How To Charm A Girl Instantly: A Complete Guide To Charm The Girl You Like

No wonder every one of us likes to keep a good relationship with our most favorite person. Time to time, we often struggle with this simple loophole where we get confused about how to charm that person. It is obviously a necessity. But the biggest irony is that we underestimate ourselves too much. Never mind, what all it requires is a few simple strategies to crush your barrier of fear and go forth. Yeah, it’s making sense right? Let’s take a look at 23 best ways to charm a girl instantly who you like most.

Are You Ready To Charm A Girl?

This might sound awkward, but you really need to believe you can. Have a clear mind and prepare yourself about encountering any circumstances. Don’t let any idea slow you down from facing the person you like. It really helps you when you come to believe that you have nothing to lose and don’t take the matter seriously. Trust your abilities that because you see now you come so far till this day and of course you have buddies who feel comfortable and enjoy your presence, so you know you have nothing to worry. Get down to it as soon as you can and have faith that you can do it.

How To Charm A Girl Instantly

22 Best Ways to Charm A Girl You Like

By now I hope you have forgotten about your fears and nervousness of charming a girl and are ready to take a dip in the ocean of the ways to charm a girl.

1. First of all charming a girl requires having the proper attitude, i.e. being positive, confident, humorous, etc. Girls really like boys who create an environment that is really enjoyable to be with. It is quite wise to say you get a girl attracted towards yourself if you have these qualities naturally.

2. The girl you like-try to find out what is her area of interest. It becomes easy when you know what she likes because when you will approach her you will see that you can start a conversation and keep it going. Most of the time it is seen that you can carry on talking with her if you have a clear idea about her interests.

3. Get to know what type of girl she is, how does she likes herself to be treated by others, her likes and dislikes, matters that you should and shouldn’t talk about with her.

4. Now the question arises that how am I supposed to know all these? Observe the girl for a few days and if you examine carefully I’m sure you will get to know most of it. But don’t go staring at her openly as it would make her feel irritated.

5. Ask your friends’ favors to help you out about the matter. Have them gather information about her and give you proper feedback.

6. It would be better if you come to know any of her close friends and seek help from him/her explaining your situation. It will surely help, don’t be frustrated.

Mental Habituation

7. The problem is you are accustomed to facing girls? Most guys have this silly problem. But you know what-no matter how it looks, this can be erased from your character easily.

8. Make up your mind that you are going to start facing girls from now on. Try to talk to girls who are your classmates or colleagues. Go over to them and just ask for any help or any general question about your subject or work. You will come to realize that the uneasiness you had is passing away, confidence will reside its place.

9. Every day, try to make conversation with females around you and you will be amazed to find out after some days it’s quite natural to face girls and you are almost there to fascinate them.

10. Whenever talking to a girl you must keep in mind that you have to show your eagerness and respect for her. If she says something, show her that you understand and appreciate whatever she says. Talk in a way that she could understand you care for her.

11. If possible, try to make her talk and have a smart opinion about it- don’t try to exaggerate, but be straightforward if you can help or not. Because once a girl understands that she can trust you, she will shower you with conversations.

12. To know how to charm a girl you like most and implement it, you must be a good listener. Make sure that you are showing that you are bored-never ever to do that. Most of the girls like the person she is talking to is listening to the things she says. When you listen attentively it comes down to the fact that you are interested to know her. Then she deduces that she can trust you and carry on talking because you are interested in her. Gradually the girl will take interest in you and be enthusiastic to talk to you in order to know you more.

13. Be ready to bombard your beloved girl with a lot of humor. Naturally, everyone wants to have a nice time when they are with someone. Good humor will act as a catalyst to attract her towards you.

14. After you get to know her a little bit start making humorous compliments about her. Try making humorous compliments about any incident that she shares with you. Because it always amazes girls about boys saying something that she or anyone don’t think normally. Don’t go for cracking lame and stupid jokes. These categories will also make her laugh, but it will make an impression that you are just having fun with her, so never do it.

15. While she shares something with you, provide bursts of humor about minor matters in the conversation. This really helps because once she gets the fun of seeing your attempt to make humor about her matters, she enjoys it and becomes interested in you and continues the conversation.

Touching and Flirting

16. While you keep showering her with rains of humor it is better to gently touch her. It is not much necessary which is rather dangerous sometimes, but helps to make her comfortable around you.

17. You must know the right time to touch her. There are times when you must act instantly. Touch her when it shows that you are doing it because it is necessary- touch her ear while talking about her beautiful earrings, touch her hand while you help her to cross the street or you can gently place your hand on her back, touch her hair if its messy etc. But be cautious about it, always see her reactions while you touch her and decide to do it next time if you see her accepting it.

18. Flirting is one of the essential ingredients of enticing a girl towards you. Start casually by asking her about her not so personal matters- What do you do on this weekend? Where does she like to go on the weekend? About her favorite place and what she does after work, etc. This sends out a hidden message to her about your interest to her and she cannot resist going with the flow because nobody asks such questions only to know someone rather go further than that.


19. No matter what many girls say about the choice of the kinds of boys; at the end of the day, it always narrows down to the fact that they always favor boys showing honesty. While talking to your girlfriend or the girl you like, always have this intention of being true to her on every fact you share with her. It is quite natural to the present, some incidents or stories in a more dramatic way in order to lighten up the mood, but don’t go making super fictional stories that are unrealistic.

20. Remember, every time you say something to her, whether it is stories, jokes, etc. She is smart enough to understand what you are trying to pull there. And if she sees you are honest and doing it only to make her happy she will definitely love you more and every day.

Meet Her Again

21. All these efforts and ways are not to be accomplished in just one day. Have an alternate plan in mind to see her again. Keep an eye for the moment to ask her to meet you again, because if the girl really likes you and spending time with you, she might directly ask you to see her again (which most girls don’t do) or try to convey an indirect message wanting to meet you which is at the end your time of conversation for example, she might say she is free on the weekend, ask you what you are going to do on the weekend, she has no plans for the following day, she doesn’t know what she will do day after tomorrow and etc. Whenever you see these openings are quick to ask her nicely to meet you again. It will surely take effect.

22. But most importantly, don’t forget to present things as previously, but with newness. Don’t bring the previous day’s topic to chat with her, only the most funny or important ones should be repeated (according to her need) but go on with something new to talk about.

23. It’s better to make a short plan to do whatever you want to do with her and the ones you don’t. Act and do which one you need to do. Most of the time you will come to see that you face situations that are no way near the plan you had in mind, but you will discover the courage within yourself to overcome and tackle situations that you never encountered before which is because you are trying and pushing your limit in order to full fill your need and dignity. Always believe that you can do it no matter what it takes.

Go! Action!

After reading and knowing all these facts you finally feel like you can charm a girl instantly who you like most, right? Then why wait?

Show yourself that you can do it now and to the ones you have to show. No matter what happens if all the things that you learned just now and you are able to implement them when you talk to your beloved girl, you won’t believe… just do it and see the magic happen.

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