Causes, Symptoms and the Most Effective Ways to Treat Heartburn

The word heartburn seems to be a word that relates to something other than heart problems, though the common idea that strikes after hearing this word is quite contrary to the issue. It is a smoldering ache that takes place inside the chest, i.e. behind the breast bone, while later it may spread around to the neck, throat and jaws. It is an acid reflux that happens when the food contents in the stomach comes back to the esophagus. The burning pain due to heartburn is said to worsen even when a person lies or bows down. Occasional heartburn is not a big deal, but when experiencing them frequently, the problem should be consulted with the doctor because it may lead to any other problems.

What Causes Heartburn?

The problem arises when the ‘Lower Esophagus Sphincter muscle’ (LES) does not function appropriately. While the food is passed down the gullet pipe, LES is supposed to open and get closed tightly after the food is passed down. Difficulty happens when it doesn’t close and the acidic contents in the stomach come back to the esophagus. This problem is seen in the people who overeats or have their stomach pressurized due to other physical problems such as pregnancy, constipation etc.

Smoking and obesity are quite strong factors for causing heartburn. Irregular lifestyle seems to alleviate and cause heartburns too.

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How to Treat Heartburn

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Common Symptoms of Heartburn

The most common symptom of the heartburn is quite noticeable, but some of them are quite different from the general comprehensive view about heartburn as it varies from person to person. But below are some suggestions that might be notable:

1. Having an intense burning sensation behind the breastbone just after the meal that might last more than an hour. And you might have the pain spreading to throat, arms and shoulders.

2. Having the difficulty of gulping or swallowing.

3. Having the sensation of stiffness and unusual pressure around the middle of the chest.

4. Running out of breadths, feeling wobbly and perhaps giving out cold sweat.

5. Having a burning sensation in the throat. It might be after giving a hiccup too, where it feels like salty, sour or bitter burning liquid on the throat.

6. Having the feeling of the food stuck in the throat and chest.

7. Having lasting coughs, throat burnings.

8. Chest pain happening while you try to bend or lie down. This symptom sometimes is consistent with other problem too, such as Heart attack. So it is better to consult the doctor once you have such problem.

9. Symptoms responding fast to the Anti-acid drugs.

But having frequent heartburn results in having GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) which requires the attention of the doctors and should be handled cautiously.

8 Quick Home Remedies for Heartburn

In case of emergency treatments, some of the home stuff is easy to ease the burning sensations and pain. Here are some of them:

Home Remedies for Heartburn

1. Baking Soda. You can have it by mixing one and a half teaspoon in a glass of water. But better don’t turn it into a regular habit since it might cause other side effects.

2. Slippery Elm. Have by putting few teaspoons of it in a glass of water.

3. Licorice. Take DGL licorice tablets before the meal, but not much because it may cause blood pressure disruptions.

4. Organic fresh Honey. This helps to neutralize the stomach pH.

5. Chewing Gums. It arouses the saliva glands and increases its production.

6. Aloe Vera. Drinking 1/2 cups before the meal can help to calm your stomach, but it is better to drink Aloe Vera juices that are laxative component free.

7. Basil. Chewing some Basil leaves may cause burning relief.

8. Chamomile. Taking Chamomile tea helps you neutralize your acidic condition in your stomach.

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How To Prevent Heartburn: Remember these Tips

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that one should have in mind in order to treat Heartburn.

1. Proper diet. One should regulate and keep an eye on the diet to overcome heartburn problems. It is better to avoid food that is quite hazardous and creates health problems such as:

  • Carbonated drinks and beverages
  • Fatty food, alcohol, coffee, tea
  • Fried food, tomato sauce, vinegar
  • Chocolate
  • Ketchup, peppermint
  • Excessive citrus juices
  • Onions, spicy food
  • Gluten Grains

2. Build up a diet where you have fibers, proper nutrition and necessary enzymes for digestion. Eat a lot of vegetables. Do avoid animal based food products.

3. Give up smoking since it increases acid production in your stomach.

4. Maintain a perfect body weight. Overweight may cause frequent Heartburns.

5. Don’t take excessive food so that you don’t get stuffed.

6. Don’t lie down for hours immediately after eating. Better if you wait a while before lying down on the bed.

7. Eat less and increase that rate of eating. Avoid large meals and don’t eat late.

8. Take limited amount of water after the meal. But avoid sodas and citrus juices since they trigger the heart burns.

9. Pregnancy triggers heartburn frequently. Better consult a doctor to prevent it.

10. Wear clothing that is relaxing i.e. doesn’t exert pressure around the abdomen.

11. Keep your upper portion in a higher place when sleep.

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