How To Get Over My Ex and Stop Talking About Him

Imagine this – you are out with your new beau. It’s a candlelight restaurant and romantic music is playing on. Sparks are flying between you two and just then you notice the way your new friend is resting his hand and sitting on the chair. Unconsciously, you became ponder and said that your ex would keep his hands on the table the same way. The laughter and ease of a few minutes ago, has become chilly and awkward now. Your date makes some sort of excuse and asks for the bill. He offers to drop you home and that is that. You know there is not going to be a second date.

Nothing ruins a nice evening faster than bringing up the topic of your ex like this. So, knowing the ways how to get over my ex and stop talking about him can save this romantic and nice moment in your relationship.

With that in mind, here are a few easy ways to keep your ex out of your current love life and be happy with the present relationship.

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1. Get Over Your Ex

One of the hardest but most important things you can do is to get over your ex. This is absolutely imperative that you don’t harbor residual feelings for your ex when you start dating with someone new boyfriend. Though it is pathetic, but it indicates that you have still not recovered from your last relationship. By having romantic notions for your ex boyfriend (or girlfriend), you are making yourself emotionally and romantically unavailable and because of this you should not be dating.

It may be difficult and it may take a lot longer than you thought possible. According to experts, the average amount of time it takes a person to get over a break up is 18 months. Take the time to heal. A break up is an emotionally traumatic time and you should give yourself and your psyche the time it needs to heal before starting to date someone else. Adding to, the way you have broken up with your ex depends on the time you will take to get over your ex. To ease the process, you must follow the 13 right steps to break up your boyfriend which will bring you relax and peace.

2. Beware The Rebound

There will always be that one person in your friend circle whose dating advice solely consists of “Now that that is over. You should date someone else. I know the perfect person for you” That is not a good advice.  This is related to the previous point. It takes time to heal after a breakup and dating someone else immediately after will only retard the ongoing process. A healthy dating is necessary for your mind and heart. It can also work to take your mind off of your ex. One caveat though. If you do start dating, then make sure it doesn’t turn into a relationship. You definitely don’t want to be stuck with a new relationship while you are still recovering from your old one. So, it’s better not to try to fix the broken relationship. The rebound person you are dating might be perfect for a long term commitment in the future, but that chance might be ruined because you are dating them as a rebound.

3. Look For The Good Things

As human beings, it is quite easy to think about the negative shades of life. Don’t worry. This is possible to be kicked out from your way towards happiness. You can follow this step to overcome the question how to get over my ex and stop talking about him in front of your boyfriend. You must not compare the present with the ex. While you are on date,  as a substitute of focusing on how your current beau is worse than your ex, focus on how he is better/different. Think about what you love about the new guy and how he does it better or differently from your ex. Think about it. Talk about it with your new soul mate. You can write the points down on a note and everyday hold the page in front of your mind’s eye. Gradually, it will come to a point that the new guy isn’t someone who is supposed to be compared to your ex but rather someone who is able to shine on his own grounds. Thus, day by day follow the habits that the happy couples follow in their life. Be happy!



4. Make New Memories

While it may be fun to go out on a few dates with your new man, make new memories with the everyday experiences by stopping loving someone who does not love you back. This is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of how to get over the ex and stop talking about him. So, let your dates be a more permanent status in your life. It is more difficult to become vulnerable with someone and let them know your quirks, especially if you are coming from an earlier relationship. While difficult, it is important to give it a fair shot.

5. Forget La Vie En Rose

Every relationship has its problems. However, when we are just recovering from a break up and trying to move on with the present boyfriend, the past memories and things spent with your boyfriend may naturally come. You compare your current  relationship with your ex in all his seeming perfection and you feel as though your current beau is not good enough. You need to stop doing that. Do not gloss over the faults in your previous relationship and remember only the good times. Remember the bad and negative moments also. Remember that. He is your ex for a reason so treat him like one. With these tips you can slowly and inexorably move further away from your ex and into a brighter future for yourself.

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Let’s share my own story

I belonged to my ex boyfriend who took care of each and everything of mine. Who loved me unconditionally. But, unfortunately or fortunately, we had a break up. In my distress condition of mind, my present boyfriend, who was my good friend before, entered into my life. I still cannot forget my ex and would compare subconsciously and consciously with him. Then, one day I found  how unlucky I was and how I was smashing down my own happiness. So, I started to love my new man with the all and tried to complete him with love, care and affection. Now, I feel, how wise the decision was. So, it was my strategy of how to get over my ex and stop talking about him.

What’s yours one? Share in comment.

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