9 Obvious Grounds Why Men Cheat on Their Loyal Women

Over the years and beyond the boundary, men are cheating on their women; even the women are loyal, trusting and dedicated to them. So, why is this happening on? What are the reasons or myths or fact behind the on growing infidelity in a relationship? The Two Angles has tried to have an insight on why men cheat on their loyal women and evident here for you. Read the rest of the article and put your comment in the box if you want to share more.

Impact of Cheating on Relationship

It’s a sad fact of life, but the statistics do not lie. Around 70% of married men interviewed have admitted that they have been cheated or once they did to their wife or lady. The marriage specialists are worried about that and finding this as one of the major reasons of increasing divorce rate in the world, especially in the western parts. A recent study finds that lack of loyalty and infidelity are the reasons behind 50% divorce rate in America and Europe.

Who are at Great Risk?

Both the men and women have the equal possibility to cheat on each other though they are in a healthy relationship. While both husbands and wives are susceptible to infidelity, it is more often the case that the men cheat on their wives/ women. So, the questions generally come why men cheat on their loyal women and we are here with the big discussion on the today’s burning topic.

9 Issues Why Men Cheat on Women

The Thrill

When a man is in a relationship, then things become stable. Things become routine and predictable and after a while, this leaves a lot of men feeling lackluster about what are doing and going through their lives. It is one kind of hegemony that generally men believe – its about having wild adventures, doing impossible new things, of seeing and of conquering. But a happily married life is quite a departure from that culture that we are brought up in and because of that, men are prone to stray. They seek the thrill of wooing a woman and because they miss that thrill, the chance of feeling attractive and capable enough to attract a lover. So, because of that, many men cheat on their loyal wives or girlfriend.

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9 Obvious Grounds Why Men Cheat on Their Loyal Women

9 Obvious Grounds Why Men Cheat on Their Loyal Women

Lack of Connection

Men cheat when there is a lack of emotional connection between them and their spouses/partners. This happens as time goes on and is natural. As relationships, age, they become more and more based on power. In the case of a lot of relationships one person has the power and tells the other person what to do. In these cases, during arguments and quarrels about power, the man will often become cold and distant, not expressing his emotions and feelings with his partner. With his emotional needs not being met, he might seek to find other women who he can share an emotional connection with. Often men feel exhausted emotionally which they want to escape from by having another second lady in his life who will understand his feelings and console her at least for a time being.

The Lack of Appreciation

Men love to be appreciated. Not just men – everyone loves to be appreciated for what they do and who they are. But, more often than not, many women don’t appreciate the ones who are nearest and dearest to our lives. This is especially true in a long term relationship, as the flames of ardor have long died and have been replaced by familiarity and comfort. Men do a lot for their households and seldom are their efforts appreciated. Because of that, many men feel emotionally unrewarded and find solace in another’s arms. And, this unwanted simple mistake can ruin a relationship forever.

Sexual Satisfaction

For many men, monogamy is ideal. However, others are genetically inclined to seek multiple partners over the course of their lives. They want to sleep with different women, to have different experiences from different lady. There may work two broad reasons. One, men are not satisfied with what they get from their lady and or two; they have an instinct lust toward other women that they cannot resist from. These men neither can ask for an open relationship from their lady nor can open themselves to their women and thus the cheating goes on. This ultimately faces a negative impact on the relationship that even scatters and smashes the relationship with dust.

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Sexual Knowledge Issues

The obvious reason why men cheat on their loyal women is that those men grow up with an inaccurate picture of sex and relationships, mostly due to pornography and television. They don’t realize that sex is not perfect in every relationship and it’s not good at all. They evoke themselves to have a sex with without any proper knowledge that may bring havoc to their relationship.


We learn our behaviors and mannerism that mainly comes from a surrounding we belong to, the men we are referring here belong to. Just like the children of alcoholics are more likely to become alcoholics themselves, the behavior is ingrained from a young age. Sorry! Don’t take it personally as we don’t mean like that. The important thing is that why men cheat on their loyal women may be a cause of the surrounding from where we are getting lots of input and shaping our norms and behaviors.

Two Can Play The Same Game

If the man feels that his wife has cheated, then he may cheat on her as well. Like for a tit for tat so if the bond of trust has been broken by one of the spouses than it becomes that much easier for men to take the next step and cheat themselves.


Finally, it is a fear of insecurity that leads many men to go astray. According to experts, it is always the less attractive partner in the relationship who is more prone to cheating. If a man feels insecure with his women, he is likely going to cheat his women.

Unmatched Unhappiness

Many men just marry off their women having a trouble or being in forced with family choice or just being in a emotional addicted to. This leads a man toward unhappiness that forces them to cheat on women. So, men it is better to ask some questions to your women you are going to have your life to see if they are right for you. This will lead your life in a secured place.

9 Obvious Grounds Why Men Cheat on Their Loyal Women

9 Obvious Grounds Why Men Cheat on Their Loyal Women


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These are but a few of the reasons why men cheat on their loyal women. Of course these don’t apply to all men equally as each man is different and should not be stereotyped. But ladies, these reasons provide a strong benchmark for you to understand the psyche of a man.

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