4 Essential Qualities that a Woman Should Know Dating a Man with Potential

Girls and ladies! You always have to ponder over the questions about what type of guy you should date with. Is it someone who has bouts of potential in him or is it someone who is better-off and already well established? This highly critical question has again been rekindled on the internet when Cory Hardrict confessed that he didn’t have ANY money when he met Tia Mowry-Hardict. (You can Google it for more reference!)

Though this debate can start in the day and roll into the night, I am putting up 4 essential qualities that a woman should know dating a man with potential. Remember and acknowledge while you are dating with a man to ensure a better days for of you.

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1. Syndicating

To accomplish what you want there needs to be an intense resolve in you. Now, if you want to date a man who has such quality in him and is trying to achieve his life goal then you must consider what he is doing currently. A man who has his sights straight on his duties and his ambitions is a man who can achieve greatness no matter what. Finances come into the talk now and you need to see if the man is able enough to balance the financial matters of his life. Syndicating responsibilities, chores, ambitions to create the perfect unison is very important and someone who can do that is potential who you can date with.

Essential Qualities that a Woman Should Know Dating a Man with Potential-

Why You Consider it

The reason for considering the fact comes when you are not going to date with an established 20 years older than you. Gena Kaufman, one of the interesting relationship writers quotes in one of her articles about a research conducted on 2000 adults to find out what is their opinion regarding the age gap between two people in a happy couple. It is found that almost less than half researched people said that there should be no boundary of age gaps between two people. On the other hand, 33% adults said that it should be a 7 year gap while the rest has said that it is 4 years and 4 months that is the ratio of an age gap.

However, why I am saying all these? The reason is if you date a person who is 4 or 5 years older than you, you must know the time span of that person’s life. If the man is young, he must need a handsome time to stand right. In this case, you must consider the fact of syndicating. And, if you date a man who is aged enough, but still the fact of syndicating comes here, take a second thought, if you date with that person anymore!

2. Thorough

There are always two types of answer to a certain problem and a man must know which one to pick. One of the types is traditional, proven over time and again while the other answer is experimental and requires self-determination to make it worthwhile and meaningful. Is he conventional? Is he the type who follows a blueprint to life or is he the one who wants to take risks and sail on without a map? Planning to do something is being on the safe-side, random decisions taken on instinct are fun but risky. If you find the guy to be the latter, then I will suggest you not to go for him. He is a risk himself and you’ll be in for a bumpy ride of life.

Why You Consider It

Whimsical people are not static and settle. They are just like a wave which comes and goes again, but does not still in a point. Similarly, the person who just takes a decision without thinking lots, cannot stand in a place. You must think, if the person you are dating with sit, think, plan and decide properly. To strengthen your relationship, it is one of the essential qualities of a successful and potentially man.

3. Emphasizing Enthusiasm

This is one of the qualities that a woman should know dating a man with potential. The passion or drive to do something makes anyone the game-changer, especially if they can keep their head in hard times. There is another addition to this and that’s through being constant. You cannot paint a happy picture if you keep changing the scenery every-while and if the man you are dating with is not a person who is constant than your future with him won’t be a happy picture.

To paint your happiness in the colors of the rainbow, you need to have someone who is persistent and has the drive in him.

Why You Consider It

The quality of consistence and persistence own the top of the list of a potential man. A potential man means a set of idea, dream, plan and goal. If the man does not occupy these, he is not potential. Remember, success does not come whimsically. It must have a clear mission and vision that come only being an enthusiastic person with consistence and persistence. Thus, save your relationship and make it long lasting.

Essential Qualities that a Woman Should Know Dating a Man with Potential

4. Hug Failure Warmly

The greatest veteran of World War Two has a great quote like-

“Remember that failure is an event and not a person.”

This means that you cannot entitle you as a failure as the word refers to an action. But, you are not an action rather you are a noun. Ohh, grammar!

Cool. All the successful people failed in their lives. So, generally if your man fails at something, it does not a matter. You just need to see how he takes it. Is he in such a mood that he last lost everything? Is he like treating himself as a failure figure? Or, he is just simply considering this as a lesson and learning for him where he can do better in the coming days from. If he is like the latter one, I would say, you are dating with a potential man and continue to do so. Success will come to you.

Why You Consider It

No one but I know the better story of a successful failure and potential man. My 25 years old young boyfriend has failed thrice in his life to be a successful businessman. He lost his time, money and energy. But, his determination just thrilled me. He analyzed all the issues what did not work well and what could be better. He started to watch YouTube, read books and researched that related to his area and analyzed more. He then once came across the Founder Institute, which nurtures and makes entrepreneur throughout the world and there he got admitted. He is now doing his course with all his effort, time, energy and everything. So, I have no doubt that he is a potential man and yes, I believe I am dating a man with potential.

These are just noted points amongst many points that can be assessed. The potential is meaningless if your man doesn’t know how to put it to good use. To make sure he does that, you have to play your part. He is molding clay and you have to mold him to ensure your and his better future. Scrutinize the qualities that a woman should know about dating a man with potential and be a proud partner in his life.

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