First Love, First Proposal and the First Kiss: A Complete Guide for the First Timers


First Love

To a lifetime of adventures together” you embrace this motto whatever you are a hopeless romantic or smitten. Your eyes become a terrible transformer which everything you see and meet turns into a great soft feeling. You need not any reason to keep your heart full of happiness, to marry the smile with your face and to make you smart more. The only simple thing can bring these divine moments in your life and make you gooey- that is none other than ‘LOVE’.

Love is the expression of your unselfish and loyal concern for the good of your beloved. Love is a positive and the tranquil sentiment of your mind that categorized by the ancient Greeks as “romantic or sexual desire”.

Falling in love” has, in fact, no time. You can introduce your heart to this timeless passion and feelings, even when you are not capable to define the term.

“First Love” thrills me still as the feelings were before 14 years ago. And, Yes, I could not even define the term “Love”. I was a grade 5 student fell in love with a boy of a different religion. He was tall and thin with his long and big leg! Everything I thought as the hive where I would find abundance of sweetness. His physical appearance even his virtual peep in my mind would pour me with unending happiness, madness and impatience. Sometimes, I would become so insane that I dreamt to invent such an instrument the transplant of which would depict his unexpressed feelings and emotions towards me. Nothing is measurable to the person of your first love, neither to the feelings.

First Proposal

First Proposal: When You Know, You Know

There is a harsh perception in the history of relationships regarding the right time of a love proposal. That is “When you know, you know”and also find the answer how do you know you are in love. But the hope is that your heart will let you know the high time. So, be prepared with your First Love Proposal.

Before Your First Love Proposal

There are some things to focus on before you propose your loved one. Think what is going on your loved one’s life before you make a love proposal. Check the following:

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1. Pick And Choose a Right Time

Before you make a plan to propose, think: do you really love her? Is your mind convinced to sail the boat together in the ocean of life? Remember that, your proposal is the mirror of your mind. So, scan the time and moments you are going through. Don’t propose when any of you are under any stress or complexity of life.

2. Let Your Interest Go

Sacrifice! If you love someone, you must sacrifice. As a preparation for the First Love Proposal, you must cross out the particular places and moments your beloved does not like, or has a stereotype feeling about! For example, some people regard Love as a completely private issue while others do make it in public. So, don’t bring disaster in your proposal, choosing a wrong place and time even you like most.

3. Halt! Think! Consider

A perfect time and place would cherish your First Love proposal forever. So, think in what your beloved has fascination. Choose that place where she feels at home. Do it and it will make your proposal strong and natural.

4. Fix the Day

You can choose a special day to make your love proposal. You can choose Valentine’s Day or 31 nights or her birthday or any other special day to make first love proposal memorable.

5. Creative First Proposal

Everyone wants to remind the proposal as a golden moment. Nop! You are going to make yours one a diamond moment. Kidding! But, whatever the golden or diamond moment, you must try to bring some new and creative strategies to make the moment special. Be a little tricky. Try to know her interests. Then, keep a touch of her interest in your proposal. For example, once a boyfriend surprised his girlfriend by inviting and presenting her most favorite writer in her birthday. Think, it’s really awesome, isn’t it?

You have now thought about the place and time. Now, your chance is to plan “How”.  Yes, plan how you can approach, what your strategies would be, what will be the angles and so on.

First Proposal

13 Most Romantic Ways to Propose: Only For the First Timers

It is crystal clear and true that you know the best angles and strategies to make your Love Proposal. But, you know, research can boost your existing plan with romance and excitement.

Here are some interesting angles that can boost your First Love Proposal.

1. Greet With Flowers

Lay tons of flowers down on the open space which is visible from the window where she stands in the morning. Leave her time to be surprised and then appear with a bunch of flower in your hand. Kneel down and let her know that you are in love with her.

2. Hire the Billboards

Hire the billboards of a particular road. Decorate the billboards with her photos. Invite her to walk on that road with you. Hold her hand; let her know that your love is stored for her and only for her. Let her know that you love her insanely.

3. TV Program

Convince the TV programmer to show an advertisement in the break of a particular TV show that she regularly watches. Make an excellent video clip letting her know that you love her. Kind of creative, huh? Try it.

4. Proposal Trailer

Not movie trailer! It’s going to be a love trailer. Yes, you can make a trailer of your proposal. It wouldn’t cost you pretty much or wouldn’t need a pro to make a clip. Just ask your friends to help and make a creative movie with your iPad or iPhone.  Reserve her for the day and book your tickets. Then, request your local movie theater to run it in the intermission of the movie. Plan and fix everything the day before you propose her.

5. Proposal Clip on YouTube

If you can’t make it to the local theater, still you have ways to make it happen. Just upload the video on your YouTube channel. Ask her to be online at night. Send her the clip link and insist to watch it.

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6. Newspaper ad

You can buy a newspaper ad and leave a special message on the full page. Make sure she reads that regularly.

7. Treasure Game

Make a treasure game with your girlfriend. Leave a treasure box with chocolates, proposal cards, etc, in one corner of the restaurant or the park and guide her to open. Let her be surprised.

8. Art

Frame both of you in an art. Then use bubbles to write “Will you accept me as your Valentine?” from your side and “Yes” from her side.

9. Balcony Approach

Make a call and ask her to come on the balcony. Leave thousands of balloons on the sky. Write her name on each of the balloons. Land from a parachute on the balcony and propose her!

10. Kindle Light Approach

You can arrange a kindle night program in an honor of your girlfriend. Play the most favorite songs of her. Down on one knee with a bouquet on your hand and ask “Will you be Valentine?”

11. Official Love Approach

If your girlfriend is your colleague, arrange an official presentation. After the presentation, play slide show of the special place both of you visited. At the end of the slide show, ask in one knee, “Will you be Valentine?” Be sure that you have informed about the matter to your office authority.

12. FM Radio Program

FM radio in today’s world can be an interesting and romantic medium to propose for the first timers. Record what you want to say to your love and arrange to play it in a particular FM radio program. Insist her to listen to the particular program.

13. Mobile Earphones

Use mobile earphones if you really are nervous in front of her. Record your speech and save it on your mobile phone. Let the earphones be used by your guy or girl. Play the recorded proposal and see what happens.

First Kiss

The First Kiss: Cheers!!!

The most electrifying, the sweetest and the memorable event in life is the “First Kiss”. It is always an attraction to the writers, poets and artist to capture. Over the time, the First Kiss has generated millions of artistic pieces. The first stanza of Lord Byron’s (1806) poem captures such:

Give me the mild beam of the soul-breathing glance,

Or the rapture which dwells on the first kiss of love.

William Wordsworth, John Keats and other English romantic poets have written priceless pieces of poetry on kiss. Even, Keats in his personal life had remorse, not having a kiss with his fiancée Fanny Brawne because of the contagious disease of the poet.

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However, the First Kiss is undoubtedly very special and memorable to anyone’s life. Both the girls and the boys need some precautions to go ahead for the first kiss. Read, digest and apply these in your first kiss experience. Overcome the daunting challenge of the First Kiss.

The First Kiss

Ready-Steady-Go: Girls, Its Your time

1. Be loveable

Though your boyfriend loves YOU not your appearance, but a little bit care of your appearance can make the day more special. Try to make yourself more loveable. You can:

  • Instead of sticky lip gloss wear lipstick or chapstick.
  • Use moisturizer or fragrant perfume.
  • Keep yourself fresh in breath and dress.

2. Eye Contact

Lean on your boyfriend’s head on and look up at him. Check if he is lending his shoulder to embrace your head in. If it is, your boyfriend also wants to have a kiss. But, if he is not doing this, calm and be relaxed for this time.

3. A Hint about Your Intention

If your boyfriend can strongly feel you, he will catch the loving intention of making the first kiss. In addition, you can do the following to let him know about the intention. You can follow these steps.

  • Turn your face in a little bit sexy with a welcoming smile
  • Look at his lips
  • Use your hair to touch his neckline which will let him know that you are about to reach more close and intimate
  • Then slowly, hold his neck with your arms and move slowly to make the First Kiss in your life.

4. Lead the Moment

Many boyfriends feel shy and nervous with the first touch of his girlfriend and do not know what to do. In such cases, you must go ahead and say that you are ok with the touch.

5. Invite Him

You are done with the preparation and now it is the desired time. Just let him know that you want to go closer by inviting like, “Couldn’t we have our lips together?”

6. Be Mild and Gentle

You must not be rough and tough in your first love kiss. Rather, be mild and gentle and don’t bring your tongue or teeth to assist you here. Try to keep your lips soft and gentle.

Ready-Steady-Go: Now, Its Your Turn, Guys

1. Be loveable

Make your internal confident. A fresh and loveable appearance may make you such. You can follow the steps below also:

  • You know what face your girl likes. Some like a smooth face, some are rough. Get to know and be prepared like that.
  • Whenever you feel your breath getting stale you can pop some mints handy
  • Use some perfume and wear deodorant to smell good or to feel fresh.

2. Relax

Yes, the First Kiss is a devil challenging and most guys are in confusion. So you should be confident with yourself. Be sure that you are going what your heart demands. Don’t slouch or even mumble. Be relaxed and confident.

3. Maintain Privacy

Some girls really don’t like that their Kiss, especially the First Kiss would be in any public place. So be sure that you are choosing the right place and time that your girl will feel comfortable at.

4. Wait for Signals

Sometimes your girl will signal that she is ready to have a Kiss. Look and watch the following carefully:

  • Are both of you feeling comfortable?
  • Does her body language flirt you often?
  • Does she lick her lips and bit her lower lip while gazing at you?

You can kiss your girl in the presence of these approaches.

5. Eye Contact

The eye is the mirror of your heart. Gaze at her and let her know your feelings.

6. Come Closer

Hold your girl’s arm around her shoulders and sweep her more closely. It will make her more comfortable.

7. Move Slowly

Your lady love is now in your lovely clutch. Let your arms to reach the waist and draw her slowly towards you. Be gentleman in the first experience. Don’t use any personal excuse to rush her into your lap.

8. Kiss, Now

Once everything you have done is favorable you can go for the kiss.

  • Just look into her eyes.
  • Drag her a little bit.
  • Look at and touch her lips softly.
  • Lean a little bit and make your lips over her lips. Be careful not to be harsh and rushed. Be there around 10seconds.

9. Give a hug

Make a close and intimate hug with her and let her know that you will hold her the rest of the life with such love and affection.

Look Before You Are On LIPS: Bonus Tips for the First Timers

Halt- Read- Utilize the tips below before experiencing the first kiss:

  • No need to hurry. Be calm and relax.
  • Examine your baby’s body language. Try to guess how she is taking the Kiss.
  • Don’t impose your emotion to others.
  • Don’t pretend with the art of kissing. It will come naturally.
  • Go and ask straightforward if you get that she wants to kiss you.

. . .Warning!

Resist yourself from kissing if your partner is suffering from a cold sore. Be careful about the mononucleosis or any oral herpes.

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