10 Habits of Happy Couples (You Don’t Even Have #8)

‘Happy-couple’s-habits’ is constantly and continuously searched on online throughout the world. In this breaking up modern world, every couple thinking from what they should do, how and why. Therefore, today we are here with the 10 habits that happy couples have in their relationship and that can modify, change and improve your relationship on no matter.

10 Habits of Happy Couples

10 Habits of Happy Couples1. They Believe and Share in Common Interests

Happy couples of throughout the world and all time always have been practicing of some common beliefs and interests.

Your fiancé may have totally different habits, hobbies and practices. But try to accumulate the things together your fiancé does and take a part while s/he does this. For example, your hubby may like painting or verse writing while you are not at all. You can play a game like painting something and show it to him or her. You must have fun while you do so.

Try even the trifle thing like wearing a matching color or having a same style. But, don’t let your personality go. Triangulate all these together.

Luckily, those who have many common beliefs and interests can taste for new one. Find newer scopes to get common interests. It will make your relationship better, lovely and cheerful.

2. They Go to Bed at the Same Time

It is one of the common habits that happy couples have in their happy relationship. You must wait to accompany your husband or wife together in bed.

Now, many couples may have a different work table like one may have work duty during the day while the other at night. Though it is hard to go to bed at the same time, but nevertheless, try to find a possible and a suitable time to meet that.

On the other hand, either you or your partner also can change the work time table or can shift duty. It will make your partner feel how much you love him or her. This will make him more romantic to you.

However, the author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage, Melissa Orloy recommends that bed is the most intimate place where the partners can share their love and intimacy together.

3. They Walk Hand by Hand in Nature

Fortunately, both my boyfriend and I love to be in nature, be connected with nature and spend a solid time in an open green field. It makes me romantic, loving and adorable to my boyfriend. I feel and realize he also likes my holding hands of him.

Happy couples have been in this practice. They find a time from the busy schedule and go for a walk. If you have not such, both of you can go for a morning walk or jogging together. The smooth and pure morning air lets your heart to feel the presence beside him or her.

4. They Trust Each Other and Forgive in Need

Today distrusting and disbelieving each other is a common phenomenon among couples. They ask for the Facebook password, check mobile inbox, trace by mobile and so on. These types of activities can only mislead a relationship.

However, on the other hand, a good, sweet and the lovely couple relationship needs trust and forgiveness. Catherine Morris, MFT advises “Trust is the bedrock for building a strong relationship.”

It is true that human beings’ mood cannot be still in one good one and therefore disagreement or misbehaving is common among the couples. Even there may be the omen of quarrel among the couples.

But whatever the reason of the disagreement, happy couples try to measure each and everything calmly and smoothly. They don’t just fire with the single experience rather they co-relate the previous acts and learn how to measure a particular incident.

Thus, they forgive each other. There is no doubt that a relationship with trust and forgiveness lasts longer than the relationship without having these.

5. They Focus on Positivity than Negativity

As a human being none of us is a nitpick! The partner of you is none other than the mentioned one. Never want that she or he will be right always, speak nicely, and walk straight as you want. Sometimes, they even can break the cookeries or not prepare the bed ready when you are tired!

Don’t yell in this situation. Don’t make your face to express any negative feeling. There are many ways to tell someone about the right and correct ways of behaving or speaking or anything. Adopt those. Even appreciate for washing the plate or opening the door for you.

The more positive attributes the couples have in their relationship, the more they are happy. It is one of the 10 things that happy couples do in their relationship.

6. They Start and End the Day by Having a Romantic Hug and Soft Kiss

Happy couples all over the world start and end their day with a romantic hug and a soft kiss. It is a psychological fact that our skin can recognize the bad touch (abused), good touch (loved) and no touch (neglected). So, whenever the couples back from a hard day either being tired or happy, they make a hug each other and a kiss also.

Psychologist Andrea F. Pollard says that couple’s hug has a power to release a hormone oxytocin and therefore, the couples feel an attachment, trust, intimacy, loved, secured and connection simply by a single hug and kiss.

7. They Start the Day “I love you” and “Have a good day”

The happy couples have a habit of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘Have a good day’ like words and they are habituated with to start their morning. Cultivate this habit in your conjugal life.

Practice using love language. Do you know Gray Chapman? The writer once gave a chemistry of using love language in a relationship. According to this writer, there is a ‘Love Tank’ in your relationship. Every time the couple utters a love language the tank is filled with. Thus, the tank gradually becomes blank when there is no practice of such word for a long time. So, don’t let our love tank be turned into a dessert. Rather, fill it. You overflow it to make a happy couple relationship.

8. They Sleep with the words “Good Night”

It is no matter that at every night you utter these types of words. You can reveal more romantic words to wish at the bed. It is one of the habits that happy couples have in their relationship.

Come with varieties of words and chunks of words. Your partner definitely will love to hear such. Either it over phone or email or face to face, you must do that.

9. They Do a ‘Weather Check’

Weather check means here checking how your partner is passing the day. Text your partner or make a call. Let you know how she or he is at work. It lets your partner feel your care and love towards him or her. Weather checking has also a positive side. You can get the ideas of your partner that will make you able to guess his or her mood and act thereby.

10. They Feel Proud to be Seen Together

The happy couples love to feel proud to be seen together themselves. They love to be in some affection and love. They like to be in close each other. Even they accompany each other only because she or he will miss the presence.

Being happy is not a mile demanding task. You just need to be aware of your relationship. Do all the things to be happy in your couple’s life. Make yourself happy. Make your partner happy. Practice these 10 habits of happy couples and tag your one also as ‘A Happy Couple!’ Cheers!!

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