How to Stop Loving Someone Who Does Not Love You Back

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

We have gone through these lines many times and heard it previously. Don’t we? But, the extract of poem and the practical life is not same. There is a big gap between these two. Stopping love someone who does not love you back is one of the cruel facts in our lives. But, we need to be consistent with the world. We cannot stop for only someone else. The horrified experience needs to fall in oblivion and to do that you just need to adopt some ways and strategies to make it real to stop loving someone who does not love you back.

How to Stop Loving Someone

Love Yourself to Stop Someone Loving

1. Make Your Mind Up

To be succeeding in stopping loving someone, first of all you need to make your mind up. Set your mind that you are not going to lose a single second thinking of him/her.

Suggestion: Go to your room. Put off the light. Sit like in yoga style. Take a long breath. Visualize the fact you learn from your guy/girl that makes you to take this decision. Then, come to your part. Think:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you running after him/her?
  • What does s/he do for you?
  • How many times has s/he disappointed you?

Find the answers to these questions. Now, solve the equation if still you should run after that cruel person who does not even recognize you in his or her life. Thus, make your mind permanently that you want to forget that person and stop loving forever.

2. Love Yourself

Many seconds and hours you have hampered from your life pendulum only thinking of you. So, enough is enough now. Stop loving others. Love but not others. This time do it for yourself. Love yourself. Do the slightest thing for you. YES, I mean, only for you.

3. Hang Out With the Old Stuff

Once you had cut all your relationship with the old friends. It may be the result of s/he did not like or you were so busy with the cruel name that you had hardly any time to arrange any time for your friends. This is the high time you should go to them. Go and dive into ‘Masti’. Hang out with the old stuffs so you can easily skip the bitter part from your life.

4. Get a New Look

Yes, You Can. Many times you just had stood in front of your mirrors thinking that s/he would come and complement your beauty. Just forget. Live for yourself. Get a new look whatever you want. This may seem little turn but it works as the building blocks in your mental transformation. Change your hairstyle. Arrange your wardrobe. Hug your freedom as you want.

5. Attend on Girl’s Night Out

Go, attend and enjoy the night out party with your girlfriends who once accompanied you in your failure of exam or a bruised knee. They may not come to you. Take your initiative. Go and join them. Get together at a club or a place where the singles only go out. Do those ASAP buddy!

Update Your Daily Routine

6. Change Your Routine

Once you had a big portion in your life for the guy you loved. At lunch break or after office or before going on the bed you were used to make a call or text or stalk him/her on Facebook or so. Now the time is different. You no more want to make you an idol of negligence. So, you must change your previous routine you are going through so far. Find your passion or interest in. You had no enough time to join in yoga because you had a routine for going out. Now, you are free. Join any yoga club or book club or social work. Thus, change your routine wherever you can. Try this one. It works.

7. Delete All Contacts

Sometimes it happens that you just want to peep through the ‘so-called’ sweet memories in your life. Now, you don’t have such, but you roam around your mobile inbox or on Facebook photo gallery. Stop stalking anymore. Delete all contacts either from mobile, IM or any social area. Live in a place with no chance to find his or her shade of. Start your communication areas newly.

8. Avoid the Point ‘Just Friend’

Don’t make a response when s/he asks you to be in just friend, and nothing else. After all, you are a human being with an endless emotion and feelings. I strongly suggest you to apply the ‘cold turkey method’. Don’t make the situation worst. Proof your self-respect and let the guy know that you are not ready anymore to lose any time for anything else.

Start a Healing Process to Stop Loving Someone

9. Disconnect All Memory Triggers

You had once a fright with getting on a bus or cutting an apple into pie and so on. Take the old memories with the guy . Don’t get back. Don’t search for your memory here and there. Disconnect all your memories and stories from the guy.

10. Shift Your Mind

Some songs or events or lines in a radio or a TV or anything can trigger you to him/her. Instantly switch off the instrument. Shift your mind quickly toward anything else. ‘Oh, what am I going to have for lunch or dinner?’ or ‘when am I going to play my guitar? – ask these types of questions to yourself. Step and go ahead with the heal process.

11. Share with One You Trust

If you find your heart overflows with grief and sorrows, meet and share the thing with one who you trust more. This person may from your own family, friend circle or even any therapist. Just not let the hidden grief welcome again in your life.

12. Conciliation with Pen-Papers

Keep a journal. Record your feelings and unspoken words here. Keep it with you. Go back again and again. This will help your obsessed mind to heal gradually.

13. Regular Exercise

Both mental and physical problems can be cured by a regular and sound exercise. Spend some time in refreshing you. It will support you stop loving someone who does not love you back.

14. Contact Psychotherapy

The Statistics Canada suggests that if someone has a pervasive mind or sadness, fatigue, sleeplessness and suffers from insomnia, medical problems, concentration break up or any negative feelings, must contact a psychotherapy for the heal. Similarly, if you feel need, go and frankly share each and everything. It’s scientific and don’t just wait for anything else.

How to Stop Loving Someone: When You Know You Are in Move On

Moving on to new from the old experience can be a sign that you are moving on to a positive side of stopping love someone who you still like. However, the below signs can be focused on that more:

  • You laugh frequently
  • You are having fun unintentionally
  • You are no more jealous of finding a romantic couple around you
  • You are habituated with the new life routine
  • You are participating to the new game or friends
  • You are no more disappointed to any sudden past memory.

Nothing is beyond your power. Once you loved the cruel guy because you wanted to. Today, you want to stop loving someone who does not love you back. That’s all. Just believe, ‘Yes, I Can’ and do the above. Everything will be smooth.

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