13 Right Steps To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

Breaking up is not an easy way. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks we do in as relationship. Once who was our love and happiness, today is the person to get rid of. This is not a pleasant thought. It needs lots of careful things to consider. So, the term is ‘breaking up’ often is said the “Open your eyes and use your mind”. However, the best way to break up is to know how to break up with smoothly and silently.

Here are the 13 easiest and affordable ways to break up with your boyfriend without hurting him. Let’s reveal the ways.

Before you approach for a break up, you have to find out the answers for the following questions:


Probable answer: Yes/ No

1. Do I really want a break up with


2. Can the factor be improved by him?


3. Should I wait and see a few more


4. Am I able to tackle the challenges
after my break up?


Read. Think with the questions above. The ratio of Yes” and “No” will determine if you are going to break up with your boyfriend or not. If really it is, don’t panic. Go through the break up advice below with patience.

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend: Preparation Time

Step 1: Let Him Know Your Condition

Don’t behave whimsically. Let your boyfriend understand that you are not happy with him. Try to help him catch out the mental agony you are suffering from. Don’t just approach and tell, “I want a break up from you’. Behave with maturity.

Step 2: Observe His Attitudes

Research says that the first break up never lasts. Couples come back and hide themselves into their arms again. So, let the time be the mirror. Observe if your boyfriend can understand you. If you are not satisfied yet, you can ask him to let you alone for a few days. By that time, you will also get a chance to examine your mind for a break up.

It is rather better falling in love for a second time after you are done with your break up. This is the ultimate time to feel his space in your heart and beside you. In fact, it is always better to let your toes into the icy water before taking a plunge into it.

Step 3: Brainstorm

You are taking break up for your own sake. He may love you the most. But the true you know what that finding a true love is not as easy as breaking it up. So, think. Think. And think. If it needs, take pen and pencil. Sketch and brainstorm on whether you are happy without him or not.

Step 4: Write the Queries

Write the pros and cons of your relationship and break up. List them. Which one is heavier? Being together or single?

Step 5: Be Out Of Fickle Minded

It is really a stupidity to be fickle in mind. You want this today and again, don’t tomorrow. Be stable in mind. The relationship is not a matter of wholesale. So, be firm in thought. Convince your mind what you are going to do. Don’t make you stand in that queue of some fickle mined girls.

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend: Go For the Action

Step 6: Face to Face Conversation

You waited. You gave a chance to both of you and your boyfriend. Still the things are not changing. You still feel that you are not happy with your boyfriend. Now, it is time to go for the action.

Behave smartly. Show a respect to both of your relationship and your boyfriend. Don’t make him second to know about your break up. Don’t change relationship status on Facebook or texting. The best way is to make a face to face conversation with your boyfriend.

Step 7: Choose a Better Place

Don’t choose a noisy or crowded place. Choose a place where both of you are comfortable with. Sit normally, but not stickled to each other as you did before. Be mentally prepared.

Step 8: Finally Approach

It may be hard to look at his eyes and let him know about your break up. But, try to be normal. You can raise the issues in a different ways. For example:

I think we should just be friends. Let’s take a break. I just need space right now. I miss being happy. Life is too short to make mistakes. You’re someone, just not the one. Yes, I love you, but I really, really want a break up.

After all, he was your friend and a well wisher. So, let the matter be done with a respect and love.

Step 9: Don’t Hide

Don’t pretend. Even don’t hide the truth of your break up. Be honest to yourself and your boyfriend. Remember, he was once your best companion. So, be open as much as possible in the final stage.

Step 10: Don’t Console

Be careful with your language. Don’t use any such language which may make him in hope. Avoid words like; “I’ll always care for you” or “I’ll still be here if you need someone to talk to.”

After You Break Up

Step 11: Go Out Of Reach

Break up is heart rending for both of you. You may think to get back him. Or, even a single text may change your mind like “Baby, I miss you”. So, make you out of any reach. Disconnect all the contacts with him, at least for a while. Delete him from all the social sites. Delete his number and texts. Or even switch your phone off to let the time be smooth.

Step 12: Recover the Break Up

Don’t let your time be alone. Communicate with your old friends and relatives. Even go to visit to the new and favorite places. Engage yourself in creative work. Be busy. You will find everything is going on well.

Step 13: Avoid Going to the Places You Both Were Once

Make sure that you are not going to the places you and your boyfriend once would go regularly. Make your brain be free out of the old memories.

A good decision is a step ahead to make a life better, happy and glorious. Break up may be one of them. Just think it positively.

If you still think, this is just a complication in your relationship, you can read my other article- Common Relationship Complications and Easy Ways to Overcome. Hope, you will be able to get something positive if you really don’t want a break up with your boyfriend, right now.

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