10 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Cough Fast

Winter does not come alone. This accompanies with unwanted guests like cold, flu, cough and many other diseases. Among others, cough is common to all. Cough can make you trouble by many ways. You may in an important office meeting or going to tell your ladylove ‘I love you’ and suddenly cough stops you. This is just for fun but nevertheless you don’t have any chance to neglect it. However, you must know the reasons of cough, symptoms of it and how to get rid of cough also.

What is Cough

Cough is the result of flu and cold that is common in winter. You continuously cough when you are attacked by it.

Causes of Cough

Though commonly colds and flu are the reasons of a cough, but besides these, there are some other reasons you may suffer from cough also. Acid flux, smoking, allergies and dry air also can be the reasons of your cough. Moreover, certain medication can also be the reason of cough.

Symptoms of the Cough

The name itself is the symptom of the cough. You may also feel the fever and weak while you are attacked by cough, especially the chronic cough.

7 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cough Fast

Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of CoughThere is a trend among people neglecting cough. But you must not do that. The assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago Mark Yolder, MD says that ‘Even a little cough can be debilitating’. So, you must be aware of it. You can easily get rid of cough having some home remedies at home.

1. Stay Hydrated

Remember the common reason of cough, that is cold and flu. So, you must be hydrated when you are at home to get rid of the cough. Make your house is also hydrated and as well as your clothes and bed as much as possible.

2. Chew Menthol

Chewing menthol numbs the back of the throat that will decrease the probability of cough. You can also try some menthol cough drop that will also work to get you rid of the cough.

3. Hot Drinks

Hot and cold, are the opposite of each other. If you are attacked by the cold then trying hot can fight against the cough. Make a habit of drinking Luke warm water when you are attacked by cough or throughout the winter. It will bring you comfort.

4. Take Warm Tea

Tea is also a homemade remedy to get rid of the cough. If you have the habit of drinking it, it is fine. Take it. But if you do not have, try some warm tea in the morning and evening or the time when you feel cough badly.

5. Steam Showers

The secretion in your nose during cough can bring you more trouble. You can take a hot shower in that case to have an ease winter season. Try these 4 days in a week, so the cold and flu are eradicated by the steamy shower. It will protect you from asthma and allergies.

6. Humidifier

You can also humidifier at home to get rid of cough in winter season. The things you must do is to clear the humidifier regularly so any new virus can live in there and make you further trouble.

7. Stay Out of the Air Irritant

Many of the people use perfumes and scent in their bathroom, which can cause irritation and thus chronic cough. Doctors also find this as harmful, especially when you are in attacked with cough.

Counter Medications to Get Rid of Coughs Fast

Counter Medications to Get Rid of Coughs Fast

You can take the help of medications along with the home made remedies to get rid of a cough.

8. Decongestants

Decongestants are helpful to reduce mucus production by shrinking the nasal congestion. They make the airway free that helps mucus to be dried up.

You can get these in the form of liquids, pills and nasal sprays. There are many brands also.

If you use nasal sprays, you must stop after using for two or three days. Don’t use it for consecutive 3 to 4 days. It can cause a serious harm to you.


Before taking decongestants, you must take suggestion from your doctor. The reason is that decongestions can increase the blood pressure among the people with hypertension. Moreover, you must know the proper amount of it when you take this as the overuse can cause harm to you.

9. Cough Suppressants

If you suffer from a chronic cough and chest ache together, you can take help from cough suppressants. There are many cough suppressants in the market like dextromethorphan and so on.

Caution: Again, take a prescription from your doctor and then use it.

10. Expectorants

When you just cannot sleep at night because of the thick cough and its pain then you can take expectorants. You can take guaifenesin by taking suggestions from your doctor.


The cough medicine for adult and children are the same. The FDA has advised to avoid using medicine for the children who are under 4. Young children are at great risk too when they use over-the-counter drugs.

Tips to Get Rid of Cough Fast

By following the simple tips you can easily get rid of cough in winter.

  • Cover you with warm clothes when you are at outside
  • Avoid cold drinks and soft drinks in winter
  • Avoid direct foods from fridge
  • Take a bath regularly
  • Wear clean dresses
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue each time you cough

At last, to get rid of cough you especially need to be aware of what you are doing in winter and how. Once you are attacked by cough, it will make you suffer at least for a few days. It will disturb your regular works and beauty. Be a little more conscious so you are not attacked by cough. And, if you are so, follow the above tips and home remedies to get rid of cough quickly and naturally.

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