How to Appreciate Your Partner to Fix an Unhappy Relationship

Less often becomes more than many things together and you can get the best fruit implementing the same into your life. The relationship is not any discrete thing from our own personal life. Ups and downs are common to any relationship and so it can peep its evil head into yours own one also. So, the witty decision is to think the relationship complication as normal as other happening things in the day. If you are now unfortunately going through an unhappy relationship, this article is only for you and showing you how to appreciate your partner that can fix your unhappy relationship.


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Before going to that part what it is the simple solution to get stitched an unhappy relationship with a happy one, let me share one of my stories.

I had to go through such a mental agony into my relationship and for the good shade of my fortune, everything was fixed. I started to use this technique because I realized by the time that my partner likes this and it also makes me humble and honest with him. Surprisingly, I found, how my partner had started to share his own things with me and even come forward to discuss with the problematic issues.

The same thing that you can follow is the ‘APPRECIATION’ into your relationship. Many couples are envious of each other and I can bet that that couple will never be a happy couple because they lack the most important habit of a happy couple. Again, becoming too indifferent and unaware of each others life brings a great distance into the relationship that may even turn into the divorce one. So, what I appreciate you to learn how to appreciate that can fix an unhappy relationship, then apply it to fix your relationship problems.

10 Ways to Appreciate Your Partner

1. Be Thankful What They Do For You

Never be confused with the things your partner does for you and your family thinking that they are doing this only because these are their responsibilities. Rather be thankful for the dishes she or he washes for you, for the groceries done by your partner and even the single task of reminding of the garbage.

2. Specify the Reason You are Thanking for

Learn how to appreciate your partner and always try to specify the reason you are thanking to your partner. It must make your partner happier knowing that you are noticing each and everything she or he is doing for you and are grateful for that also. Like: thank your partner for watering the garden as you were busy to do that or taking children out for their entertainment. This will fix your relationship trauma and bring closer to each other.

3. Be Creative in Appreciation


Avoid using the same words and phrases to appreciate your partner. Otherwise, your appreciation will lose its charm after a few whiles. Try to be creative with words and feelings. Like:

  • I am really grateful for……
  • My good luck that I got you in my life that…
  • What it would be if you were not with me and…
  • I love finding you…

4. Appreciate Even Your Partner Can’t Complete the Task

It is not how much she or has successfully done it for you rather how much she or he was on it to make it for you. So, even your partner forgets to bring something from the market or burn your dinner, don’t be rude in word. Rather, try to thank him or her for the effort and energy have been invested to do the work for you. It is good to begin to learn how to appreciate your partner making relationship sweeter.

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5. Bring Your Inconvenience Positively

Your partner must be cool to know that you are bringing your own problem more positively that will make clear his or her responsibilities in that case. For example, you may say that ‘From tomorrow and onward I will be working late night to complete the assignment’ or ‘ I need to stay with my father this week because he needs my support’ and so on. This type of words have benefited from different sides.

  • Firstly, this will let your partner that you are not taking the decision by yourself by asking his or her approval of that fact you are on
  • Secondly, it is not manipulating to your partner that he or she needs to do your incomplete task
  • And finally, it indicates that you are aware of the family and the relationship.

6. Leave Surprise for Your Partner

There is little that can make your partner happier than leaving a surprise note for your partner with some loving and kind words. It is one of the strategies to learn how to appreciate your partner. You can write different words like:

  • Thank you
  • I love you
  • You are my world
  • I will be missing you
  • You are in my heart and so on

Just close your eyes and see how amazing it is to make your partner happy everyday.

7. Acknowledge Their Contribution

Always acknowledge your partner’s contribution in your life either it is in your personal, professional or academic life. Utter your appreciation to them and let them know how much you owe to them

8. Be Sincere and Honest in Appreciation

There are lots of couples who play a dual role in their own relationship. It may be like that they show off too much in public which they are not or too much abused at home, which let them be open to each other in public. Be honest with your relationship and also try to be sincere. In spite of pretending, learn how to appreciate your partner and practice step by step and little by little.

9. Bring Time-tested Gifts to Appreciate

Cropped young man giving happy woman a gift box at home


Let’s practice how to appreciate your partner by trying to bring a time-tested gifts for your partner to appreciate, be it a chocolate or a beauty cosmetics or anything else.

10. Spend Time with Your Partner

How to appreciate your partner does not mean only that you use good wordage and bring gifts for your partner. It means best spending time together and be one for another. Find a little time from your busy schedule and go out with your partner. Arrange a dinner or party at home to spend some lovely moments together and be  a better husband or wife for your partner. It is the best gift for your partner, trust me.




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