A Complete Guide to Get Rid of Headaches

In this guide, you will have the step-by-step assistance how you can get rid of headaches using home remedies, how to prevent headaches using medications and therapies, and finally how you can be safe from headaches in the rest of your life. Besides, here you are going to learn the causes and the symptoms of headaches. You will also learn about different types of headaches and their causes.

Almost every human on this planet have an experience with Headaches. This is a common symptom that is experienced by the people throughout their life, regardless of their age.

Headache is a pain that arises in the head or the upper neck of the body. The pain actually happens in the edifice and the tissues surrounding the brain because of the brain not having the pain receptors. The pain is experienced in the cranium, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, eyes, ears, subcutaneous tissues and mucous membranes i.e. all around the brain.

But headaches sometimes happen by itself or it might be the cause of other illness. Headaches can be an experience of having throbbing, sharp, dull pains appearing suddenly out of nowhere, which can last for quite a moment or more than a day.

How to Get Rid of Headaches

Headaches [Image: Internet]

Common Causes and Different Types of Headaches

There are probably more than two hundred causes, but most of them are harmless, though some of them can be severe. But headaches can be categorized into two types:

Primary Headaches

It is a standalone pain that is caused due to the over activity or problems with the structures that are painfully sensitive, i.e. related to all the chemical activities that is happening inside the brain. Most common are the tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches. Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache and usually are treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medications for pain. But there are other primary headaches too, that are associated with the secondary headaches. They can be categorized under the following symptoms:

  1. Pain over the scalp
  2. Physical toils
  3. Physically stimulated by external pressure and temperature
  4. Many other types of Headaches
Different Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches [Image: Anejo]

Secondary Headaches

These kinds of headaches are stimulated by other condition’s symptoms. The pain sensitive nerves of the head are stimulated by these conditions. A lot of conditions can be seen as the cause of secondary headaches. Medication, brain disorder and addiction are the major causes of secondary headaches. Tooth and Sinus problems can result secondary headaches whereas life threatening conditions like internal brain bleeding can also do so. Traumatic headaches are in this classification as well as the post-concussion headaches too.

Here are some of the conditions which simulate secondary headaches:-

  1. Influenza
  2. Dehydration
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Brain Freeze
  5. Blood clots
  6. Panic attacks and strokes
  7. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Cranial and Other Headaches

Cranial Neuralgia is caused by the inflammation of one of the nerves that supply the motor and sensation functions of the head and neck. Moreover Trigeminal Neuralgia is another condition causing intense facial pain by affecting cranial nerve V.

How to Get Rid Of Headaches: Quick Home Remedies

Grabbing a pill or a medicine for easing headaches cannot be possible sometimes for us. At those times home remedies are the best solution. Here are quite a handful of home remedies for headaches:

1. Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Basil Oil

For lavender oil it can be either inhaled or applied externally. In a cup of boiled water, put 2-3 drops of lavender oil and inhale it. But it should never be inhaled.

Peppermint oil can also be inhaled likewise lavender oil. It can also be massaged on the forehead and around the jaws and temples.

Basil can be taken as a tea by boiling some leaves and sipping it later. For mild headaches basil oil can be rubbed on the head and sometimes chewing its leaves becomes useful.

Quick Home Remedies for Headaches

Natural Oils for Headaches

2. Flaxseeds

Since it contains omega-3 fatty acids it is quite convenient for getting relieved from headaches. It can be taken in many ways, such as its oil can be used in the food, it can be taken by mixing the powdered flaxseed with the coffee etc.

3. DIY Scalp Massage

Massaging is one of the best ways to treat headaches. Massing the nerve points, i.e. the occipital nerve areas on the head helps to make it easy to tolerate. Also, the limbs massaging helps to reduce headaches to a greater extent.

4. Ginger

Try chewing on or two pieces of ginger twice daily. But one of the most used ways is to take the ginger with the tea twice in a day. Ginger vapor can be taken by boiling it in the water.

But for external use try making a ginger paste and apply it on the forehead.

5. Mint Juice & Coriander Juice

Both these juices can be used to alleviate headaches by applying it on the temple and forehead. Mint leaves wrappings can be applied on the forehead to ease uneasiness.

Quick Home Remedies for Headaches

Quick Home Remedies for Headaches

6. Icepack

The easiest way to apply an ice pack is to put at the behind your neck. Try putting cold or frozen stuff on the head as an alternative to it. Better use a cloth or a towel dipped in ice cold water and put it on and around your neck and head.

7. Rosemary and Thyme

Since these two contains Carvacrol which is present on the non-steroidal inflammatory drugs [Learn more] they help in stopping headaches a lot. Apply a drop on each temple and gently rub it. Stay quiet for a few minutes and let it take action. You can also make tea with the help of Rosemary and drink it.

8. Cloves & Cinnamon

Cloves are basically used to get relief from Tension headaches. Try mixing clove oil with salt and rub it on your head. It will work. Another ways is to grind some cloves and wrap them in a cloth or Handkerchief. Inhale the smell of them while you are having headaches. Also try to make paste of some cloves and apply it on your forehead.

Quick Natural Home Remedies for Headaches

Natural Home Remedies for Headaches

Cinnamon is used to treat headaches happening due to common cold. Make a paste by grinding some sticks of it and by adding water and apply it to the forehead. Also you can boil two teaspoons cinnamon, which are powdered in a cup of milk and add honey later before having it.

9. Apples

Take apples naturally by sprinkling some salt in it. Drink water by adding teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in it.

10. Magnesium and Vitamin B2

Dark chocolates, pumpkin seeds etc. are some of the natural food that have magnesium.

Almond, hard cheese, sesame seeds etc. are all rich in Vitamin B2. It helps to reduce migraine pains.

11. Butterbur extract and Chamomile Tea

Butterbur is an herb where it helps to ease migraines. It can be taken as dosage according to the doctor’s prescription.

Take Chamomile tea by the using the teabags in hot water. Add sweetener according to your need. It really helps to ease headaches. Sit comfortably and sip it for a while.

12. Buckwheat

Buckwheat contains Rutin, which really helps to ease headaches. It can be found in certain cookies. Moreover, there are pillows made from buckwheat which really helps to reduce migraine.

13. Feverfew and Diet Fixes

Feverfew is an Herbal homemade remedy used to treat headaches. It works best when taken together with another kind of it called white willow.

Diet fixes relate to the fact that certain food habit to be maintained to control or lessen headaches. But one must enlist foods that are convenient and healthy for the reducing headaches.

But people should seek care of the doctor or be hospitalized when they face new onset headaches, change in behavior, or change in sensation.

How to Prevent Headaches: Things to Remember

The general ways to treat headaches are to take enough rest and take relief medication. Usual medicines can be taken, but according to the doctor prescribing take such as tricyclic. Anti-epileptic drugs are convenient too and likewise are helpful. But doctor’s advice must be followed in taking medication in order to prevent rebound headaches. If the headache situation is worse than hospitalization is required.

Here are some of the tips to follow in your daily lifestyle to ease headaches:

  • Take a warm bath (do bathe regularly)
  • Eat regularly by maintaining time. (This should be strictly followed)
  • Take enough rest and sleep regularly
  • Don’t do things that are quite stressful i.e. puts a lot of pressure physically and mentally.
  • Put an ice or heat pack around your neck and head(whenever the headaches appear)
  • Exercise regularly

Other Therapies to Get Rid Of Headaches

Alternate to the above treatments here are some other things that should be used in order to treat headaches, but it is best to discuss it with your physician prior using it.

  1. Herbal health products
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Meditation and Yoga
  4. Chiropractic treatment
  5. Cognitive behavior therapy

You should avoid the following to prevent headache:

  • Caffeine/withdrawal/triggers
  • Smoke/cigarettes
  • Cold cuts or processed meats
  • Red wine/cheese
  • Skipping a meal
  • Vigouroux exercice/Sex /joggers/migraines
  • Strong scents trigger migraines
  • Hair accessories and Poor postures
  • Hot weather
Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a medical expert. The information provided here is based on extensive web research, and extracted from several high authority health websites. Therefore, you are advised to practice these home remedies, medicines and suggestions on your own risk.

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