21 Funny Facts about Girls those Boys Don’t Know

I bet, from the very first time of the genesis of humankind, one of the major interests of males is woman. Women attract men as the flowers attract the bees. After millions of years men still find the same interest in them that they cane risk their whole life after women. As the words above are so true, men leave no stone unturned to a single bit of information about the girls. Some are very fun indeed! Some seem very weird also! Even, some things are very easy to impress a girl. Girls are full of mystery to know about. So, are you interested to know about these? Yes, we know, you are. However, here are 21 funny facts about girls those boys don’t know.

Funny Facts about Girls those Boys Don’t Know

21 Funny Facts about Girls

1. Girls Never Express Themselves Clearly

Girls never want you to know what they think. They love to keep the other ones in mystery. They get that nature by born. They enjoy doing that.

2. Girls Lie Sometimes, without Any Reason

The line written above is not to humiliate any woman. But it seems true. Like men have problems such as staring at other girls no matter how much beautiful women he is surrounded by, women have quiet similar problems. One of them is lying without any reason. Actually, they mean no harm or cheat. They do it to make a fun, in most of the cases. Girls amuse themselves by coloring simple facts sometimes.

3. A Girl Doesn’t Mean ‘NO’ All the Times

When a girl utters ‘no’ to you, you must find out the reasons behind that ‘NO’. So many a times that happen that a girl states no without thinking about the future. Even the girls desire for what you have asked, but goes straightly for the word ‘NO”. Why? Actually psychologists state that it happens mainly because of the shyness and the scared nature of girls. But there might be situations when they mean the word ‘NO’. Be aware of those situations.

4. Crying Is the Best Weapon that a Girl Has

Girls are fountains. Without any reason they can start to cry. You may think while crying how cute they seem or you can also think that a crying girl is really helpless. But in real cases crying is the best weapon that a girl has. No man can resist concurring with a crying girl and melting down within seconds watching a girl crying. But the deadliest thing about a crying girl is that the girl knows it. So while you are in front of a crying girl judge every possibility, then take a step.

5. Girls Cannot Divert from One Person to Another

If a girl considers you as her life partner, she cannot divert from you very easily. Even after a long time of breaking up, in their subconscious mind they pray you to come back. They want to wait. They take pride in doing so. If you are exposed to seeing another girl, your girl will try her level best to get back to her. That’s the way are built.

6. Girls Matures Far Faster than Men

The maturity level that a man gets at the age of 16, a girl earns it at the age of 12-14. It is scientifically proven. I think that gives an age old question’s answer- why the girls like older guys those themselves? They want someone who is capable to protect and handle them.

7. Girls Keep Thinking of You All the Time

It doesn’t matter to them in what sorts of jobs they are in, they keep thinking about you relentlessly. It may seem a bit weird to you as a man, but is true. Actually, their brain functions in that way. What you see as impossible to do, girls in real world commit that without so much of problems.

8. Girls Love to Be a Fool

It’s quite funny, I know. But the girls love to be fooled. It’s their nature. But they do it for the people who they love. So do it, but do not cross the line.

9. Girls Love Flirty Person

Girls love them who go out and make a jolly moment for them. Little endeavor for flirts make a girl love the moment.

10. Give Your Shoulder to Cry

Girls often try to find a place there she can share her feelings. She cannot believe a girl for these cases. But what is the reason behind that? Actually the answers are given earlier that girls love to blow the whistle. So, they rather opt for men to give them a shoulder on which they can cry.

11. Girls Are Far More Patient than Men

Girl’s patience is like an ice. They get the virtue of patience from inheritable. That’s why they usually not seem to propose a boy. It is the boys who become more agitated and proposes first.

12. Girls like Sharp Men

Many of us- the men, do not like to dress sharp or formal now a day. But you what? In the modern days still they like to prefer that their men will come in front of them in complete dress code. Why? May be it gives a feeling to them that their counterpart has given enough emphasis on the meeting and become ready.

13. Girls Tend to Be Superstitious

There is no exact reason for it. But it is quiet funny that they seem to be more superstitious about various things, especially for their future life partner. Even a higher tendency can be experienced in the cases of well educated women.

14. Girls Love to Read Zodiac

I don’t know what is the reason the main readers and the targeted group of Zodiacs are girls. They just love to read it. Girls also search for future teller or something like that when they go on vacation.

15. Girls Are More Prone to Gestures

It is another interesting thing to know about the girls that girls try to get meaning of mere gestures. They even tend to mean a mere nod as a sexual gesture. Sorry who fall a victim of these sorts of cases.

16. Girls are More Misers

Girls keep track of every penny she spends. Every now and then you can have a view that a woman gets the calculation of every cent one by one from the counter.

17. They Are Tireless

After having sex, they would like to have a conversation. Kissing at that time makes them feel better.

18. Girls Have More Sexual Needs

Though they don’t express in words, but they have far more sexual needs than men,. Actually the needs are three times more than the men.

19. They Worry More about Their Look than Many Other Important Things

Women’s main tension revolves around their beauty. They want to young and fresh all the life. If they are indulged with so many problems they still remain thinking about their beauty.

20. They Are More Rational People

Women are far more rational than men. How come? Think about your mother. What you ever wanted your mother seemed to guess that before you have demanded. That’s the way it happens.

21. Girls Want Their Partner to Be Superman

Yes! Each and every girl expects a hell lot more out of you. They want to believe that you are capable of moving the Himalayas with your own hand. Matter of fact is that they know how unearthly they are expecting from you, but as I said earlier they love to remain a fool.

The above-mentioned funny facts about girls those boys don’t know, might be helpful to explore a girl. Remember that, the aim of the facts is not to humiliate any girl, but to insight on them, like a boy has possessed the same.

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