Touch-and-Go Tips to Overcome Fear of Approaching Women

“You are outside and you see a pretty girl approach you. You look eyes with her. She smiles a bit. Your heart begins pumping and you feel the urge to talk to her. She looks expectantly at you, but you freeze. Your limbs become locked in place and you feel your throat closing up. She walks away and you never see her again.

Has this happened to you? This is quite a common situation that many young (and older) men face at. For a lot of people it is quite common to become a bundle of nerves when approaching a woman and engaging her in conversation. So, the tips to overcome fear of approaching women become more prominent and crucial points now-a-days. Read the guideline of how to overcome fear of approaching women in a more congenial and safely way.

Why People Fear Approaching Others

Fear of approaching others is very common to us. Even the richest and most beautiful people in the world have deep insecurities about themselves.  There may work different things behind it.

The most important component is that we all have a fear of rejection within us. Nobody likes to get rejected, whether it is for a job or a date or for something else. For many people, the safest course not to get rejected is to never try to approach others at all.

The people who have the strongest fear of approaching others also suffer from thinking that there is something innately wrong with them. We may think of ourselves as too fat, too thin, too poor, too short and etc. We are so much worry about our appearances and so on. So, my suggestion is when it comes to approaching other people, to overcome this, we must accept ourselves for what we are. This is a belief that, for the most part, is over exaggerated.

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Touch-and-go tips that will help you overcome your fear of approaching women.

1. Practice

Talk to all women – not just the girls you want to go out with. There are many men who do not have that much experience talking with women. That is okay. If you are having trouble talking to women, maybe it is because you are nervous. So, what you should do is to converse with all kinds of women, not just the ones you find attractive. Eventually, you will become more and more comfortable with the women you meet and next time, you meet an attractive girl you won’t feel so nervous.

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2. Don’t Blame Yourself

When we see a pretty girl and think of approaching her, we sometimes think that we aren’t good at stand before her. We are over jumpy with our nervous-evoking cells that prevent us from approaching women. People are often found to say, I am too fat. Or I am not good enough for her because I am too skinny and a hundred or millions things. I must urge you people ‘Rise up against the internal resistance within us and approach her anyway’. Remember the only sure way to fail is to never try at all.

3. Be Confident Focusing on Your Strength

People have a tendency to fixate about the negative aspects of themselves. But, we must also remember that we all have many unique talents and strengths within us as well. Let us say that you are smart, funny but fat. It is better to focus on your strengths than your weaknesses. After all, women are people too. It is far more likely she will be interested in you for your humor and smartness than reject you for your weight. Be a gentleman to a lady with your talents sand confidence.

If you internalize these aspects that you are good at then you will not be as afraid to approach women.

4. Don’t Put Women On A Pedestal

When you see a pretty girl approaching you, don’t think that she is better than you. She is not doing you a favor by talking with you man! She is not another person from any other world or not even an alien. So, what’s the purpose of unnatural compliment to make her happy or flattered? Be a man! Approach her as she is a human being like you. Everything will be perfect.

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5. Don’t Take Rejection Personally

If you approach a girl and she rejects you, the chances are that it is more because of who she is and not because of you. She might be snobby, she might not be single, or she even might be scared to talk to other people herself. She might not be attracted to you as well and that is okay. If she is not attracted to you, move on. Don’t bother about of fear of approaching women. After all, there is no such thing on earth that everybody likes. And just because you are not one person’s type doesn’t mean you aren’t anyone’s type. However, to overcome fear of approaching women, you must take some pre-steps to dig out what women like and what they don’t in men. These will definitely help you out.

Touch-and-Go Tips to Overcome Fear of Approaching Women

6. Finally Become More Approachable

Some cool strategies can make you feel more approachable to others. This can be either words or physical or both. Knowing the best questions to ask a girl can be your supportive weapon here. Make sure your hair is not too scruffy and you smell nice. Make sure your clothes are clean and proper without any holes or tears and brush your teeth. Your appearance will improve your confidence and your confidence will make you more fearless.

Overcoming the fear of approaching women is nothing but your confidence and courage. You will find how easy it is to approach a girl and even win her.

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