16 Amazing Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Happy Everyday

As a girl, I love my boyfriend to do wonderful and amazing things daily to make me smiley and feel happy. And I am fortunate that my boyfriend always loves to do that. Many boyfriend does not get the value of doing some different but special things for their girlfriend. But, this can spice up any couple’s happy relationship making it flooded with happiness. This article is for those boys who want to do some special things everyday for their girlfriend but roam in thinking what they should do. So, if you want your girlfriend feel special and loved use the following strategies on how to make your girlfriend feel happy everyday.

That You Need to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Happy Everyday

Making your girlfriend feel happy is not any difficult task. The thing that you need most is your cheerfulness and jolly mind. And,oh! A loving mind. You have all these, right? Yes, you have because you got one lovely girlfriend. If you have all these then jump into the read of how you can make your girl feel special.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Happy Everyday

Its not about wining the game of love but to do whatever you feel from your inner heart. I can assure once you start doing these, your girlfriend will be pampered and pleased and you will get a strong relationship.

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16 Amazing Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Happy Everyday

16 Amazing Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Happy Everyday


1. Bring Her Surprise with Gifts

The trivial the event is the more the possibility of making her surprised with gifts. Its common that you will give her gifts on her birthday or on your marriage anniversary. But what about if you bring some gifts to just celebrate the day you commit to her? Does not it feel awesome? Yes, I know. Do it and see.

2. Make Her Special to Her Friends

Yes dude, every girl likes to be special with her loved one in front of the friends and family. Be a good catch finding what she needs and when and fulfill the needs on time and mostly when she is with her friends. But don’t act like a girly. This special care will make her friends envy toward her and you just will be amazed how much love she pours on you.

3. Take Her To Her Family and Enjoy

It is hardly possible to find a girl who is not addicted to enjoy time with her family. You can take that advantage to make her feel happy everyday or sometimes by doing this.

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4. Concentrate on Her When She Is With You

Oh! Twit? Facebook status or whats app? Forget all these. Put all your concentration on her while she is with you. Always be careful if you are avoiding her. Be careful that nothing distracts you and diverts your concentration to something else.

5. Compliment! Compliment

It’s an instinct that women like compliment especially from the people they love for. So, you can do that also. Compliment her when you get chance. Either in jeans or in T-shirt or in something else, compliment her anyways.

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6. Listen to Her Carefully

Oh, my favorite one. You just cannot imagine how desperately I become a talkative while I am with my boyfriend. Ophs! He likes it that boosts me more. You can do the same also. When she talks, even it is nonsense, listens to her. Oh God! You avoid her? Don’t repeat the same. Being a girl, I know how these girls are like. So, be in a safe zone and make your girlfriend feel happy everyday. It is simple, right?

7. Lend Your Hands Also

Always ask her if she needs your help. It either can be while she washes dishes or make the bed clean or everything. Be naughty somewhat sometimes. Ask if she needs your help even in changing! WoW! Nice plan, indeed!

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8. Compromise

Give up sometimes even it is your most favorite one. What it would be if you cannot watch today’s news or something else. Make your girlfriend happy everyday by compromising these little things. Will it cost much? Think and decide. Which one is more valuable to you? Her happiness or watching some unknown faced at TV.

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9. Cuddle Up Now and Then

Is there really a time for making love? Ok, at least for having a hug? Nope. There is not. Give her a warm hug every now and then. Don’t forget to tell her that you love her. Make your relationship health and worth keeping by doing these things.

10. Be a Little Crazy in Public

Do you know what I Do with my boyfriend even in public? We just walk together and suddenly I stop him. Stand opposite to him. Come closer and give him a hug. My boyfriend loves this desperately.

So, what about if you guys do the same with your romantic girlfriend? Yes, do some crazy things in public even. Oh, be careful so it does not turn into a gaudy. Do all these things very quickly.

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11. Make Her Laugh

Utilize your good sense of humor to make your girlfriend feel happy everyday. Cut some jokes or play funny games with her. That will make her happy and cheerful.

12. Make Her Feel Secured

Romantic relationship makes the couple happy and cheerful. To make your girlfriend feel happy you can try to make her feel secured with you. Behave like a fence around her always in whatever the situation is.

13. Good Communication

Always try to build a good communication with her. Never just make hurry and conclude the discussion. Be a good communicator and learns what she wants to share with you. Act according to the behave and make the relationship better.

14. Promise and Keep That

Make a promise to her and keep it. Try to take some adventure of giving her promise. She will definitely be happy finding you that you are trying your best to keep the promise you gave her. It is one of the easiest ways to make her feel happy with you.

15. Insanely Lover Her

The insane love toward her will make her feel how much you love her and what you meant to him. The girl that wants madly from you is the love. So give it unconditionally if you really want to make her happy and full.

16. Apologize

Learn how to apologize and say sorry to her if you make any mistake. Remember, it ‘s not the winy game. It ‘s love. Be submissive if you want to get the fullest of it

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