51 Best Questions to Ask A Girl

Once the wheel starts to roll it becomes easy for a man to continue a nice and warm conversation with a girl, but how should one start it? While we remain how to take off most of the cases the opportunity passes by and we sit idly like foolish one. In such cases, where you feel dubious of yourself whether to start or not to ignite, one thing should be remembered like a verse from the Bible that girls do not want to dart first rather they love being darted from the other end.

The best and most common way of starting a conversation is with questions and while being in conversation with lady men should be very much conscious about the question they intend to ask. Here are 51 best questions to ask a girl- some funny and some are interesting. Cheer up!

The First Approach: Best Questions to Ask A Girl

51 Best Questions to Ask A Girl

In most of the cases, while starting a conversation the men have to start first as mentioned before. In the very first step, men should be very conscious about the questions that whether they are asking very much personal or not. The starting has to be very agile and light questions. Remember that, it is the first step you are going ahead to your conversation. Be confident! Questions that can help you here are-

1. Isn’t it too hot?

2. The whole transportation system has become so crowded, isn’t it?

3. Do you like football? (If there is football on the TV)

4. What time is it by your watch?

5. How long have you been waiting? (If the situation is about waiting on queue or something like it)

The first approach is the first impression that you make on the mind of the other party. Asking any sort of personal or presumably personal questions must be avoided. After a good course of conversation you might feel a little more confidence in yourself and then you can go for that, but still with the utmost level of awareness.

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Try to Normalize: Best Questions to Ask A Girl

Isn’t there so much of normal day to day life questions to ask a person? But while being in a conversation with a girl, you have to precise with the meaning because girls are very apt to derive a double meaning of a mere question. Still, there are so many questions to normalize a conversation.

6. Where have you spent your last summer?

7. What types of drink you like most?

8. Have you ever been to…………?

9. Do you like to read novels?

10. Who is your favorite writer?

11. What is your favorite book’s name?

12. Which is your favorite sport?

13. Do you like to play outdoor games?

14. Where would you like to go for next vacation?

15. Do you like taste different types of food?

16. What type of Halloween costume you prefer?

17. Which your favorite baseball/football team?

18. Which athlete you like most?

19. Who is your favorite movie star?

20. Which is your favorite movie?

21. Where is your favorite shopping place?

22. Are you techno geek?

23. Which brand’s cell phone you used first?

24. What are you good at?

25. What type of music you like most?

26. Which is your favorite radio/television channel?

27. Have you read today’s newspaper?

28. What is your most bizarre experience in the workplace?

29. Do you believe in demons?

30. Have you seen demons ever?

31. Have you any bizarre habit?

32. Which is your most memorable day?

33. Have you ever been to the concert of …………?

34. Computer games or jamming with friends?

35. Are you ambitious or easy going person with routine life?

36. Times or The Economist?

37. What types of pets like you most?


Funny questions: Best Questions to Ask A Girl

You can move to asking funny questions after a certain time. When you can base yourself that the girl would not be bothered so much asking her questions with ups and downs, only then try. Sometimes a funny question catches a little flare of indecency. Try to avoid vulgar questions or if by any way of double meaning comes make sure the question is generalized, not personalized. You can go on by asking-

38. Have you ever entered into a men’s bathroom somehow?

39. How many crushes you have had so far?

40. Have you ever broken your heels and tumble off?

41. Have you ever enjoyed being bad at school?

42. Which school teacher’s name you faked most?

43. Have you copied your papers in school?

44. Which sports car you dream of?

45. Have you ever played truant?

46. How long do you enjoy a party?

47. Have you ever been caught at a party after lying your parents?

48. Why are you jealous of me?

49. Don’t I look like a prince?

50. Have you winked a boy ever?

51. In elementary school, have you ever kissed anyone? (Ask if you feel safe)

By knowing the best questions to ask a girl and applying that in your first conversation, you can make the girl blushed away. You will see how easy the conversation is with the girl. Be smart! Be a good communicator. Ask the above questions to the girl. Thus, the girl will like to make a conversation with you and accompany you.

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