7 Frequent Reasons Why Finding a Good Man is Tough

Whenever it comes to finding a good man, you will certainly face it as a challenging and hard task. The individuality of an excellent man may diverge to woman to woman and again to culture to culture. But, whatever the context and time you exist, you face some certain issues that cause it difficult to discover and get a good guy. The article will tell you 7 most frequent and universal reasons of why finding a good man is tough.

Hookup Tendency

There exists a hookup tendency among the men which has grasped the existence of an ideal relationship with only one girl. The men who find woman at their disposal are difficult to hold them and maintain a sound and healthy relationship. So, the women who are truly look forward to and want to have a good man in their lives find it difficult to believe these men and finding a good man for themselves.

7 Frequent Reasons Why Finding a Good Man is Tough

7 Frequent Reasons Why Finding a Good Man is Tough

Option is Open

Relationship and the probability of being a happy couple depend on the time the parties dedicate and spend with each other. In the very modern time, men find too many options in front of them and many times they seem reluctant to enjoy the time being a romantic couple. One of the reasons is the accessibility of the internet and too many dating sites where a man can find anyone to have a date rather being stick to a particular woman. So, woman find sit difficult finding a good man because no man, in now-a-days wants to be fixed for a particular woman while they have many option in hand.

Impatient Mind Looking for Further ‘Better’

It happens both in gender. They accustomed to looking for the nest button rather pressing the one on finger. Similarly, many men are just not satisfied to whatever they have rather they want to look forward for something better. This dissatisfies mind prevents a guy to be committed to his girl that fear makes it difficult to find a good guy in real life.

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7 Frequent Reasons Why Finding a Good Man is Tough

7 Frequent Reasons Why Finding a Good Man is Tough


The Obsolete Marriage

How many men really want to get married now-a-days? The notion and the belief of getting married have lost its appeal in most of the cases. People have started to take the marriage only for physical demand and as the availability to meet that demand needs not to be described in this modern day, the marriage has become obsolete in many cases. Men are no exception and often they live in dilemma that when should I get married and if I, why? So, the woman who dreams to get a good man in her life with which she will spend the rest of her life becomes difficult to manage.

Men’s Ego to Woman’s Independence

There are many independent women with social position, economic solvency and power. Also, there are numerous men who feel jealousy of women’s independence and are unwilling to take it easy. So, the independent woman who is looking forward to have a good man falls in a fix.

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Man-child Retards

The modern term ‘man-child’ is the fact that a man does not want to express that he has grown up for the fear that he might have take responsibility of other. So, if apparently a woman gets a man who she thinks is perfect for her and capable enough to take her responsibility finds the man unwilling when it comes to take a final decision. This attitude creates a difficult situation for a girl to find a good man in life.

Commitment Phobia

It is accepted to many people that a man can break his commitment up at any time. This fear hinders women from finding a good man for them.

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