How to Ask for an Open Relationship to Your Partner: 10 Simplest Ways to Think About

The thing is that you were in a happy relationship, but something is not working out now and therefore, you or your partner wants to have an open relationship? If it is, do you know what you are supposed to do? Do one thing. Read it very well to know how to ask for an open relationship to your partner.

What Is An Open Relationship?

An open relationship is a contract between you and your legal partner about changing some issues in between you. Open relationship indicates the concept of having the consent of your partner in your decision of having a sex partner where there will be no space for love and emotion and where you would be loyal to your legal life partner. This agreement will make your relationship healthier rather weaker. After all, having a sensuous sex is physically demanding by everyone.

Asking for an open relationship with your partner is not easy at all. But, if you are on the verge you must look for some things that at least will not let your relationship be bitter.


Let’s have a brief discussion about the way to how to ask for an open relationship to your partner.

Ways to Make of Urging for an Open Relationship

1. Seize the Day

If you want to tell your partner about your will of going into an open relationship with someone others, please don’t tell it right away. Show up your partner some movies that will indicate the importance of an open relationship and will make you a way to confess your trouble to your partner. This will psychologically help your partner to be ready for letting you go for an open relationship.

2. Create the Environment

If you are about to tell your partner the fact of getting in an open relationship, please give him or her some time where you also need some time to actualize the whole problem. Make sure that anything is not interrupting your conversation. Be seated in a comfortable manner and in a calm place. Do try to understand your partner’s mental situation. After all, your partner must need an environment to cope with the situation.

3. Discuss than Decide

Do not start the conclusion like saying directly that you are going to an open relationship. Sit clam and discuss with the problem. Let your partner to realize, internalize and understand the problem. The benefit of discussion is letting your partner be positive and take the idea of the open relationship easily. Having a discussion with your partner will make your partner feel honored rather being deprived.

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4. Clear Your Position

You must clearly stand your position. The questions that you must think about are:

Why you want to go into an open relationship? What will it affect to your relationship?

Make these answers clear to him or her also. He or she has the rights to know why you are going to leave him or her. Confess to your partner, what you want from others and want to go into an open relationship to make the process smooth of how to ask for an open relationship to your partner.

How to Ask for an Open Relationship to Your Partner

How to Ask for an Open Relationship to Your Partner

5. Spectacle Your Partner the Significance

You are letting your partner leave you and making a contract with you, and then you must pop up with the message, why you are going to the other partner? Show your partner your respect and the importance of why going to the other partners is necessary for you.

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6. Make Some Rules for Both of You

When you are making a sense that you want to go in an open relationship with the different partners, make some proper boundary lines and rules for yourselves that will be followed during the relationship. Like, making sex outside the house for both partners, during sex partners won’t interfere and so many more.

7. Being Honest

Open relationship does not mean cheating, Cheating indicates the meaning where partners cheat each-others by not letting them know about their sex relationship with others. Here, honesty does not exist. So, try to be honest with your partner by letting him or her know that you are urging for an open relationship.

8. Promise of Partner’s Prioritization

No matter what, there will be promises, where the partner will prioritize the other partner, although he or she is in an open relationship. Prioritization may hold sparing time for the partner, having gifts for others and other factors as well. These can even strengthen your relationship. Set all the things beforehand to avoid any unwanted situations.

9. Showing Your Partner Some Success Story

You want to go to an open relationship and you are wondering how to make your partner agree regarding the fact. Feel your partner, show up some success stories that you want to set as an example. Tell your partner how happy they are in their life and also tell your partner that it will also make your life exactly same.

10. Give Some Time

You might be given a solid time to take the action. Take some time; do not take any suddenly. Think about the positive and negative sides, effects, about your happiness and some other virtues you want to attain in your life. It is not that much ill if you want to get happiness in your life but give it a think, where you would be really happy, or else may that not happen you would want to have back the partner you had in your life.

It is better being happy early not late. Also, no relationship can be healthy if the partner(s) is/are unhappy and dissatisfied with each other. How to ask for an open relationship to your partner is therefore a basic thing to be prepared for the next step to be happy with another partner. Go ahead with your honesty and happiness. Everything will be ok with you.

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