16 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Romantic Love Today

Don’t ask why do people fall in love, rather ask- why people should fall in love? There are plenty of reasons- WHY we should fall in love.

You possibly can remember that Harland Howard’s heartthrob song titled by “I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVE TODAY” stormed in 1960. Is it too late? Ok, you know Noam Chomsky, the greatest Linguistics, professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology? Recently, in one Big Think show (2010) he told that “Life’s empty without it”. Buddy, don’t mess up ‘it’ with anything other than ‘Love’.

No matter what you are? Whether you are in broke up or novice, you need to filter out the reasons why you should fall in romantic love just today. Oh! You want to take the time today to read this write-up? Ok, then tomorrow!

Here are 16 reasons why we should fall in romantic love today.

Fall in a romantic love today

Social Reasons To Fall In Love

1. Survival Is The Fittest

Even in the human evolutionary era, human beings fell in love with each other. They wanted to stand by together to keep them protected from the wild animals and adverse nature. Thus, they fell in love to make them survive in the society. Similarly, in the present busy world, you need a support of someone. Fall in love today; you will be in support tomorrow.

2. Family Atmosphere

A happy family is a dream to all of us. We find many such around us. In fact, a happy and organized society and therefore a family encourage us to be attached in a romantic relationship. It will make the socitt y more beautiful. Fall in romantic love today and be the first among your circle to make the society more beautiful.

Fall In Love For Psychological Support

People can support you financially or verbally. But everyone cannot support you psychologically. Only a particular people in the world can do that. For this, you need a person who will always there for you.

3. Guide

Your beloved works as your guide. Believe Him/Her. Go for any suggestion. You will find things are easier now. My guy always works as a guide for me. He knows what is good and what is not. Thus, I feel relaxed thinking that there is someone who will guide me rightly.

4. Mental Peace

Anxiety, disappointment and misfortune.

Once I had a phobia of these words. But, don’t. I know life is full of these. I just go to my boyfriend’s chest. He grips me warmly and let all the negativity to go. He convinces me that bring my mental peace.

5. Share Happiness

You sometimes feel like ‘if I could share this out bursting good news to someone! If someone would throw a party for this!’ Don’t worry. Your beloved will do everything for you. Oh! You don’t have such. Don’t worry. You are going to have such one ASAP.

Clinical Reasons to Fall in Love

6. Dopamine Helps to Grab Optimism

Dopamine is a brain chemical that is responsible for all the great feelings like, perseverance, patience, bliss and optimism. You just want to taste and test every new thing. For example, you will take every challenge seriously and try heartily to be successful in life.

7. Norepinephrine Loses Weight

Your romantic relationship creates a special norepinephrine in your body. The presence of this chemical suppresses your excessive appetite and helps you to lose weight.

8. Hormone Improves Memory

The scientists of University of Pavia in Italy examined that romantic love gives birth to new brain cells. This creates a certain hormone which accelerates the memory power.

9. Oxytocin Makes You Young

Romantic love can make oxytocin in your body. It releases the DHEA that is an anti-aging hormone. Thus, falling in can make you younger.

10. Low Cortisol Releases Heart Disease

Your body can retard the growth of cortisol when you get into a romantic support. Cortisol hormone is responsible for developing stress. Thus, romantic relationship saves you from heart stress or heart disease.

Romantic And Others Reasons to Fall In Love

11. Be Richer

Fall in love at least to make your wallet healthy. A number of researchers have found that people, who are in a romantic and committed relationship, earn money than the people who are not.

12. Be Observer

A romantic love has a power to make you a critic. You don’t just see superficially rather you will notice everything with curiosity. Your brain will be more conscious of the things around you and make you a good observer.

13. Be Smarter

You always put a special attention to your special person. Like, if you have a date today, you will try to make you smarter than before, lovelier than ever. Thus, falling in romantic love can make you smarter and nicer.

14. Be Healthier

Even the foodie becomes a miser in food when s/he falls in a romantic relationship. There are two bilateral techniques, working here. One is, you want to make you look smarter. Another is, even you are not much conscious of the health, your guy or girl will push you back always to think of the health.

15. Be Achiever

I fell in love with my boyfriend when I got my MA admission. He was the motivation behind my working hard to achieve a good result. I always wanted to make him proud of me. I worked hard and at last made that dream true. So, I believe, a romantic love can bring some great achievement in your love.

16. Be Selfless

There is no guarantee that a romantic love can make you selfless at least to one person. Be in romantic love. Explore yourself.

Fall In Romantic Love And Make A Positive Change In Your Life

The other day, I was watching a speech by Helen Fisher. Some of the words were like:

“Around the world, people love. They think of love. They dance for love. They compose stories and poems about love. They tell myths and legends about love. They live for love. They kill for love. They die for love”.

Trust me. Your beloved is your best supporter. She or he is always here forgetting all egos and selfishness. You find two lovely arms to hold you warmly. S/he is your best mentor, best supporter, and best psychiatrist. S/he is your guide, your company and dream. You will never be alone.

But, you will never feel such until you fall in love with someone. So, why are you still waiting for? Go out and Love. Fall in love madly. Fall in love selflessly. Fall in love deeply. Fall in love insanely. Who knows? Falling in a romantic love will make the material world a paradise for you.

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