12 Insights into What Men Want and Need in a Woman

Naturally women feel the urgency and curiosity to know what men want and need in a woman. You may call it as an instinct desire of average women. They die to know what men want, like and need in a woman may be for the mere curiosity or they want to bring a transform in them to attract their desired man. However, here are 12 insights into what men want and need in a woman. So women, guide your eyes below to read the 12 insights into what men want and need in a woman and get prepared accordingly.

Things That Men Want In A Woman

1. A Confident Woman

Men always like a woman who is self-confident and independent. Men even prefer this quality more than how a woman is dressed up, how she looks like what is her other qualification. Nothing is comparable to women’s self-confidence to a man. Apparently, you may seem that men only look after the women’s beauty. But, it is true that when it is a time to select a mate, men always prefer the woman having with self-confidence.

2. A Self-dependent Woman

The recent research conducted by Huffington Post shows that men now want a talent and mental beauties in a woman than anything else. In the busy world, every woman must have the ability to be a self-dependent, so she can take care of herself.

Also a German study finds that among 2,000 people, 76% disagree to accept a woman as a partner who does not have any work or job and 45% men said that they prefer a woman with a stable and high income.

12 Insights into What Men Want and Need in a Woman

3. Mind Games

Men are generally less mysterious than women and that’s why they like to avoid women who has 0 (zero) mind games. Men are so clever that they can easily get the reason of women’s mind game. My sister’s husband once said ‘When a man loves a woman, he means it and never want to lose her.’ So, naturally men prefer a girl with less complication and mind game.

4. Loyalty

Loyalty attracts a man most to that they want and find in a woman. Because of the nature and masculinity, men’s instincts like the quality. Loyalty means a woman would love only her boyfriend when both of them are in a relationship would not cheat anyway to her boyfriend. That means the trust. A crystal trust can only save a relationship than anything else.

5. Drive His Ego

Men always like a woman who is supportive and stays beside him. They expect that when they are in stress and other tension, women will come, have their hands on the man’s shoulder and motivate him by stroking his ego and manliness. Thus, men always like such women. It makes a man realize how his woman is passionate about him, how she thinks about him and ready to stay beside him in any well and woe. Definitely, it brings a mental refreshment and courage to the man thinking that he has to get someone in the rainy season.

6. A Kind Hearten

Girls, you must be kind to achieve a man and his heart. It is one of the important insights what men want and need in a woman. No man like a girl with a she-devil motive and mind. And, ultimately, it is the thing that will come out naturally and won’t be hidden anyway.

7. A Healthy Body

Women’s beauty hugely lies in a sound and healthy body. Maintain a regular diet and eat healthy. It will make your man feeling happy and relax. Trust me; men prioritize it with a great importance. Ultimately, who want to date a woman who has an over sized figure and looks like a giant with him! So, women can take a little care on her healthy hair, eye, skin and overall things.

8. An Intelligent Woman

If you want to have your man for a long time, you must have an intelligent mind. In fact, man likes a woman with a fruitful brain.

9. Clear Communication

A free and clear communication always attracts a man towards a woman. It is also another insight what man want and need in a woman. Men always like a woman who is outspoken and can deliver her feelings and emotions easily, frankly and communicative.

10. Personality

A strong and firm personality drives find what man wants and need in a woman. Men believe that such women can bring happiness and reliability for them. There are many good habits for man that can boost self image and as well as woman. Women can learn and practice in their life. This will make a woman courageous and confident.

11. Romantic and Adorable

Being in a relationship must require some pre-requisition what a man want and need in a woman also. No human being falls in love suddenly. There are some cases behind that. Therefore, men generally like a woman who is romantic enough and adorable to love. Ultimately, when we are talking about man’s likes and desires of a woman, it means the pre-requisitions that a man is searching for to fall and being in love someone.



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12. Sociable and Friendly

Another most important thing that men like in a woman is her sociability and friendliness. Every man wants her girl will go out to any official or social party and accompany him with jolliness.

So, women get ready to foster the qualities in you what a men want and need in a girl. The proper care and nurture of these can make you especial and different from other girls in the gathering. Moreover, these qualities will guide to have a unique image wherever you are with whoever you are.

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