10 Cutest Ways to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

If that is love you treasure in your heart for her, then why did you hurt her? – Isn’t that a very common question that everyone may ask you after every little fight you have with her? Yet, in every relationship, things getting messed up are ordinary, and everyday might not be the same, and every situation might not always be in your hands! Hence, it is not a crime to get messed up with your relationship too! If you did say something awful to your girl, just go through the tips and tricks for how to apologize to your girlfriend in the most suitable way you prefer.

So, When To Apologize To Your Girlfriend And Why?

People just do not have one relationship or one affair to deal with. According to people’s occupation, age, etc. the problems and the issues to deal with, keeps on varying. Remaining in different stressful conditions, we might not seem to be capable enough to divide our time as proportionately and care for our dear ones as affectionately. Being in stress and many other circumstances which are totally unfortunate, we tend to misbehave or show actions which were not expected by our partners.

Stress due to over-work, daily arguments with parents or colleague, and many other situational disorders may force us to release our temper to our beloved ones, and at times, we are also not able to meet them or contact them as regularly, which might provoke them to get angry with us. Different issues may come with different consequences, and leave us with only one solution and that is to apologize for our mistakes. So, if you think you’re messing up your perfect relationship with your girl, there’s no way out, but apologize.

How to Apologize To Your Girlfriend?

10 Cutest Ways to Apologize to YourYour girl likes one approach while other’s one does not. So, it totally depends on you to think how the apologizing will work best. But, here are the most effective approaches of apologizing your girlfriend.

1. Apologize with your true words of wisdom! Yes, everyone can say ‘sorry’, and it’s such a simple word with only 5 alphabets! Yet, not everyone can explain it as proper and mean it. So have a logical and a very sensible answer to her questions, like what made you do what you did, which part of your personality had provoke you to do what you did, and what are your plans for fixing the complications you are facing.

2. Start your conversation with ‘sorry’ and do not try to justify yourself without saying sorry. If she simply asks you to leave as soon as she sees you, tell her immediately in a softer approach that you’re extremely sorry, and don’t forget to remain calm while talking to her. Screaming may bewilder the situation.

3. Explain all the reasons that you have for the action you committed to. Whether it is by arguing, or screaming at you, or even accusing you of crying out… let her have a time to respond and show her anger just in the way she wants to. If she needs time to think, give her time… do not hurry up and baffle her.

4. If a verbal apology is not enough for her satisfaction, it might be fruitful enough if you go meet her again and again trying to calm her down, with the perfect gifts she would like to have.

5. Simply, write a beautiful apology letter. Words the unuttered can be stuffed in a beautiful chunk of words, letting her know what she really means in your life! Although some girls hate her personal issues going public, yet, understanding the kind of girl she is… you can apologize in public.

6. Write up an apology poem, or a song (if you can sing well), and post it on Facebook or You Tube, to make her happy (If she is such kind of).

Text Messages to Apologize To Your Girlfriend

How to apologize to your girlfriendWrite sweet-delicate words, to make her believe you again. Try to reflect on each of your words how much you miss her and want her to get back.

A few texts messages that you can send to your girlfriend to apologize are as follows:


My lies have caused

A lot of pain

I promise to

Never do it again

All I want is

To see you smile

Forever and ever

Not just for a while

*I am sorry*

8. I am sorry; because I couldn’t keep my girl like a princess, forgive me, so that I can have the opportunity of making the princess feel loved over and over again.

9. Yes, loving you is a mercy I am doing to me. If you leave me, I will not even show the least mercy on me if you are not for me.

Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend

Try to open up your heart with a simple piece of paper, without exaggerating what you feel. Write to her every tiny bit of word required expressing what you are going through without her, and how things have been mismanaged by you, what odd time you had been going through while misbehaving with her – each and every information is important. Words, when you speak verbally, may remain unspoken as you may forget, but while writing a letter, you have the advantage of writing up every single word you desire to say and show the love in your unspoken words! When you start the letter, begin with what you call her in your romantic hours-darling, babe, hun, etc. Yes, do start by saying ‘sorry’! And also try to do these 91 romantic things with her. Start doing these 21 things to strengthen your relationships from now.

Few samples of apology letters:


Sample Apology Letter#-01

My love,

I know I have hurt you a lot, and I also know I have said things which have given you scars incurable. I know the actions I showed and the words I said were both improper, and I cannot bring back what I did to you when I was angry. I do understand, my behavior has changed the way you used to think of me.

I know the three words ‘I am sorry’ cannot undo what I have did to you, but I am saying ‘I am sorry’ to let you know that I am not only sorry for the improper actions but this remains as an intangible promise that I am never going to hurt you anymore ever again! I do sincerely regret for my actions.




Sample Apology Letter#-02



You may never even want to read what I have written in this piece of paper, and you also have the right to throw it away as soon as you get it, but, I still want to take the last chance of explaining how much I have loved you. Few things might have gone wrong with us, but can you remember the beautiful past months which we have spent holding each other’s hands?

Yes, due to some of my personal issues I have been behaving off the track, yet babe, its true that these problems which I had been facing all my life used to disappear just at your glimpse! So foolish am I, to have misbehaved with the girl who is the only solution of all my troubles. See, without you, I cant even imagine the next minute of mine! ‘Sorry’ is a small word to change the shits I brought to our relation, yet I am sorry, babe! I am waiting for you.

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