7 Best Health Benefits of Blueberry

Along with cranberry and bilberry, blueberry also belongs to the family of heath. The fruit, blueberry grows in a bunch and it looks like the size of a marble. Blueberry’s color may vary. This fruit may seem small in size, but it is packed with a very high nutrition. It can boost your immune system to a level that make you can fight against bacterial and fungal infections.

There is a saying that small packages always come with the best things and it is very true when this is blueberry. It can reduce blood pressure and maintain cholesterol level. It is also very effective to control glucose levels and insulin in your body. In spite of these, there are many health benefits of blueberry that you can get those ideas from here.

7 Health Benefits of Blueberry


1) Full of Antioxidants

Blueberries are full of antioxidants like Vitamin C, A, B complex, Anthocynin, copper, zinc, selenium, etc. I think, you all must know about the benefits of antioxidants and their capabilities about preventing diseases and increasing immunity. The rich amount of antioxidants in blueberry makes it a fruit that can help you to fight common cold related problems and bacterial and viral infections.

2) Effective in Cancer Prevention

The antioxidant properties of blueberry not only allow it to prevent bacterial or viral infection, but also it is also a very good fruit that can help us to prevent cancer. The production of cancer cells and their multiplication is caused by free radicals. Free radicals prevent our cells to get proper nutrition. Antioxidants are better known for their capability to diminish free radicals and as a rich source of antioxidants; blueberries are very effective in that case. Regular consumption of blueberries keeps our cells free from the harmful effect of free radicals and helps us to keep ourselves away from stomach and colon cancers.

3) Want To Lose Some Weight? Eat Blueberry

Excessive body fat and weight is the mother of all diseases. Too much body fat can cause cardiovascular problems. Again, who does not want a fit and fat free body? Blueberry can help you to get a fat free body. A study at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center indicates that regular consumption of blueberry can help you to reduce body fat and it also decreases the chance of getting attacked by cardiovascular diseases. It helps to lower the sugar craving. The vitamin C present in blueberry helps to convert the protein cells into energy rather than turning them into fat. Thus, you can get a fat free body.

4) Improves Visionary Health

Blueberry can take care of your vision health by providing a compound named anthocyanosides. It can slow the process of visual loss. This compound can prevent all the visual problems like macular degeneration, myopia, cataract, dryness or any ocular infections. Blueberries are rich in carotenoids that can improve the condition of our retina.

Health Benefits of Blueberry

5) An Amazing Food for the Brain

With all the nutrients like vitamin C, B-complex, C, E, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron etc, and blueberry is a great brain demanded food that can improve the health of our brain. All these nutrients are very helpful to prevent any neurotic disorder and increase the capability of the brain. You may get astonished that consuming blueberry regularly; you can prevent and cure brain disease like Alzheimer disease. The antioxidants of blueberries help us to heal damaged brain cells and neuron tissues. It also increases the capability of our memory.

6) Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Excessive cholesterol presence in our body makes our heart prone to have cardiovascular diseases. Harmful cholesterols like LDL thicken the wall of the arteries in our heart and making the food flow difficult. There the diseases like blockade in heart, heart failure or heart attack may attack you. Blueberry can provide us with destroying the harmful cholesterols. It also strengthens the muscles of the heart.

7) Helps to Improve Our Digestion

Blueberries can provide us with a rich amount of foliate and fiber. These ingredients are very helpful to improve our digestion. The high amount of fiber that blueberry gives us improves our bowel function and reduce constipation.

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