Love Proposal: Boy or Girl- Who Should Go First?

Love is an instinct feeling. No one can guess when you dive into this feeling other than you.  So, you know better the ripe time of making love proposal.  There is an ongoing dispute with the issue like who should go first for love proposal.  Everyone has his or her own logics and arguments. Let’s see who should, in fact, go first for love proposal.

Steve Paska once conducted a survey in America to find out why the women don’t propose their men. A mixed but interesting response was found in the study.

For example, half of single American women think that they hope to propose their men.

Adding to, ¾ of Americans think women proposing as ‘fine and sound’ in theory.

Women can propose their men and there is nothing wrong with that- believes the Rev. Joel Stafford of Patton, Missouri.

But, what happens in real? In reality, it is found that only 5% of married women did propose their partners. [1]

This is what a survey says about. Now, let’s see why a girl should propose a girl.

12 Reasons Why Girls Should Propose First

Why girls should propose first

1. To Take a Stand

The first and foremost reason why a girl should go for love proposal first is to take a stand. I mean, why do you wait for someone else to take the stand? Make a place for you. Let the guy feel that you are courageous enough to take a challenge for him.

2. To Mirror Your Feelings

Your feeling is your own. You know better when you should express them. Keep calm. Listen to your heart. If it says to go then you should go for the proposal. You need not to wait for someone else. It will make you outspoken to your feelings and emotion.

3. To Prioritize Yourself

Don’t let other to grab your opportunity. Be the first girl in your guy’s life. Take and grab the opportunity. Go ahead and propose him. Remember, you have to crown the place first. It is always better to take accompany the guy you want rather than accompany who wants to be with you.

4.  To Trend New

It is not to flatter you. It is rather to put the belief in your hand. Make a new path. Let the women and therefore the society walks on your path. Break down the tradition of men proposing. Respect your heart, feelings and emotions. Make a lovely proposal to guy you are in love with.

5. To Make Your Guy Feel Special

You can easily make your guy burst out of surprise only by proposing him. He will definitely will love and feel special if you propose to him. Let him know that you are ready to break all the constraints to make him happy and special. Let your guy be flattered by you, why not?

6. Because You Are Better Here

People blame you as the best actor, as the best traitor. Show them the right hand. Show them the best of your best. You are the best to express your love than a guy. Take the chance. Be the best actor while proposing. Be the best lover to your guy.

7. To Change The Mindset Of The Opposite Sex

Male think they have only the right to propose a girl. They think girls are not suitable for that. They humiliate a girl’s rights and feelings. So be the part who wants to visualize the actual thing. Go. Propose. Show them that women have the same courage and rights to propose a guy equally.

8. To Keep The Hesitation Aside

Not only the male, but also the girls equally hesitate in love proposal. “Should I go?” It is the common question pops into mind. It is the result of the confusion. It is the result of the shyness and sometimes egotism. So, let all the confusion, shyness and hesitation go aside. Make your mind and go for your first love proposal to your beloved guy.

9. To Scrutinize Your Guy’s Mentality

Here is a great chance to scrutinize your guy’s mentality. The mentality can be of the equality between a man and woman. It can also be your dignity in the relationship. It even can be of his encouragement towards your coming future. If your guy responses positively, you can think about him further. If he does not, turn back and let him go as he wishes.

10. To Show How Serious You Are

Relationship is very fragile in the present material world. Your proposal can make your guy believe that both of you are going to have a stable and sweet relationship. Making a proposal from your side will ensure your guy about your seriousness to knot the marriage together.

11. To Plan Your Future

Who cares? Who does care about your future? Why not you take the grand decision in your life? Think. Plan. Go and propose. Because it is your life who knows how to adorn it better.

12. To Reflect Your Ideology

You are modern enough. You do not believe the traditional beliefs. You are open-minded. You want equality born as a girl. If you are so, you should reflect this on your activities. Your love proposal can proof that you believe what that you do.

Now, let’s see why a guy should go first with his love proposal.

8 Reasons Why Guys Should Propose First

Boy is proposing first

“In vain have I struggled? It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”.

The extract is the love proposal made by Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth in a famous romantic book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.

Over the years, it is the man who steps first to propose for love. So, why do men do this?

Here are 8 most common reasons why a man should go first for love proposal.

1.  Because It’s a Tradition

The first and foremost reason is that you should not break the tradition or the custom of proposing. It has been happening that a man goes first to make the love proposal. So, why don’t you?

2. To Be Proactive

Men are the head or leader of the family, as it is seen. Also, they are thought to be the decision maker. So, it is expected that they will go ahead in any planning and decision. As proposing is one of the very important issues, it needs a man’s headship.

3. To Be a Man

Many people believe that man must go first for the love proposal. Otherwise, they think it as an action of a coward. After all, you are a man, right? So, go and proof this in action.

4. To Make a Girl Feel Love

Women always expect that their men will come and propose them. Women love it and feel special here. They dream a romantic love proposal from their men. It is a great memory for the women. So, why will you deprive her of this? Go and fulfill your girl’s dream.

5. To Take the Opportunity

Sometimes it happens that women are so shy that they don’t want to come forward to propose. But she is ready in mind to accept the proposal. So, why don’t you take the chance and opportunity? Don’t waste time. Go, propose and enjoy the golden time together.

6. To Maintain Women’s Dignity

In some culture, women’s proposal is regarded as the most heinous and shameless job. They believe it loses their dignity. So, they don’t want to let it happen. For example, in Nigeria culture love proposal by women is prohibited as it destroys women’s dignity. So, men have to steer the love proposal.

7. To Establishment

Generally, women are of kind soft hearted and emotional. They often cannot show mastery over these. The same may happen in love proposal. They might suddenly propose their guy when the guys are not prepared. Guys generally want to be stable with career and dignity. They want to make an establishment in life first and then have a family.

8. To Make Her Reliable

Make your girl understand that you are here always beside her. It is your responsibility to establish an effective communication between you and her. Start the communication with a good, lovely and romantic love proposal.

So, What Do We Think- Who Should Go First for Lover Proposal?

We have conducted a short survey on Facebook to find out what is really happening in the real world. We had 5 basic questions of which two of them were:

Who did propose in your relationship?

If it was not you, why did not you make the proposal?

A decent number of people participated in the survey. Among them, 63% people said that it was the guy who made the first love proposal. As the reasons the participants’ opinions were like:

Man Woman
I wanted to let her know that I loved her I was not ready
I knew, she would not propose anymore I felt shy and nervous
No reason. I knew I had to I waited for him to propose
To grab her ASAP in my love I afraid, if he underestimates me


Considering the facts, real life scenario, study, research and survey, I think that- the guys should go first with a love proposal to their girls they love.

By the time, you have enough reasons at hand to decide whether you will go or not. But, think yourself. Understand your heart. Value your emotions and feelings. These will lead you what you actually should do.

However, for a better understating, we are proving here some ‘think-rat’ that will help you out to find the solution.

Think- Rat

Think about the following questions below. Find and write the answer on a paper.

  1. Am I jealous finding him/her with any other guy or girl? Yes/No
  2. Do I miss her/his presence in me? Yes/No
  3. Do I want to get him/her in my life? Yes/No
  4. Do I feel better with her/him? Yes/No
  5. Do I care about my heart? Yes/ No

Now, count the answer; how many ‘Yes’ and how many ‘No’. If the number of ‘yes’ is more than the number of ‘no’, it means that you are in love with him or her. So, take the stance. Steer your heart to have a better, happy and lovely life. Just go and propose your girl/ guy.

Best of Luck for Your Love Proposal.

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