own garage band is enough to be something which can help you maintain your identity.

4. Say ‘I Need Space’

Space is necessary for both parties in a relationship but it can be scary sometimes to be the first one to opine what you want. You can ask for that you need some space but don’t forget to give logics behind because than, more often than not, s/he will end up feeling betrayed or hurt. Feelings can get hurt so it is important to be honest and be about why you need space and what you need it for. Make sure that your partner realizes that it is not personal but rather something which can be beneficial for the both of you.

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5. Support Each Other

Finally the key aspect of any relationship is mutual love and support. There are some common habits of happy couple. If your partner needs anything from you, then that has to be support. Encourage your partner to discover themselves and do different things. If your partner is a musician, then support them in their passion. And in return, the two of you can help improve your relationship to a much higher pinnacle.

So with the help of these both of you can enjoy vibrant, meaningful lives that you can share with each other. Once you do that and you will find that you are no more anxious with ways to stop being codependent in a relationship type of worries.

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