How To Seduce A Man: 40 Flirty, Sexy and Naughty Ideas

No matter you dive and float in a new romantic relationship or two of you have enjoyed a several springs together. Love, appeal and sex these are evergreen to the couple. But, sometimes we are so sluggish with an empty brain that we hardly find any new way to make our men falling in love with us again. Who doesn’t want to hear, “I fall in love with you once more bunny”. Being a romantic girl, I always feel thirsty to hear these kinds of words from my boyfriend. Often I can easily distinguish the facts that I use and avail to go closer my man that my friends cannot. In spite of having a regular date and sex, I still love to seduce my man. Yes, I just Love to do that. How to seduce a man is not a mystery. It’s just the way you talk, the way you appeal the way you breathe in front of your man.

Find the coolest and sexiest ways to know how to seduce a man. Close your eyes and make a plan for your girls. Love is Love. Take it to the heaven with your boys and gallop the last drop of romance.

How To Seduce A Man

How To Seduce A Man: Use His Senses

1. Sight

Dr. Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology, Rochester in New York arranged a day to experiment which colors do attract men’s sight. 149 men participated in that day and they rated the pictures of women. There were pictures of women of equal beauty and attractiveness. The color women wore was red, green, blue, white and gray. Among the colors, red won out.

So, you must wear a dress of red to seduce your man’s sight because appearance comes first of anything to be granted.

2. Smell

Dr. Sharon Moalem, the author of How Sex Works said-

That scent has the power to trigger significant arousal and plays an often underappreciated role in the chemistry of attraction.”

So, leave any perfume or scent to make you artificially attractive. Take a fresh shower and lather up with lotion. This odor will seduce your man most than any other perfume.

3. Taste

Taste your man a box full of chocolates because the serotonins of the chocolates stimulate the brain with a feeling of love and sexiness.

4. Sound

Make a sound when you are with your man. This will seduce him a lot

5. Touch

Cuddle. Moalem also says that when the couple touches each other, a love hormone named oxytocin releases from the brain and signals for having a sweet memory. So, avail this sense to make your man seductive to you.
How To Seduce A Man: Step Out to Make Your Man Seductive

By doing very simple things you can seduce your man easily. Read the following flirty and naughty strategies to seduce your man.

6. Constant Eye Contact

Staring at and having a constant eye contact can make your guy seductive. Communicate using eye contact and body expression. It will let him know that you are now demanding something more than regular and make him seductive.

7. Let Him Relax

Let him time to relax. To get a sexually response from him, you must make a time for him to be relaxed. You can arrange a favorite dinner or offer him a cool massage or take a bubble bath together. It will seduce your man.

8. Bring Nostalgic Memories

Bring nostalgic memories to tender and relight the flare in your liaison. Get the dust out from your old album and curve in the past memories. This makes your man seductive to you.

9. Pomegranates

A simple glass of pomegranates makes your man’s craziness extreme to the power. It drives the sexiness to the peak.

How to Seduce a Man: Be flirty and Naughty

10. Ask The Secret Color

Let your man guess the color of your underwear. Beat him. Challenge for a lunch or dinner or movie. Treat him if he wins or you make a treat if you win. Thusly, you can make a bet with his one also. Flirty! Isn’t it?

11. Let Him Touch Your Bra Ribbon

Let the ribbon of your bra to peep a little bit. Drive your man to hold it up for a second and propel it time to time. It will definitely let your man be seductive.

12. Make Flirty Sound

Why not flirty sound? Make a flirty sound when you are together either on the way or in a park. Make a natural sound. It will let him know that you are enjoying the time with him.

If you are in bed, don’t forget to do that because the sound paves the way to behave in a more sexy and naughty.

13. Slant Your Breasts To touch Him

No man can be still if he gets the touch of their girls’ breast touch. Girls! Come on! It’s not your bedroom, I know. But, just make a touch when you are walking with him and move instantly. I can bet you, he will look at you and give a romantic smile.

14. Go For Colorful Night

Wear different, unique and colorful night dress that can arouse your guy’s mind. Wear contrastive underwear under the transparent nighty. Oh, girls! Don’t miss it if you are really thirsty to seduce your man.

15. Touch His Chest

Usually, boys touch girls’ breasts. But here you would do this trick. Go, be in his chest and play with his nipples. You don’t want to let this flirty trick go away. It’s a unique way to seduce a man, I swear!

16. Show Him the Curve of Your Breast

Yes, it is flirty. Let your man notice the initial, middle portion or the curve a little bit or ask him if they look sexier today. Sweet!

How To Seduce A Man: Step For Direct Approach

17. Start A Hot Fantasy

You can make a hot fantasy to fulfill your dream of how you can seduce a man. Look at your partner’s motives and nature and take a direct step then.

18. Sexted

Don’t forget to send a sexted to your man; even he sits on your side or lying to you. Invite him, sending a message with full of sex flavors. You can write, “ I am crazy to ——- your ——–.” It really works girls. Try it.

19. Hug Him

For a romantic and enjoyable sex, you must let him prepare for it. Directly go to him. Round her back with your arms and have a BIG hug. It must help to feel what is going on in your mind.

20. Say, You Want A Sex

Even go straighter. Once you’re in his arms and pressing your body tightly, you then want to dive beneath him. You feel that this is the high time. So you go, take your clothes off and announce that you want sex!

How To Seduce A Man: 20 Sexy Questions to Ask

If you want to have a fun with your boy and make him seductive, you can ask several sexy questions to make him extremely seductive. Read here:

  1. Do you enjoy talking flirty and naughty?
  2. Do you follow me out when I am in front of you?
  3. Do you think you are sexy?
  4. Do you think yourself a good kisser?
  5. Have you ever been naked in front of someone, even accidentally?
  6. Which color do you prefer for your undergarment?
  7. What’s the outfit you like most to wear by your girl?
  8. What is the outfit you would love to find me in?
  9. Which part of a girl’s body attracts your eyes first?
  10. Which part of a girl you want to touch first in bed?
  11. How do you like to seduce a girl?
  12. Do you like to buy the sexy and short dresses for your girl on your choice?
  13. What you want your girl to wear when you are on a beach?
  14. Which favorite fantasy does attract you most?
  15. Do you like to take any help from medicine to have a long sex?
  16. Do you like your girls will sexted her picture?
  17. Have you ever thought of having a phone sex?
  18. Will you agree with your girl if she wants it most?
  19. If I were with you tonight, what can you think to do then?
  20. Do you like to lift me?

Be the sex buddy to your man. Learn the ways to work out how to seduce a man and apply the strategies.

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