How To Fix A Broken Relationship: 12 Effective Ways and 7 Tips

We are indifferent. We are whimsical. We are careless and slapdash. These are none but the reasons that cause a break up of our relationship. In fact, breaking a relationship is far difficult than making it up. Bess Myerson once wrote-

“To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.”

The Two Angles hopes to mend all these type of detachments and problems in your relationship and life. We take care of you and therefore we provide support with information if you are now thinking how can you mend a broken heart. However, today I am here to fix your relationship with 12 effective ways and some useful tips. Hopefully, you will apply my tips and suggestions to fix your broken heart immediately. Let’s read on:

How To Fix A Broken Relationship Easily

How To Fix A Broken Relationship: 12 Effective Ways

1. Reasons of Break Up

A doctor never prescribes a patient without knowing the reasons of illness. Similarly, you must have to find out the reasons of your break up. Fixing a relationship mostly depends on how successfully; you can explore the break up reasons. Exploring the reasons will lead you to how to repair a damaged relationship.

Dr. Sue Johnson has developed a technique named H-E-A-L that is termed by an “Attachment Injuries”. This theory is about the reasons we walk in the break up line. Life is complicated with full of complications that lead you to an unpleasant relationship incidence. I found some interesting relationship complications while I was writing an article. I also provided some simple and easy-to-apply ways to overcome these complications in the article.

Apart from these, you must think about the following to find get a whole and clear picture of break up:

Things to Think About

Write the Answers

1. The reasons behind the break up


2. The happiness you got from the


3. The unhappiness you got from the


If the answers satisfy you, then dive into finding out the ways how to fix a broken relationship.

2. Think Before You Made Your Mind

Once you loved. You took the time. Then, you broke up. You took the time. Now, you are going to fix your broken heart. Then what are you supposed to do? Yes, you got the point. You must take some solid time to fix a broken relationship.

The relationship experts always suggest finding the answer of these following questions.

  • Is it possible to stay without your ex?
  • Do you feel compassionate about him or her?
  • Do you have enough reasons going back to him / her? Not emotionally, but logically.
  • Does s/he have the same kind of passionate about you?

If, most of the answers are ‘yes’, it is suggested to be alone. If it is not, you must try to find the ways to fix a relationship.

3. Let You Wait and Observe

Even though the above answers are leading to fix the broken heart, don’t leap at a time. Rather go slowly. You may feel your ex badly, but don’t make him or her call suddenly. Test your mind for at least 15 days. Try to hear what your heart really wants to.

4. Focus on Yourself

If you really want to know how to fix a relationship, then you must focus on yourself. Not only think, but criticize the points you are collecting throughout the 15 days

Time To Go Ahead: A Guide for 7 days

Be ready for an extra 7 days. After 15 days of positive feedback get from your heart, you will be able to get over your broken heart.

5. Restore Your Communication

Step small. Send a text to your ex. Wait and see what happens. If you get any response, examine the tone and language of that. If not, make a call. Talk less. Ask how is going on your ex life. Thus, make a regular communication.

6. Share and Care

Be simple, but tricky. Share one or two of your life events. Show your interest to know about him. Sometimes take accountability. Like, alarm when your ex had said that s/he has an official meeting or such before at least 30 minutes.

7. Be Courageous

How to fix a broken relationship needs some courage. Show your honesty and courage to judge your ex. Examine your ex movements throughout these days.

8. Invite for Coffee

If you find your ex in positive, invite him or her to have a coffee together. Choose a place he is comfortable with but not too emotional. Like the place you broke up the relationship.

9. Address Concern and Willingness

Show your partner the deepest concern and willingness that you are feeling now for him or her. Let him or her know that you still miss him or her. Ask to know if your ex is similarly feeling about. If the result is positive, let your ex know about your willingness to back to him or her.

10. Reset Commitment

Your commitment will make your ex be convinced about you. So, reset your commitment to your ex. Promise to not to make them forgettable. Confess the past mistakes. Make a commitment not to repeat the same in future.

11. Be Careful

Always be careful to fix your broken relationship. Make a consistency in your behavior and commitment. Learn to sacrifice even your happiness and willingness for your partner’s sake.

12. Compromise

Making a compromise leads a relationship to be consistent and successful. Make believe that you can compromise for the betterment and happiness of your partner.

7 Tips on How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Here are 7 extended tips on how to fix a broken relationship.

  • Create a new world centering your ex back in your life
  • Avoid your egotism. Surrender to your love to him or her.
  • Let your ex know how you really love him or her
  • Avoid making the same mistakes you would often do in the past
  • Be honest and outspoken to him your ex
  • Let your ex feel about you
  • Make a new commitment and set a consistency among them

Life is yours. But concerns are ours. Keeping the motto of The Two Angles – for a better life, we are always here to make your unhappiness vanish. Similar motto works behind writing this article. Read and implement. Best wishes for your step to the new life with your Ex. J

If you have any question regarding this article, or if you need suggestion to fix your broken relationship, you can ask me any question. Please, use this page to ask.

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