How to Have a Sensuous Sex: 5 Tips to Spice-up Your Moment

Are you tired of your bedtime with your partner? Do you feel it becomes too taste and zestless when you are making love?

We often make mistakes thinking that ‘sex is only the cause of sexual enjoyment and orgasm’. Here lies the problem. We often ignore the other important part that is ‘sense’ or ‘sensual sex’. How to have a sensuous sex is often asked by us. So, you can adopt some strategies to ensure a pleasant bed moment.

Difference between Sensuous and Sexual

There is a difference between sensuous and sexual sex. The word ‘sensual’ belongs to the senses and refers to the appeal made by and attracted to the senses.

On the other hand, the word ‘sexual’ is related to ‘physical’ and refers to the capacity of sexual feelings.

For easy remembrance, sensuous is mental and sexual is physical.


Relationship between Sensuous and Sexual sex

Arousal of sensuous sex is the pre-condition of sexual sex. The sensuous stimulus leads to have a great sexual intercourse and release a hormone called oxytocin, responsible for the happy and pleasant sex for both the partners.

Using senses make it successful to have a sensuous sex, so learn the involved senses here:

Touch: Use dimensional touch like oil, body lotions, feathers and fur.

Sound: The sex experts say that the soft and smooth musical sound makes your sound sense audible and ready to have a sound sex.

Sight: Adore yourself by wearing colorful, fancy and sexy underwear. It will signal your babe’s sight to insight to have a sensuous sex.

Smell: Use perfumes to attract his or her smell sense to you.

Taste: Take your partner’s chest, nipples and body as a tasty salad!

How to Have a Sensuous Sex

This part will detail the idea of how you can have a sensuous sex. You must ensure that your partner is hot and sexy to enjoy your sensuous time together before the real sex.

1. Wearing Sexy Underwear.

Approach him slowly and softly. Turn your body this and that side. Stretch your arm a little bit. Go closer. The more he will see you sexy and appealing, the more his brain will be addicted to you.

The author of Sex on the Brain (Penguin, 1997) said that “As soon as a man sees something that he finds arousing, testosterone is released into his bloodstream”. And, as you know, testosterone is responsible for a pleasant sex; you have the chance to win here.

2. Play with Naughty Words

‘My boys always acknowledge my flirty, sexy and naughty ideas that I use to seduce him. I find sensuously lust as I hear this from him’.

No matter if you are a boy or girl. When you are close at your love, play with naughty words and ideas to make him/her sensuously arousal.

3. Play with his/her Body Parts

‘Ahh! It’s really an awesome feelings playing with my boyfriend’s body parts. Often I ask him, do you know which body part I do like most in you? He just looks at me, hold his hand behind me and says, ‘yes, it is my nipples and lips’.

Yes, it is my own experience and I feel ‘just awesome’. You can also try with your boy’s or girl’s body parts you love to play with most. But be careful, don’t rush or be harsh. Just touch and complete all the phases softness. Hold your partner’s hand and keep on your waist. Keep your pointer on his/her lips. Move the finger slowly. It will make his/her brain sensuously for having sex.

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Couple kissing and playing on bed

Couple kissing and playing on bed in bedroom, in passion over white background

4.  Make an Art of Undress Each Other

Every couple loves to undress each other before having the final sex. It is sexier going at bed with sexy dress so your partner can undress you rather nothing on. Take time. Explore each other while undressing. Men like to untie women’s hook while women like to unbutton men’s shirt. So, do as you like. Be soft and slow.

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5. Bring Variety

Variety can spice up your time to have a perfect sensual sex. Practice turns on and turns off type expression. Like, don’t lie or sit aside. Rather, change your position, style and expression. This will spice up your feelings and bring the best sensuous love.

Remember, making a love or sex is an art. You must follow the best and apply those on how to have a sensuous sex. Here is an additional support that can make your sex amazing.

Take pleasure in!

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