31 New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Relationship

Are you holding of a relationship for a long time? Are you now suffocating you with your long-time relationship? If it is, give a shake to the plans you have for the upcoming year and make some new resolutions to grab the last thread of that knot for turning it alive again. So, dear, why not follow these 31 New Year’s resolution for a healthy relationship with your loved ones.

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Relationship

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Relationship

1. Pay Attention

If you are looking for the key, don’t look away instead of paying attention. You don’t know if your partner is looking for you to notice or that person is just looking for a mere glance. Promise to yourself that you will pay attention to your hubby/wife in this New Year.

2. Give More of Your Time

Time can improve even can heal. A little more of your time can make all the differences. You can be busy for rest of your life but today will never come again. Maybe it is your time he/she needs, not your excuses. So, prepare to give more of your time in the New Year.

3. Appreciate

Any bond needs your opinion. So stop criticizing and praise to evolve over. Say that he/she is more soulful than you met them. You never know for it that can turn things towards you.

4. Show That You Care

Haven’t say it for days or maybe weeks or else for years? Say it now!! Most importantly say that you “love”.

5. Be Graceful about Shortcomings

A correct attitude will earn you more points. Do not act harsh rather be graceful to explain your any shortcoming. It will make your partner feel you more and love more in return.

6. Wounds Over Wisdom

“Turn your words into wisdom”- says Oprah Winfrey. You cannot bug your man forever for the one mistake he did. Scratching the wound will not earn you anything more than bitterness. Make a better decision and choose wisdom.

7. Change Thyself, Not The Other person

Give glance to the mirror and ask yourself, “am I so innocent?” No! You are not. So change and change your own not the other one. It’s not right to tell her that he/she is always wrong. Accept it! List this in your 31 New Year resolution that can make your relationship better ever.

8. Accept the Changes

Nothing’s certain. Accept the changes in your life. Try to cope up with the changes instead of reacting badly to it. So, filter out what your partner likes in you.

9. Forgive and Forget Odd Pasts

You must keep this in your New Year resolution. You know what that angry people can never win. Forgiving others for their misdoings is a great way to be happy in life. Besides, shedding of the odd pasts from your memory gives you peace and removes the clutters of your mind. So, forgive and forget.

10. Goodness over Good Look

A million times she is trying but she is unable to shred her stretch marks, on the other hand, he is fighting with dark circles for he has to work till late night. We all have our backdrops. Remember, beauty always does not demand praise.

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Relationship

11. Resolve Financial Issues

We all face shortcomings at some point in life. Just explain your situation. She won’t deny her role.

12. Make Disagreements Constructive

Learn from your mistakes and make her learn too. You will always have disagreements but make it constructive for better understanding.

13. Don’t Give Up

“Failure” they say to those who give up on the way. It will be difficult to follow everything but don’t just stop. Try! Try! Try!

14. Be Wild

I’m serious! Love is in nature mad and thus you can get the last drop of it when you turn yourself as a wild.

15. Change a habit

She is fed up of you smoking or he doesn’t like your hovering. Change it! Changing a habit will shape your personality too.

16. Explore the memories

It was when you first saw her or when he proposed or the pain she bore at the time of her delivery, just a refreshment of those memories together over a glass of wine. You will be nostalgic.

17. Sex It Up

Don’t forget that your physical happiness and thus you partner’s one is in the peak of all. So, have sex as frequently as possible. Eat healthy to stay sexually fit no matter you are in your 40s!

18. Feel Good about yourself

Be confident and feel good. You are beautiful! Stop everything that tells you that you are not good enough. You are perfect for her!

19. Say Thanks

We often ignore the simple things over our busy life. Show your gratitude and say how thankful you are.

20. Take a Walk

Match your feet to match your need. A walk for half an hour is also very good for your health.

21. Share

It’s very normal having some fights between you. All these relationship complications happen to all. So, you have to share your emotions with your partner. Don’t ever drift and be apart. Share your thoughts as well as your problems.

22. Take the Long Awaited Vacation

Don’t delay it any more, take the holidays that you have been planning for years now. You will never have these fine days ever again in your lifetime.

23. Be Helpful

Cooperate! Give a helping hand for he/she becomes so tired doing things all day long.

24. Eat, Drink and Sleep healthy

A sound mind resides on a sound body!

25. Flirt

Flirting can be serious fun and when it’s your partner you are flirting with. This can rejuvenate all the past memories and bring those blushing cheeks.

26. Cuddle Often

Studies show that cuddling enhances emotion.

27. Bring Variety

Take up some new hobbies or do things you haven’t done yet but obviously with you partner.

28. Write to Each Other

Text to say hi! You can try taking up old days trick and write a letter. Believe it or not, he/she will enjoy.

29. Surprise

Even a flower can bring smile. Gift something made by you for it will have more important and surprise.

30. Meet a Counselor

If you are this close to mess things for ever, counsel! This is the borderline situation you are having. Do not delay a consult some relationship specialist.

31. Be Willing to be Willing

It is important to be willing to turn all the adversities into positive. Take this to keep in your New Year resolution that can gift you a healthy relationship

Life is too short to live unhappy. You know, you have already lived halves of your lives. So, you must promise yourself to have and maintain a healthy relationship in this New Year resolution. To be successful in your new year’s resolutions, learn these simple steps.

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