How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly Without Stopping Drinking Beer

Do you feel the weight of your beer belly? You already know, Beer Belly is one of the most embarrassing men’s body issues that can kill one’s confidence. Not only that, beer belly is linked to different serious health risks like type 2 diabetes, HBP (high blood pressure) and heart diseases.

So, you are currently weighing a huge-flabby belly and can’t move on easily?

You get to learn exactly why you are here and what is actually responsible for this so called beer belly? And most importantly, you must know how to get rid of a beer belly without completely stopping drinking beer.

So, What Actually Causes A Beer Belly?

For a beer belly, all credit goes to Beer though an excessive intake of high calory foods, beverages, alcohol, etc., are also highly responsible for storing fat on the waistline. Drinking beer increases your appetite. So the main culprits are the foods you eat up with beer or alcohol. People commonly take fries with beer like pizza, chicken, potato chips, etc. And you know, all these foods are higher in calory than a normal beer (only 150 calories/ bottle).

So, how do you lose a beer belly? Is there any proven method that can get you out of it?

No, there is no such shortcut remedies or fancy buttons that can get you rid of a beer belly. But, still there are hopes and ways that can help you stay safe and controlled still not stopping drinking beer! Brain, author of untamedbeer, has written a post about beer drinker’s diet. He has explained how does he control fat still taking his favorite beer daily.

How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly: Effective DIYs

1. Determine that You Want to Lose Beer Beely; You Want a Change

Before you do everything you need to do to lose and control your beer belly, you have to determine that you really want to change yourself. Or you will end up with a frustrating result at the end of the day or week. So, you first of all need to determine what you are going to change and how. Focus on the benefits of losing this disgusting beer belly. Draw a picture that how handsome you will look once you could successfully trim down your waistline.

2. Do Some Calorie Math

Do you know how many calories you take daily? Do you even know exactly how much you burn? Actually, you are what you take and burn daily. You can still have your favorite beer, daily! What all you need is to calculate your calories. You can just get the idea of how many calories you need daily using this calorie calculator. Once you get the idea, now calculate how many calories you take. As a man, if you need to take 2,640 calories per day, you get to calculate how you are going to get these calories. You can still have a beer, right? But, replacing food calory by beer calories is not a smart idea for your health. So, try to drink fewer beer at the beginning.

3. Focus on Burning

So, you already know how many calories you need to take daily to stay fit and healthy. You also know the sources of those calories. You now got the idea about the calorie balance too. So, if you take more than you are supposed to take, shed off your extra calories by doing some cardiovascular exercises. As you already weigh too much on your waistline, you should do some workouts in order to stay balanced with your extra fat.

4. Incorporate Heavy Workouts to Burn More, Fast

Bicycling, swimming, walking, weight lifting or any kind of fat burning heavy workouts, etc., are the obvious ways to burn more fat. You can also try some muscle exercises such as back and front squats, Ab crunch, Ab roller, etc. Try hitting the Gym daily. Don’t forget to consult with a trainer and gym manager about ab exercise.

How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly without stopping drinking beer

How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly: Habit Changing Challenge

Our habits, most of the time, lead us to act or react. For example, you are somehow hurt or sad. So, how do you act or react with your emotion? Some people drink too much when they get hurt or feel sad. On the other hand, when some people feel happy, excited; they drink. If you are one of them, you should change these habits because these are harmful for you.

However, to lose a beer belly, you must work with the following three habits-

  1. Drinking Habit
  2. Eating Habit
  3. Workout Habit

Change Drinking Habit– First of all, you have to limit taking alcohol including your favorite beer. Although this sounds too obvious and common, you can’t help it but limit it. As you have calculated your daily calorie intake, you can now easily determine how much you are allowed to drink to stay balanced with your daily calorie limit. In the way to change your habit, drink plenty of water instead of alcohol or beer to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can also drink herbal tea when you are tired. Finally, if you can’t stop yourself taking a beer, it would be either a bit helpful if you go for a low calorie one that has no more than 50-60 calories. So, when you are working on drinking habit, remember the following points:

  • Limit taking alcohol
  • Stay balanced with your daily calorie limit
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Drink herbal tea when you’re tired
  • Choose low calorie beer

Change Eating Habit– Sometimes, you take too many calories from your daily intake foods. People often take processed foods with their drink that are highly fatted and hold too many calories. So, you have to avoid Subway and KFC, etc. to maintain less high-calorie foods. Instead, take fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. Don’t skip the breakfast though many people make this mistake. Morning breakfast gives you energy to exercise and keeps your metabolism healthy. At least, eat an egg or some fruit juice in the morning. Add detoxifying foods to your diet and eliminate animal protein as much as possible. So, the key points are:

  • Avoid high-calorie processed foods
  • Take fresh vegetables
  • Don’t skin breakfast
  • Eat detoxifying foods

Change Workout Habit– Workout is one of the obvious ways to get rid of a beer belly fast. You can’t avoid doing some exercises if you want to burn more than you take daily. When you start doing heavy exercises, you will burn more calories. Initially, avoid too many heavy-workouts. Choose something easy doing like walking or running for 20-30 minutes or cycling for 30 minutes and stick with it for at least 30 days. Make it a habit.

To stay in progress with this process, you want to keep track how many calories you are burning. You can know that using this Calorie Burning Calculator. So, use this calculator, don’t forget that you are a calorie math guy and you know exactly how much you have to burn.

Losing a beer belly is not that challenging if you stick to the suggestions and the tips given above. Only you can do it easily if you are determined for a change.

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