The 7 Rules of Spending the First Night Together


‘Spending the first night together’ makes anyone excited on the lovely bed. It is such a taste which people even cannot think of unless it comes into reality. Every confident couple sweats in the very first night together. Sometimes it happens that even the partners who have been together for a long period of time,


How to Have a Sensuous Sex: 5 Tips to Spice-up Your Moment

Are you tired of your bedtime with your partner? Do you feel it becomes too taste and zestless when you are making love? We often make mistakes thinking that ‘sex is only the cause of sexual enjoyment and orgasm’. Here lies the problem. We often ignore the other important part that is ‘sense’ or ‘sensual


3 Steps to Seduce a Girl and Get Her in Bed

Steps to Seduce a Girl

“I am a girl and my boyfriend adores me as a sexy and hot girl. I cannot wait, but being seduced no longer I hear these words from my hunny-bunny”. I feel proud when my man says these to me. He uses different strategies to seduce me. As a guy, you also must know how


9 Hidden Secrets to Make a Woman Feel Sexy and Desirable

Hidden Secrets to Make a Woman Feel Sexy and Desirable

Okay, let’s reveal the secret. Guys. . . No matter how beautiful she is and how big her size is, every girl likes to hear some buzzwords that instantly can make her sexy and desirable! It doesn’t matter that you are a sophomore in your love relationship. You can still rock and make a girl


How To Seduce A Man: 40 Flirty, Sexy and Naughty Ideas

How To Seduce A Man

No matter you dive and float in a new romantic relationship or two of you have enjoyed a several springs together. Love, appeal and sex these are evergreen to the couple. But, sometimes we are so sluggish with an empty brain that we hardly find any new way to make our men falling in love


11 Surprising Sex Drive Killers You Don’t Know About

Sex Drive Killers

Who doesn’t want a healthy and peaceful life? And for this, a life which has a healthy sexual relationship is very important. But, as we now live among so much of pollution and synthetic things around us, day-by-day the sexual forces of both men and women is getting deceased in a dramatic way. Really the


16 Insanely Romantic Ways To Touch A Girl

How To Touch A Girl

Let’s start with some touchy lines from the famous song of How to Touch a Girl. Do you know how to touch a girl? Do you know how to touch a girl? If you want me so much, first, I have to know Are you thoughtful and kind? Do you care what’s on my mind?