10 Cutest Ways to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

10 Cutest Ways to Apologize to Your

If that is love you treasure in your heart for her, then why did you hurt her? – Isn’t that a very common question that everyone may ask you after every little fight you have with her? Yet, in every relationship, things getting messed up are ordinary, and everyday might not be the same, and


49 Most Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush

Questions to Ask Your Crush

The journey of a human’s life creates a lot of ripples in the life which produces a lot of confusion and vagueness on the human hearts. All the time we depend and survive with our emotions and interest. Almost every being has a partner because people’s hearts and minds are continually nourished by the love


How to Stop Loving Someone Who Does Not Love You Back

How to Stop Loving Someone

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” We have gone through these lines many times and heard it previously. Don’t we? But, the extract of poem and the practical life is not same. There is a big gap between these two. Stopping love


101 Obvious Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone

101 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Someone

The first few conversations you have with someone, be it with your girlfriend or boyfriend, can be interestingly cumbersome. Getting to know someone is one of the most challenging but interesting part of starting up any relationship. To start up a good relationship, you must know how to ask to get to know someone. Some


Love Proposal: Boy or Girl- Who Should Go First?

Love is an instinct feeling. No one can guess when you dive into this feeling other than you.  So, you know better the ripe time of making love proposal.  There is an ongoing dispute with the issue like who should go first for love proposal.  Everyone has his or her own logics and arguments. Let’s


13 Common Complications in Relationship and 7 Easiest Ways to Overcome

Complications in Relationships

“Many of us spend our lives saying we would give anything for love, while we’re often really pushing it away.”- Merle Shain After all, you and I all am a human being. Imprudent emotion, sensitiveness, diminutive anger and misunderstanding are very common features of our relationship. Though unfortunate, these always chase our sweet relationship. Sometimes