31 Cute First Date Ideas that Overwhelm Your Partner

No matter how many dates you had, still the word ‘Date’ can get easily you to sweat. And if the date is your first one, then obviously you may become bald in tension. It is an opportunity. So try to make the best of it. The first dates are more likely comes at a phrase of relationship where the two parties still try to know each other more vividly. So the first advice for the first daters ‘do not exaggerate in anything, try to keep it simple and fine’. This article is about the 31 cute first date ideas that overwhelm your partner on your first date.

31 Cute First Date Ideas that Overwhelm Your Partner

Mountain Hiking on a first date

1. Mountain Hiking– It’s a kind of extremist’s example. As the world has moved on, so does the state of the relationship. Girls are more adventurous than ever before. They are now very eager to explore the life. When you take her there, you can easily convey that you like to give a taste of life full of rush of adrenaline.

2. Surfing– It’s an option to get the heartbeat higher without being physically involved. It gives the same message as the mountain hiking does. Even for the love of blue water many find it more interesting.

3. Snowboard Surfing– How many of us can enjoy a life with our partners where we can find them at each and every ups and downs of life? There was a time man used to seek entertainment out of risky and adventurous things. But now girls also love to do it. When you go for such things and take your girlfriend with you, it becomes so much conspicuous that you are a person with an equal worth belief which certainly raises your value as a human being.

4. Countryside Walking– Countryside gives you a vision and ardor of nature. From the din and bustle of daily urban life, countryside has the great ability to take you out of the hustle. After a long, tiresome week, a serene weekend makes your partner feel really relaxed. The beauty can be very much enjoyable for both of you.

5. Museum– Many of us loves to remind ourselves what our forefathers have done. To accomplish this purpose, museums are very good place to visit. Especially girls have a great fervor for the paintings. Even the great love stories of the kings and queens can add something special to your story too.

6. Watch a Match– You can watch a match with your partner on TV. Another way can be- just ask her for free hours and buy tickets to any football or baseball match. Normally try to buy the tickets of any team, of which she is a fan. It would be more interesting if you can take her on a match in which your favorite team takes on hers. It will be more exciting. But don’t carry away with excitement only. It can really cost you if you have a rivalry brawl over the teams.

7. Take Her To The Traditional Festivals– Traditional festivals provide gala scenarios where everyone seems to enjoy themselves. In the midst of lots of hue and cry, only two of you may find space to be busy with each other. You can have your own time.

8. Casinos or Game Arcade– Many would find it a little awkward, but the casino can be a place of dating. They provide the chance to please one’s mind in a different way. Before going there, ask your partner whether she would like it or not. Moreover, don’t go haywire there. Just try to be gentle. Game arcades can serve you as well.

9. Go for Swimming– Swimming is a kind of passion for many. You can ask your partner for swimming on your first date.

10. Go to the Library– You would be thinking why a place must be quite on date? But the thing is, there is no girl who loves to be just being with the books. You just have to be sure how much of the passion she holds for the books. And the silence- don’t worry, they have their own language in conversation.

11. Take her to the Fairs– Search on the internet where fairs are running nearby. Different types of fairs are always around you. I can assure you girls love to be there. Especially if the fair is ice-cream fair or fashion related one.

12. Woods– Don’t you love to be in the lap of Mother Nature? Many of us surely do. Woods give you a perfect picture of nature. Though sounds a little unorthodox you can try it. But as a matter of caution, you have to make sure that your girlfriend would feel safe there. A bottle of red wine to be tasted with some other food item can really make perfect picnic.

13. Pet Shops– On the very first day of dating, you can take your girlfriend to a pet shop and buy her a pet that she likes most. This can really make the bondage between you and her firm.

14. Take her to your neighbor– You can take her your neighbor. Though it may not sound like a date, but if your partner is shy in nature, it will make a good get together. A person can be much identified with the vicinity it keeps. It gets you an impression. Just let not make her feel that you could not have done something other.

15. A Live Concert– It is very much interesting and fun, especially if you and your partner have the same choice in music.

16. Watching Movie– You can watch movie with your partner at home or at cinema hall. Even you can take her to theatre if she likes drama.

17. Take a Walk– You can also invite your girlfriend for short little walks through a park or on a specific road. The conversation you might have on these occasions may remain as a memorabilia forever.

18. Ice-cream Parlor– Girls simply just love ice-cream. Take her to a handsome ice-cream parlor.

19. Indoor Sports– Some indoor sports can really give you some extraordinary moments of your life. Make her win. It will give you more pleasure than winning.

20. Fortuneteller– There is always mystery for the future and when you go to the fortune tellers, it raises much higher. It will offer you a nice time.

21. Old Fashioned Pub– Being in an old fashioned pub promises to be a nice place for newly met people. With the music and drinks, the time would be much than its worth. You can easily find one nearby if you just search for it.

22. Book Shop– Like the library, you can take a trip to a book shop and gift her some romantic one. It would be more interesting if you can be able find one of old books with huge collection. Old books enchants the collectors more than the new ones.

23. Horseback Riding– As riding a horseback is not so common nowadays, it thrills us. Especially for women, it becomes more of rush adrenaline that pinches all of their organs. The men feel like to be something more.

24. Go Fishing– Think of a situation that your partner who sits for the first time for fishing and catches a fish. How happy can she be? Even it is always pleasing who have done it for a thousand times.

25.Aquarium– Watching different types of fishes would be fun. How they move can make your partner love them.

26. Souvenir Shop– Souvenir shops are always a source of interest for girls. They love to visit them. Who knows you might find yourself gifted something from your girlfriend.

27. Boat Ride– Take her to the nearest waters and have a boat ride. Floating over the water always feel good.

28. Play Card– Playing cards is always fun. It can also give you an opportunity to have some intimate moments.

29. Magic Show– Show her some magic tricks. You can take to magical shows as well.

30. Beach– On a warm and sunny day beach would be a nice place to spend some time. You both can feel nearer to each other. Do not forget to hold your partner’s hand meanwhile.

31. Take Her to Restaurant– Old is gold. The old fashioned and most used idea is to take her to a restaurant and spend some time. Do not hesitate to adopt this idea for being hackneyed because it is still most widely used and effective way.

Cute first date ideas for men

These are 7 tips that you can apply on your first date that overwhelm your partner:

1. Try to keep things nice and simple

2. Do not lie- many of us will lie in the first date, but in the future if they get exposed, it may bring havoc on them

3. Try to show your own personality. Do not be someone else. Do not copy.

4. Keep track of your behavior. Do not try anything that might hurt the girl in any way.

5. Make her feel safe and comforted.

6. Go for a little higher step if you have a clear signal for it.

7. Have patience.

Hope you are not in a blank minded anymore. Go and make your girl overwhelm with the cute first date ideas.

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