8 Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends

Connor Mead: “Someone once told me that the power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less, and he was right. But power isn’t happiness, and I think that maybe happiness comes from caring more about people rather than less... Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (this movie has been removed by YouTube)

So, it comes naturally that the person who cares less in a relationship also loves less with a power of manipulating and controlling their partner. Girls have a belief that the boys do that generally. Many girls even cannot identify and differentiate their men’s power to act and their behaviors. So, girls must know the ways guys manipulate and control their girlfriends. 

Is He Caring or a Control Freak?

Girls have a very soft corner in their heart for either it is husband or boyfriend. This especial possession drives the girls often and therefore the girls cannot trace out of the behavior as a sign or care or domination. Your lovely man cares you, asks you wherever and whenever you are and drops and lifts you every time. YES! How sweet the relationship you are in! It is ok with us if he is transparent and you are not wearing a haze of love.

So, how you know if he is really taking care of you as a token of love or dominating you tactfully? Read the ways guys manipulate and control their girlfriends and make your relationship real and healthy. [Read: 4 Essential Qualities That A Woman Should Know Dating A Man With Potential]



Know If Your Guys Controlling and Manipulating You in The Relationship

Object! Complaints! Criticize

Uoooo! Don’t do this! Never speak that! Let your friends go. These are some of the common everyday sentences that he exchanges with you. What do you think then? Without craving for any explanation, these seem good enough and show that how much he is taking care of you. How much he loves you.

But, halt. Have you ever thought about the real motives behind that? Does he do that not only to share his worries, but to control your behavior and restrict your freedom of who you will communicate with and who not. Think that if the objection is only to let you his likes and dislikes or indirectly criticizes you to CHANGE your way of freedom. [Read: 6 Mistakes That Can Completely Ruin Your Relationship]

Passive Resistance

Does your boy resist something passively from doing or acting or not doing? Does not he pay attention to what you are urging him for a several days but just becomes silent and passive?  These are very common phenomenon that your man is trying to manipulate you.

For example, you are very excited to have the dinner with your friends or family or with any other special people in your life. You are asking him to be ready, but instead of doing that he is just lying on the bed or walking on the balcony. And, suddenly, he just throws a statement that ‘I would like to have some private time together’. So, what does it mean? Find the core of the intention behind and you will find that he is doing all that for out of his mean mind and trying to dominate you by any means.


Abuse can be of many typed like physical, mental, economical, verbal and sexual. Be careful if your man falls in any of these categories. If he is, know that he is surely making the relationship tiresome, detrimental and harsh.

The Sexual abuse is the most crucial one which may originate from your mental abuse. See if he urges and insists you always or in maximum time. Does he always try to force you to do something that you are not interested in? If this action turns into a habit, you must ask your mind about the relationship because it is one of the ways guys manipulate and control their girlfriends. [Read: How To Stop Loving Someone Who Does not Love You back]

 Be Friends With Your Friends

You definitely love coming across that your boy is accepting your friends warmly and connecting them on social media. That’s good and in fact, it is beneficial for your relationship. But, have you ever though being out of the box. Scrutinize how much time he gives to your friends or at least he is interested to talk about them or even listening to them? No? Ok, read the below.

Think of a situation where you were very excited to join on your friend’s birthday party who was also a Facebook friend of your guy. You were expecting he might join with you but making you outburst, he just let you know that he would go to drop you down at the venue and again will receive you from there. There are some especial cases. But, think of it carefully. If it happens regularly and often, you must know the plan behind the behavior. It might be the reason that he was more devoted to see where you were going to or coming from or the venue that you asked him to go. However, he even might want to check out your friends and their posts and tagged you in also to be ensuring that you are not hiding anything from him.

If this is the case, learn that connecting your friends on Facebook was one of the common ways guys manipulate and control their girlfriends. [Why Do Happy People Cheat In A Relationship]

Dresses Problems 

Dresses cause a common issue for many guys to be dominated on their girlfriends. Guys who are dominating will be skeptical and cynical about the girls’ dresses. You may love wearing a tight, flawless dress for your relative’s wedding, but your guy does not like that and is constantly pricking you to change the dress.

If your guy is not manipulating typed minded he might share that you look nice and beautiful in the other dress instead of uttering dominating words to you. [Read: How To Ask For An Open Relationship]



Isolation Island

This is one of the trickiest ways guys manipulate and control their girlfriends. Carefully observe what his attitude towards your friends and family is. The controlling guy firstly starts to isolate you from one of your friends asking that she or he is trashy or like that. And once he is successful on that he tries to find some faults of another friend. Thus, the manipulating guys also start a new mission to isolate you from your own near and dear ones. This type of guy convinces you so softly and gradually that you would not be able to understand their tricks. [8 Tricky Ways to Make Him Commit and Want You in Life]

I Need A Baby

Statistics show that almost half of the women conceived first time because of their guy’s face or willingness. This is one of the easier ways guys manipulate and control their girls. The guy blackmails your emotion and feelings telling that he wants a gift of your love and thus you must be pregnant soon.

But, the case is not so linear. Maximum dominating guys want to control their girls by putting insist on their girls because they think that once the girls have a child, they are bound to stay with the husband whatever the husband does and behaves with. This is the trick many guys have been using and still many guys use. It is one kind of trap that your guy dominates and manipulates you in the relationship. [Read: When Should I Get Married]




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