8 Tricky Ways to Make Him Commit and Want You

Yes, he loves you. He becomes happy when he sees you. Both of you enjoy the time together happily. But, halt. Think. Do these mean that he is committed to you? Do these mean that he wants you in his life forever? Often, things happen differently so you must know the ways how to make him commit and want you in his life.

Read the 8 best ways of how to make him commit and want you in his life so you can stay relaxed, happy and loveable from today.

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 8 Best Ways to Make Him Commit

1. Make Your Self-Worth Be Present

The number of minutes that you take to reply him is an important factor to show your self-worth while connecting to him. Periodically reply to his texts; give it some time! Show your self-worth and show him that you are busy with other things too. Reply to him after a while. It will be highly diplomatic, trust me! Also, don’t be a frantic about why didn’t he call or text you yet. There are other things in his life that needs tending to.

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2. If This Is A Chess Game, Make Sure You Are The White Side

What I mean to say is, in a chess game the white always goes first. You do that too. Why don’t you tell him that you want to spend the next Saturday and Sunday with him? You know the time when you should make the move. You just need to take it with caution and ease. He will be intrigued. Trust me. This will make him feel loved for you and make him commit and want you.

3. Never “Eat His Head Out”

I am metaphorically saying that you should never nag him too much. Most men find it something to run away from and it makes them startled of whether they should commit to you for the long-term. He will find that he doesn’t want to be in your serfdom. He will escape from you at the very next instant. Trying to nag him is one of the mistakes that can ruin a relationship forever also. So, be careful.

4. Do Things That Will Make Him Feel You’re Irreplaceable

Yes, I had to mention this. You need to show the minimum level of reverence to him. You should never deprecate him. He will feel contrite that you don’t respect him properly.Give him muse. A fact: a man finds a woman distinctive if he finds that she has the ability to dive deep into the remnants of his psyche and see who he is and be someone who enriches him.

Do you know that having sex is not essential all the time but emotional assistance is? It is an obligation for you to give to him and you need to know that. Once you can do it successfully, you will know that you are stepping forward to be successful in how to make him commit and want you in his life.

 5. Show Your Softness While Tending To His Sentiments

A man will absolutely love you if you show immense love and respect about his family. If his parents are impressed then you must know that you two will get together more. Also, when you are stressed out because of work or your PMS might be giving you a bad mood. Let him know about this. Make sure that he gets bothered about it. It will be natural for him to be bothered if you are bothered about him too. This is one of the greatest ways to make a man commit to you.

A man, though independent finds the appreciation of his parents as they play a dynamic portion of his life decisions. If you have familiarized with them with your soft-hardheartedness and tended his anguishes delicately, you are that person he will compel to.

6. Be Driven About Your State Of Mind

How to Make Him Commit and Want You

Men believe that women don’t have a driven mind. Famous poets and writers have personified women’s state of mind being more than changing the ocean waves. That’s the general truth and you know that for yourself. You need to stand out from the crowd and make him see that you are different. For that, you need to be driven about your emotions. You cannot let your sentiments take over you when you are doing something. You primarily and must allow yourself to think rationally and then do what you want rather than do what your emotions are telling you to.

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7. Be Selective About When You Should Physically Commit To Him

Are you the type who doesn’t mind around having a little fun before marriage? Or do you consider love-making to be special and should only be pursued for after marriage?

Whatever question is applicable to you, you need to test your and his resolve. Many men want to get the bodily whim as quick as they can and then not oblige appositely to you. If he has that mindset, do you share it too? If you do then you should still think about your choice, if not then make sure he changes his choice to commit to you for it. You have the paramount ability to make him do as you covet because love making or a sensuous love is not everything that can save your relationship and make him commit and want you with him.

8. Let Him Wait While You Are Dating

To evoke a space in his heart, sometimes you can be a few minutes late on the date spot. Let him feel that you really mean special to him by making him wait. Trust me, it works. The time he gets in this period, invest the whole to think about you to feel with the moment you will be there in a very few moments and so on. This will make him love feeling that he really loves you and again will be a little anxious with you that why you are not coming yet. These types of combined feelings will make him feel about his love towards you and it is one of the best ways of the problems of how to make a man commit and want you.

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