How to Compliment a Girl: 11 Cool Strategies to Compliment a Girl

The very first important thing to remember regarding compliment is that it is different from flirt.

Complimenting is the expression of admiration, expression or congratulation and good wishes with respect and courtesy. You must be sincere and honest here.

Flirting is the act to attract someone you like or want to tease only because of an amusement.

So, here is the main difference between the two words ‘compliment’ and ‘flirt’. Many people make the same mistake by overlapping the two ideas together. If you are sincere enough to your relationship and girl, you must compliment often to make her happy, to make her proud and to make her smile. How to compliment a girl is not like any other easy chemistry in the relationship. Remember that you compliment when both of you are in a good, happy and trusting relationship. So, you must not compliment with the words you found on YouTube or watched in a movie or your friend has just sent a compliment ques. You understand what your girl like and how she takes the things.



So, you first need to read your girl carefully, sincerely and respectfully. Then you think what the words you must suit to compliment your girl. Here, I have some ideas about how to compliment a girl. I am not saying that you should make compliment the way I have said rather have a look to find the fruitful strategy to compliment on. Keep the points below in your head and think which most suits with you.

How to Compliment a Girl: Things You Must Know Before You Compliment A Girl

1. Avoid the Average Ideas: As I have said earlier, you must not blindly compliment a girl with the words you found around you. These compliments are for someone else or for anyone. So, it can create a weird situation if you mistakenly do this. For example, your girl may have a speech problem. If you compliment saying like ‘how fluently you can talk’ then does it sound good? Of course, no! So, think before you compliment your beloved girl.

2. Avoid the Superficial and Common Ideas: Hey, ‘your eyes are attractive’ or ‘your voice sounds like music’- are the most common and the cheapest words to compliment. Yes, you can say these. But, these are the words that suit in flirting most. You are in a relationship and you must be creative and go in-depth to compliment your girl. After all, it reflects your dedication of how much you care about her.

3. Avoid Just Physical Appearance: Your girl is more than her physical appearance and every time you see her you compliment about her fitness with the dress. This is weird in this situation. Avoid just the superficial ideas that seem flirty rather than the compliment.

How to Compliment a Girl: 8 Most fruitful Compliment Strategies

4. Compliment Her for What She is: My boyfriend proposed his love saying that ‘I love you what you are’. Still, this makes an echo on my ear and I realize how natural, truthful and sincere he was at this statement. I am not an opera that he could say ‘You are the most beautiful girls in the world’. In fact, if he did that, I might not be emotional for him. Rather, there would create a negative impression about him in my mind.

So, guys, compliment your girl for what she really is. You can say like, ‘I donno how other people think, but your beauty touches my inner heart’. See, this type of sentences makes her feel that you are not at least flattering her for the sake of compliment.

5. Compliment her for What You Like About her: It is not like that you must like each and everything or if you do so, you like them equally. There are some traits or attitudes that you like and love most in your girl. Bring those issues to compliment with. Say like; ‘I like to walk with you’ or ‘I love to talking to you’. These types of words not only proof that you just like her, but also proof that you feel her from the inner of your heart.

6. Compliment for her Uniqueness: ‘You are perfect the way you are’. Does any girl need any other logic behind why you love or like her? It can stand alone. It also makes her feel proud that you also love and respect her uniqueness.

Happy Couple Outdoor. Smiling Couple Relaxing in a Park. Family

Happy Couple Outdoor. Smiling Couple Relaxing in a Park. Family over Nature Green Background. Smiling Man and Woman Having Picnic in Countryside. Relationships

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7. Compliment her for her Skill: It is proven that women like the compliment mostly for their hard or soft skills rather than the physical appearance. So, you can avail this opportunity. You might know what are her skills or where her passion is on. Learn: 101 obvious questions to ask to know someone. It can help you out to find out her skills tactfully so you can compliment a girl successfully.

8. Compliment your Girl Being Chivalrous: When you are on date with your girl, make her feel that you always take care of her. Look for her likings and disliking. Act like that. Being chivalrous is one of the silent strategies to compliment a girl.


9. Compliment for Her Hard work: If your girl regularly works hard either for her studies and/ or for business or for jobs, keep it in mind while you compliment your girl. Acknowledge her hard work and wish a best of luck. You can compliment her for her uniqueness and hard work together.

10. Compliment Her Personality: There may have some strong things in her that is unique and deserves a compliment. Personality is one of the best things to make your compliment successful. However, select the traits and behavior of your girl that proof her personality.

11. Compliment Her in Action: It is not like that you must compliment her by words. Rather, turn the compliment into action and make the compliment be realistic. For example, if your girl achieves something or makes a good result, offer her a treat or buy a gift for her. It would make your girl think that you not only verbally compliment her, but you do believe what you say to her.

Tips to Learn How to Compliment a Girl

  • Apologize if you unintentionally make any mistake with her.
  • Take the courage to accept the rejection with respect and humbleness.
  • Don’t act like a parrot in a compliment. Try to make it natural.
  • Avoid the gerlie compliment

How to Compliment a Girl: Warnings to Remember

  • Learn about the appropriate time to compliment a girl. For example, don’t just meet her to compliment or halt her conversation to make such comment. It would impact negatively on the relationship.
  • Try to keep you aloof from overdoing it.
  • Always try not to touch her things that you compliment about. For example, if you compliment her hair or the necklace or the ring, never try to touch them. It will show your poor personality to her.

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