37 Best Dating Tips For Women (Given By a Man)

Girls have an instinctive curiosity to know how their boys think of them, how their boys expect them on a date and so on. We asked several men about their perception and conception about the women’s dating preparation, dress up, etiquette and behavior are on a date. We also researched on online and took personal experiences. All, are packed here for you, girls.

Here are 37 best dating tips for women from a man’s perspective. You’re going to enjoy!

Dating Tips For Women: Preparation Before You Date

Dating Tips For Women

1. Mental Preparedness

Women must be consistent about their sincerity, honesty and genuineness. Be mentally prepared before you are on a date. Don’t live with the dilemma. Fix the dating date and time if you are mentally prepared for the date.

2. Honor His Time

Don’t hurry while you are on a date. Keep enough time at hand while you are on a date. Otherwise, your boyfriend may feel negligence that can loosen up your relationship.

3. Make Your Purse Healthy

Money matters a lot. Don’t fix a date while you are running out of money. Don’t do this at least for the first few dates while you are not free to share your weakness with him.

4. Ready With Plan

You need to have your own plan ready for the date like the place, transportation and so on. Be confident showing him that you are quite serious about your relationship by sharing your plan.

5. Change The Place

Don’t go to the same places and restaurant for a date. Change or at least interchange.

6. Patience To Acid Test

If you don’t get a date invitation from your boyfriend for two weeks, be patience. Don’t take it personally. Just wait and see what actually he is thinking about your relationship.

7. Show Your Sincerity, With a Little Trick

Boys actually do not like those women who keep them waiting for an hour. Be sincere about your arrival.

But, I say, play a little trick. Sometimes attend the spot being around 10 minutes late your boy is waiting for you. Again, sometimes, you come on earlier. These variations make your boy curious about your timing.

Dating tips For Women: About Your Man

Dating Tips for Women_Think About your Guy 

8. Demonstrate Appreciation

Demonstrate on what he buys for you. Use and wear his dress for you. This will make him special I your life.

9. Buy Something

Before you are in front of him, buy or prepare something for him. He will definitely feel how importance you give him in your life.

10. Ask Him To Dress As You Like

Often I give a call to my boyfriend and ask him to wear the dress I like most. This makes him special that I think of him and therefore he cheers on the date we meet.

11. Appraise Him

Boys like their women to appraise their hairs, eyes, dress, height and so on. A date is a perfect time to do that. So, girls, learn and practice appraising your boys.

12. Whisper Him ‘You Look Sexy’

Girls it works. It makes energetic my boyfriend when I keep my head on his shoulder and whisper that ‘you are sexy or you look credible sexy TODAY’.

13. Utilize His Shoulder

Your boyfriend has a wide and sexy shoulder. Then why not you take the smell of it. Keep your head on his sexy shoulder. Smell. Make him understand that you love his each and every thing.

Dating Tips For Women: Dress Up

Dating Tips for Women_Pick The Right Dress

14. Dress Up As He Loves

Your date will be more enjoyable when you find his complement about your dress up and outfit. Don’t wear a dress that he does not like at all. It can spoil your day even.

15. Dress Comfortably

Dress as he wants, but also focus more on what you are comfortable. Combine the choices and make you look perfect on the date.

16. Dress On Occasion

Learn how to dress depending on the different occasion. Don’t let you look like a ghost in a party. It will make his head down.

17. Ask Him

Ask him what colors and ornaments fit for his eyes more. It is true that men have a very strong and powerful visual need. Ask him detail. And focus it on your date dress up.

18. Make Your Eyes Loyal

Keep your eyes loyal. Don’t look at other men in front of him at least. If he understands this, he will raise questions with your loyalty.

19. Dining Table Courtesy

Invite him to order for drinks, food and anything else first. Again, don’t just show off that you are a woman and you take less in dining table. The interesting and true fact is that men like the women, those who have an equal share in the dining table.

20. Ask For Payment

Don’t just wait for him to pay. Step ahead and offer money to the waiter, not him. It will reflect your personality before him.

21. Go With Him

If you are too quick in food, be a slow little bit. Again, if you are too slow, be a quickie. After all, maintain a courtesy of food taking. Go and finish you dine with the mate with you.

Dating Tips For Women: Dating Etiquette

Dating Tips for Women_Dating Etiquette

22. Appreciate Him

Thank him for the accompany here in the nice dining table.

23. Hold Him

Don’t just walk in a mile distance. Sometimes come closer and hold his hand.

24. Keep Mystery

Mystery creates mental aphrodisiac. Don’t share each and every thing in the first or second or so on. Rather. Save some autobiography in the future. Prolong his patience in some of your personal cases.

25. Self-confidence

Boys don’t like girls who are excessively nervous on a date or mumble too often while talking with her boys. So, girls! Be confident on and with your date.

26. Stare at Him

Who does not adore a girl staring at him! Every boy likes that his girl would stare at him; his eyes. This dating etiquette makes a girl more loveable.

Dating Tips For Women: On Date Dos & Don’ts

Dating Tips for Women_Do's-Don'ts

27. Regarding Topics

Don’t bring out the topics your boyfriend does not like actually. It has a chance to make your date dull and gloomy.

28. Avoid Ex Talk

Be cautious. Don’t bring your ex talk or any former love on your date. You may bring this issue on a date, but not on a special date.

29. Avoid Justifying

Avoid gawking to others in front of him. Also, avoid justifying his action. Rather, comments or provide your opinion on his action. Otherwise, he may underestimate you.

30. Believe Your Intuition

Don’t go for a date with who is not sincere and caring about you. Better, stop dating ever. Men, don’t respect those who they don’t put importance on.

31. Commitment

Commitment is a very big issue in your relationship and especially on your very first date. Be loyal to him. Commit from the heart. Say what you believe. Don’t just recite from what your lips want.

32. Trust Your Emotion

Keep you aloof from overreaction. Show what your heart says. Your face will reflect your heart, remember. And, men can easily catch which is from the heart and which one is pretend.

33. Wait and See

Don’t come in close on the very first date. Take time and grow up a relationship slowly. Resist from any temptation or from any instant proximity. Wait and see what he is. Then take an action.

34. Respect Men’s Intuition

Most men think and believe that they do not give up their girls unless until they chase after them. Excitement and shouting may result a man in giving up a relationship. So, be calm girls.

35. Keep Your Mobile Aside

Give some solid time to your boyfriend while you are on a date. Don’t stating at your mobile screen or use Facebook keeping him waiting beside you. It is very embarrassing for a guy to endure this.

36. Don’t Invite Sex

Don’t invite him for sex on the very first date. It has a chance to make you fake to him. Rather, if you wait for his invitation, he will respect you more.

37. Prepare First, Then Sex

Mental preparedness is a must on a room date or intersexual session. Let your relationship grow up first. Then, be committed to each other before having a sex.

So, here are my dating tips for women. Girls, let’s try them. See what happens. Oh, don’t forget to let me know how much these dating tips have worked for you. And if you like this article, don’t forget to share with your friends.

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