How To Apologize And Say Sorry To My Lover

Let’s start with Sir Elton John’s quotation ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’. Yes, he was right. But, cannot we make it easier for the sake of our relationship? A simple word and a simple expression may save our relationship. So, what’s wrong if we just apologize for our wrongdoings and say ‘Sorry’ to our beloved one? Yes, often the simplest task becomes the hardest one. So, The Two Angles is here with this article titled how to apologize and say sorry to my lover easily but effectively.

Why the Term ‘Sorry’ Comes in Relationship:

‘Sorry’ is not a negative word at all. To me, it is one of the words that has the power to save our relationship in need.  Some of us are lucky enough to find someone who shares their passion, thoughts and beliefs and thus builds a trustworthy and reliable relationship. But, sometimes, there may happen something that seems wrong from other sides. In this case, the person must realize his or her mistake and say sorry to his or loved one. So, the word ‘sorry’ comes in our relationship to save and strengthened it, to make us realize our fault and thus be a good human being.

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So, Why We Should Say Sorry?

Yes, we must say sorry because we love. We care. We are affectionate to each other. Saying sorry also works as an empathy that deals with stonewalling in our relationship. Being apologized does not mean you lose but it means that you have learned how to value your relationship and how to take care of it. For further note ask the following questions to you.

  • Do I love him/her?
  • Did I love him/ her?
  • So, what’s wrong with us now?
  • Am I responsible? Why?
  • Don’t I want to get back my sweet relationship? What are the ways?
  • Why not I apologize and say sorry to my lover?

Find the answers of these questions and you will see how simple it is and you nicely can manage the question of how to apologize and say sorry to your lover.

Ways to Apologize and Say Sorry to My Lover

If you truly want your lover’s forgiveness, then the best course of action is to adopt some ways below. Remember that a simple mistake can ruin your relationship forever. So, it is better not to let your relationship be bitter by any means.

1. Accept The Blame When You Know That It’s Yours

The first and foremost step to apologizing properly is to admit your faults. If you fail to do this and instead try to divert the blame away from yourself, it will prolong the situation and make it harder to resolve. If you’re somewhat unsure of what you did, then ask sincerely what’s bothering them, but be sure to never feign ignorance or show arrogance in your words or actions in doing this. Whatever it is you did wrong, you must take responsibility and prove to them that you are willing to atone for it.

2. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

An apology doesn’t necessarily have to be just words. Sometimes a nice, simple gesture or two can take you miles ahead of the minimalist “I’m sorry”. Maybe a trip down memory lane revisiting some of the best moments you mutually deem precious, or reliving some of your favorite dates all over again can remind them of the happiness enough to get past being upset. A more materialistic and still effective, method would be to shower to your loved one who has been coveting and deliver it to their footstep. That will make you easier to forgive since you showed that you care enough to keep their interests and likes well in mind. It is also a sign that your relationship is healthy and worth keeping. A gift not purchased, but rather hand-made can further showcase your dedication and you’d have the freedom to craft them according to the context they are going through.

How To Apologize And Say Sorry

3. Don’t Contemplate Too Long And Waste Time

Are you still in confusion, thinking that how to apologize and say sorry to my lover? Many find themselves too hesitant to go ahead and apologize. Some may feel too ashamed and guilty, ending up feeling like they don’t deserve the right to say sorry for what they did, although the lack of an apology may just make the thing worse. Even if you really aren’t to blame, sometimes a compromise is worth it as it may spare both of you hours or days or weeks of bitter feelings. Remind yourself that every moment you waste is another spent with your beloved being upset with you when instead you could help promptly resolve the situation so that you both return sharing more of those precious and happy moments that made you fall in love in the first place. Your proactively response will at least show your lover how precious you treat your time together.

4. Don’t Try Too Hard

There are times when constant apologies while not do anything to help your situation and rather make you seem more irritating. There are wounds and complications in a relationship that cannot be tended to with apologies or gestures, but rather better healed with some personal time and space. At these moments your silence could be the best medicine. Just let them know that you’re truly sorry and that you don’t expect forgiveness, but if you’re eventually forgiven, that you’ll be eternally grateful. If they aren’t ready to forgive you yet, trying to push them into it might as well move them further away instead. A bit of patience from your side will show that you understand the severity of what you did and that you are considerate enough of their feelings to not expect immediate forgiveness.

5. Write Love Apology Letter

You can write love apology letter to your lover and express your apology. If you feel too uneasy to apologize or are not mentally ready to stand before him or her, writing a small apology note is the best option. Simply start with the name you usually call your lover. Than, just write your words to say sorry. Remember that, never lengthen the sorry letter. It may have chance to misguide the purpose.

However, while writing, you can take the phrases below in account:

  • I’m  really sorry for my mistake.
  • Dear, please forgive me.
  • I can’t think anything else without your sweet hug. Sorry 🙁

You can also go through the link here for further direction for how to apologize and say sorry:

The way you want to apologize is completely up to you and the situation that you put yourself in. How to apologize and say sorry to my lover’s guide can definitely help you out from any tension and gift you that sweet relationship again.

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