13 Common Complications in Relationship and 7 Easiest Ways to Overcome

Many of us spend our lives saying we would give anything for love, while we’re often really pushing it away.”- Merle Shain

After all, you and I all am a human being. Imprudent emotion, sensitiveness, diminutive anger and misunderstanding are very common features of our relationship. Though unfortunate, these always chase our sweet relationship. Sometimes they complicate our relationship in many ways. In that case, what should we do? How should we approach? What should we not to do? We need to think about this.

So, here are the common complications in a relationship and the ways to overcome. The article talks about the 13 most common complications in a relationship and 7 easiest ways to overcome these tangles.

13 Common Relationship Complications

1. Money Moan

Too much or too less money! No way. It silently gulfs our happiness and relationship. It can bring easily any complication in our relationship.

2. Sex Sarcasm

Sex is the basic need in our conjugal life. The failure of this physical need brings complication in our lives. Inability, reluctances, etc, are the reasons behind this.

3. Infidelity

Simply this is enough to cause a problem in a relationship. Even this can shatter down a marriage relationship. Unfortunately, it is beyond our control. But you get to learn to overcome the situation.

4. Children

“I want a child”, “No, I don’t”- these are very common hassles arise in a marriage relationship. Oh! You already have one? It can also be an issue to make relationship devastation. You and your partner may argue about the bringing up or the schooling or the day caring about your child. Thus the complication may arise.

5. Extended Families

The laws are often the reason of the relationship complication. We often are very self-centric regarding our families. And, this brings the complications.

6. Falling Out Of Love

Even a nightmare can destroy our lovely relationship. You may start unloving your partner for obvious or mere reasons. Thus, a relationship without any love will be ruined soon.

7. Falling In Love with Someone Else

For this or that reason, we may fall in love with any third party. This will affect your present relationship and make complications.

8. A Bitter Fight                

Sometimes we just ‘fight for fight’. We just don’t want to be a looser. We don’t want to realize others. Thus a complication peeps into our relationship.

9. A Piercing Remarks

Sometimes any bad situation leads us to make a really piercing remark that our partner gets hurt. This piercing remark can negatively affect on our relationship.

10. Time

“You have no time for me”. This is a common complain heard to almost everyone. We are now so busy with our profession and career that we are hardly ready to give time our dear one. This continuous behavior detaches us from each others. Thus a complication starts to live in our relationship.

11. Ego

How many of us really keep aside our ego? Do we ever prioritize our Love over Ego? We easily forget the sacrifice and love that our mate has done for us. For a simple reason we hold our anger and let our relationship be worse.

12. Selfishness

We unconditionally demand love from our beloved person. Similarly, they do also. We cannot tolerate when we find our beloved as a selfish. Selfishness thus brings bitterness in our relationship.

13. Distance

A long time distance harms the relationship. The more the distance is the more the bitterness is. So, distance is also a reason behind our worse relationship.

Ways to Overcome Complications in Relationship

7 Ways to Overcome These Complications in Relationship

 Complication is common in our relationship. Flash out the terrible relationship complications. Take breathe. Close your eyes and mime “I really want this relationship. I really need him or her. S/he is mine”.

This monologue can satisfy you. But, for the better bilateral improvement, follow these 7 easiest ways to overcome relationship complications.

1. Dialogue & Communication

Cool! Invite your mate to have a dialogue about the difficulty you are facing on. Make a clear overview of the problems. Keep patience. Continue the dialogue and communication. Find and list the pros and corns. Adopt the better one. And this better one will maintain a healthy and happy relationship that you had before.

2. Stop Scrutinizing: Cope With

Stop criticizing him or her. Don’t judge or advise or warn your mate. Don’t try to change him or her. Rather, try to cope with.

In my relationship, I have changed myself a lot. Once, I stupidly made silly mistakes and asked innocent but stupid question to my boyfriend. He was just like the opposite of the pole. He talked less while I did the most. However, now both of us have changed us a lot. He now sometimes asks ‘innocent but the stupid’ question while I ‘talk less’. In fact here is the sweetness of our long love relationship.

3. Involvement

Share! Share! Share!

Nothing is effective than sharing and involving your partner in your life. This will make your partner feel more attached and responsible. She or he will forget about own ego and selfishness and make the relationship better.

4. Learning Each Other

Learn. Learn each other. Make a study on your partner. What does s/he like and what’s not? What s/he is comfortable with and what’s not. Keep all these in mind. Sacrifice a little and try to make this happen in your partner’s life. It overcomes a major issue like money and minor issue like ego and selfishness. Thus, you build up a romantic relationship between you and your partner.

5. Fight for Flight

Don’t fight for piercing remarks. Even don’t fight only to merely fight. But, fight with your partner. Always think, what is the outcome of this fight? You must fight to make him or her understand the positive thing. Fight to flight away the demons from your relationship.

6. Activate the Warrior in You

Don’t be numb. Speak out. Activate the warrior inside you. Let the disappointment, angry, and hurt be your warrior. Activate them in a positive way. Present them for something good.

7. Say Goodbye to All Negatives

Don’t think much about the negative issues in a relationship. Say goodbye to all the negativity. Think in a more positive way. Yes, I know. Thinking in a positive way is not so easy. Be observant. Teach your mind.

I was once like that. But, now all I find in my relationship, try to filter out the positive thing from there. It soothes my brain. It cools my mind. It controls my emotion. It builds up my relationship stronger and healthier.

You can read and follow the most famous motivational book of all time- “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. Especially, read chapter-5 (How to Create Your own Happiness) and Chapter—10 (Power to Solve Personal Problems). In fact, the entire book was written to transform our lives. Honestly, this book has modified my mind, radically.

However, apply the easiest ways to overcome a complication in your relationship. Apart from this, practice the things below.



Make Your Own Relationship Journal

Take four weeks to make this relationship journal.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write the following question on the paper.

“Do I still love him or her, even a little?”

Write what you have left. _________________________________

Then, write

I still love my man/ woman- This much: _________________________


Now make two columns.

I Like My Man/Woman for these qualities I Respect My Man/ Woman For these Qualities
6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.


Now, accumulate the ‘Love’, ‘Like’ and, ‘Respect’ that you have found. Compare the ‘Complication (s)’ and the “Love, Like and Respect”. Obviously the strength of your Love, Like and Respect are stronger than the Complications.

Whenever you face any complication just ask- “Am I willing to put my whole heart, mind, body and spirit into transforming my relationship?”

I pray and wish that you overcome the hurdles as quick as possible and live peacefully.

If you still need any help and have anything to ask regarding your relationship complications, please feel free to ask. I will help you as much as possible.

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