16 Insanely Romantic Ways To Touch A Girl

Let’s start with some touchy lines from the famous song of How to Touch a Girl. Do you know how to touch a girl?

Do you know how to touch a girl?
If you want me so much, first, I have to know
Are you thoughtful and kind?
Do you care what’s on my mind?
Or am I just for show?

You can listen to this song on YouTube.

So, before you make a plan to touch a girl, think the above that if you are ready, respectful, thoughtful and kind to her. However, going closer a girl, in fact, is chemistry. It is true that every woman has a very unique set of erogenous zones and touching stimuli thus responses differently. “When you touch her in places you normally brush over, she’ll feel more wanted,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., author of The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking. “This turns her on and also strengthens your bond.”

However, it is not so easy to reckon where and how you should touch your lady. So, we are here with the foolproof and complete guide on how to touch a girl minutely.

How To Touch A Girl

How To Touch A Girl On A Date: Overcoming The Touch Barrier

1. An Eagerness Is The First Step To Go Ahead To Touch A Girl

Make a romantic environment. Let her also feel the exception of the date ahead before you touch a girl.

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2. Scrutinize Her Movements

You best know her, her feelings, expression and emotion. Be a smooth guy. Wait to find her response. Be smart. Take action as she does. Examine carefully:

  • Is she standing deliberately closer to you?
  • Is she gazing at you frequently?
  • Does he smile or laugh looking at you?
  • Does she move a little and then again come to you?

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Watch and examine her personality. Look, even she is shy but still she wants to touch you her. Take a minute and then see what happens.

3. Make Her Feel Warm And Lovely

Touch her discretely.

“You’re so close to her playground but still far away, which will drive her up the wall”

says Fulbright. Use your finger to tease her. Move your legs or thighs. Quickly pull away when they just slightly touch her. This will make her nerves exited.

4. Start With A Small And Casual Touch.

  • Do you notice any jump back on her?
  • Is she gazing at you frequently?
  • Does she look happy with shyness?

If you find the above, you mean that she is willing to break the touch barrier. You get that you have the right time to go closer and touch her with love, care and sincerity.

How To Touch A Girl: Gentlemanly Touch

How To Touch A Girl-Gentlemanly Touch

5. Proof you as a gentleman to your girl and it is the best way to make her touchy and feely. Offer your hand first. Prioritize her following ladies-first trick. Gentlemanly step to touch a girl.

6. Help Her Jacket Out

Knuckle your fingers gently. Help her to put on or put off her jackets. Touch your hair Make her feel the gentle brush up your touch.

How To Touch A Girl: Finding Excuses

7. Brush Her Hair

Gently brush her hair or anything from her face off. Be careful that you are not putting any pressure on her face, especially when she is in make-up. Most importantly, be sure that she feels comfortable with touching her hair or anything. Otherwise, things may go wrong.

8. Complement Her Jewelry

Inspect her closely. Find if anything new in her. Girls always like complement. Complement her nose ring or earrings or bangles. Take her jewelry on your palm. Look at it with curiosity. Say, “Wow! This suits you most’ or ‘You look cute in it’ types complement. Hold the jewelry, complement and move your hand quickly. Don’t be creepy.

9. Warmly Hold Her

If it is winter or cold, you can offer your coat to her. Hold and softly massage her hand. Wrap her with warmth. Notice if she feels comfort of it. If you dare enough, bring her hands and touch them on your face.

10. Keep Your Hands on Her Back

Let your hands on her back. Lightly put your arm and hand to hold her up. Bring her a little closer. Make your belly touch her softly. Do it once and move.

How to touch a girl-Find Excuses

How To Touch A Girl: When You Are Out Of Restaurant

11. Walking Together

Walking together can be one of the best ways to touch a girl. While you are walking together, hold your hands. Let your arms hold her elbow and touch them with your chest. It will make her feel touchy and lovely. It’s a great romance to touch a girl.

12. Make Her Head On Your Shoulder

“When I walk with my boy, I prefer than anything else to put my head on her shoulder”. Similarly, most girls like that. They want their boys will tell them to keep the head on his shoulder.

13. Select A Serene Place

After a romantic walk together, find a lonely place to sit on. Sit side by side not face to face. Go closer at her.

How To Touch A Girl: Make The Ice Be Melted

14. Dance

You can offer her to dance with you. There are many types of dance that can bring you closer at her. Salsa, Tango or Swing can be the best to know how to touch a girl.

15. Skating or Skiing

Go for skating or skiing to be closer to your girl. Here you can hold her hands to save her from falling out or in a cold environment, you can hug her softly.

16. Arrange For A Game

You can arrange a table tennis or like to touch her. Play enthusiastically. Make a hi-fi after a really good shot. Hold her back and say ‘great shot’. This will allow you to touch her more naturally. But, be careful that you are not touching her after you sweat horribly.

How To Touch A Girl On A Date: Know the Dos and Don’ts

17. Avoid yourself from touching her without any reason. It will make her angry and let her think negatively.

18. Hold but not massage. The massage will make your girl that you are intentionally doing this to have a touch with her.

19. Be careful of the sexual areas like breasts and the lower part of the body. Even when you are dancing, be sure that your hands are not slipping at her lower part of the body. You can only do this when you are sexually romantic with her.

20. Don’t make your attention on only the thinking of how to touch a girl. You just wait and it will naturally come. Otherwise, the things will go negative.

You are now kind of an expert on how to touch a girl with love and attention, aren’t you? So, be a gentleman and act smartly when you touch your girl. Good Luck.

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