11 Proven Strategies Of How To Impress Girls

So, have you ever thought why your dream lady, who you care for and who your heart dies for never look back at you and give you a glance at least? It does not mean that you are not qualified. It does not mean that you are not capable of. It also does not that you are not smart enough to win the girl. The matter lies how much you can impress a girl. Learn here how to impress girls and then take the step.

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11 Proven Strategies Of How To Impress Girls

How To Impress Ladies: 11 Ways to Win a Girl

1. Basic Hygiene

Have good basic hygiene. This should go without saying but you should take care to clean yourself and have proper hygiene practices. Take shower and make your body clean. Use deodorant (preferably an anti perspirant deodorant). Try to smell nice but don’t go overboard. Smelling overpoweringly of cologne or deodorant is just as bad as smelling bad so go easy on that.

2. Dress Well

Women love to see the guys dressed well. How to impress girls means wearing clean and ironed. If you are going to meey girl for the first time, you have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Use it as well as you can. Make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed and washed regularly. Also ensure that your clothes properly fit. There is nothing as bad as wearing ill fitted clothes so take time out of your schedule and visit a tailor to properly fit your clothes. You must implement these to make the path easier of how to impress girls.

3. Be Polite

Know the rules to be a gentleman to a lady. This should not just be a priority only to impress a girl but this should be the possible and essential parameter in every success in life. Politeness is an under rated attribute and people are far more likely to like you if you are polite than if you have an abrasive personality.

4. Be Careful About What You Say

Avoid cursing or using rude language in front of people who you don’t know well. Try not to talk about other girls, especially if you are talking to her first time so resist yourself from doing this. Don’t be a negative person either. Try not to belittle others or complain about people when you are with her. However, you can know the funny facts about girls that boys don’t know that can an effective topic of the discussion. You will see how nicely you are on how to impress girls successfully.

5. Be Sincere

Women can tell when you are being sincere and genuine. Pay her a sincere compliment. Tell her why you like her or what you like about her. Women are complimented on their looks quite often by men but compliment on them on something other than that – her humour, her laugh, her intelligence. Apply the cool strategies to compliment a girl and win her. These tips to impress a girl will bring your desired outcome.

6. Charm Her

This is an under appreciated skill but very effective. When you are talking with a woman you like, talk to her while staring deep into her eyes for a few seconds. Smile while doing so. Don’t overdo it though. A few seconds is good but staring too long might make you seem creepy. Try to charm the girl as an unique way is possible. Also,remember to apply this tip if only you are in state of how to impress a girl you like.

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7. Be Chivalrous

Help her with her coat. Offer your hand while you are on the road crssoing line. There are some certain areas that women like in boy and again some that women don’t like. So, educate yourself with what girls like in a boy and what they don’t to make you a chivalrous gentleman in front of her.

8. Be Sociable

Girls pay great heed to the opinions of their friends. One of the most important criteria in deciding whether or not a man is relationship worthy is how her friends see you. If her friends do not like you, then you will have a serious problem in the future. So, be nice to her friends and the people she introduces you to. Be sociable and funny. If her friends like you, she will surely be impressed and you will achieve the strategies of how to impress girls.

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11 Proven Strategies Of How To Impress Girls

9. Ignore Your Phone

We are all busy nowadays. But, whatever busy you are, you must actively decide to ignore your phone when you are with her. It shows that you are committed to being there with her in the present and that she has your fullest attention. Rather, ask the 51 best questions to know her more.

10. Be Forthcoming With Your Intentions

One of the toughest transitions is going from a friend to lover. If you are in such transitional period, you must apply some tricks to impress her. If she calls you for an impromptu hangout and if you are extremely busy, don’t cancel your plans for her. Instead, ask her if she would be willing to go out with you for dinner on the weekend. This sends a clear signal that you are interested in her as more than a friend. Flirt with her and ask her these 21 flirty and dirty questions whenever it feels natural and try to make her feel special.

11. Improve Yourself

How to impress girls is basically a look back on you. Women love a man with some dream, goal and ambition. Try to make you different from others – either by learning a new skill or hobby or working hard at your job, your dedication will be very attractive to any girl who sees it. Ant girl likes a boy with such good qualities that can drive you to impress a girl easily.

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