91 Awesome Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

A healthy relationship requires a great romance to make it romantic and sustainable. A great romance can provide a life full of happiness and pleasure. Be it your wife or girlfriend-certain things should be done to make the relationship even better than before. Here are 91 awesome romantic things to do with your girlfriend to help you out with your romance.

91 Awesome Romantic Things

23 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on a Date

The date is meeting that brings two hearts for one purpose, i.e. to know each other. It is necessary to have a successful date with necessary romantic things done to get the attraction of your partner. Some best suggestions are laid below:

1. Stare at her with emotions and a cute smile.

2. Appreciate her get up but don’t overdo it; keep it moderate.

3. Start conversations where you find her interested-you can ask her about her movies, songs etc.

4. Write notes before saying ‘I love you’ or compliments that she would like and leave it on the table before you guys come in a tissue paper or a chit.

5. Don’t forget to make reservation at her favorite restaurant.

6. Take her to the theater and watch her favorite movie.

7. Take her for a stroll nearby

8. Go for a sightseeing such as parks, historical places etc.

9. Buy her an ice-cream, eat it together.

10. Go for shopping.

11. A surprise gift would make the date more special

12. Have a love letter written inside the gift box

13. Take photos to make the date memorable.

14. An after meal, dance would establish a great connection. Make sure to play a   slow music.

15. Kiss her, gently while dancing but don’t force it.

16. Give her a warm hug.

17. Hold her hands and rub it gently like you are caressing.

18. Keep talking about the relationship and show her that you care about her.

19. Never let her out of your gaze keep watching her even if you’re facing her back. Girls like themselves to be watched.

20. Bring chocolates for her eat it together

21. Give her a huge bouquet of flower and have the table decorated with flowers before the date.

22. Go for a long drive in the country.

23. Go out for the date and tell others in front of girlfriend that you are going on a honeymoon.

23 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend At Night

Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend At Night

Night is the most suitable time for doing romance. Many researchers say that this night romance makes the relationship healthier. Some of the best romantic things you can do at night are:

24. Before sleeping send her a text message saying “I love you” and describing how you felt for her the whole day.

25. Send her sticker or smile’s warm up the mood between you two

26. Ask her about her long day and give compliments to her about her works.

27. Dedicate a song for her or better sing it to her-believe it or not girls like to hear the boys singing for them

28. Dim the lights and snuggle together in the bed or couch.

29. Tell her I love you and I need you whenever you can

30. Talk to her about your life and ask her point of view about it.

31. Share your problems with her and ask her for a solution.

32. Show her a dream that she would like to share with you.

33. Assure her you will be there for her whenever she needs you.

34. Discuss about both your lives make plans for the future.

35. Spend the night looking at the stars together and make a wish together.

36. If possible, take a long drive on the highway at night.

37. Walking on the beach holding hands together would make a great time.

38. Exchange kisses frequently expressing you love her more and more.

39. Make a fire in the fireplace and roast marshmallows

40. Watch a romantic movie together, having each other in arms.

41. Stand outside on the verandah and watch the moon.

42. Sing a soothing song that will strike the heart and turn her attention towards you.

43. Exchange conversations like you are flirting with her.

44. Remind her that you will be there to hear her voice every night and love her.

45. Do dishes together and apply hand lotion to hers and yours after that.

46. Take a sudden hike at night and don’t forget to carve both of your initials in a tree.

21 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend At Home

 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend At Home

Home is a place where people get each other closer than ever. It’s a wonderland to do romance as you and your partner want it to be. Some of the best ways to diversify your romance at home are:

47. Decorate your home and bedroom as your girlfriend wants it to be.

48. Hang the best beautiful photos around the house, especially in your bedroom.

49. Play a soft beat music to keep the mood jolly and off course dance holding her hands.

50. Try to cook her favorite meal and serve it in a fashionable manner in order to get compliments.

51. Order food such as pizzas, burgers etc. via telephone to enjoy different tastes of food.

52. Write notes about the qualities and the reasons you love her and keep it beside the bed or hang it in the dressing table mirror.

53. Always keep fresh flowers beside the bed so that sees when she wakes up.

54. Leave a romantic note for her before you leave the house.

55. Make breakfast for her before she wakes up and it is better if you make something of a heart shape such as a toast of heart shape.

56. Take a hot bath together.

57. Try to massage each other’s body.

58. Watch late night movies or TV serials which you guys enjoy with a light snack at intervals.

59. Recite love poems for your girlfriend.

60. Sing love songs by holding her and caress her gently.

61. Try doing laundry together.

62. Write love letter and make it into a jigsaw puzzle so that she finds it interesting.

63. Tap your moments on video camera and try to act funny, so that she laughs with all her heart.

64. Dim the light in the bedroom and hold her close and kiss her while exchanging conversations.

65. Draw silly cartoon pictures of you two and place in the kitchen and bathroom.

66. Throw a surprise party for your partner for no reason and treat her like she deserved it.

67. Decorate your bed with flowers and ribbon to make it a special day.

24 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend At Birthday

A birthday is a very special day in every human being’s life. On this day a person expects her husband or boyfriend to do something very special for her which she will cherish for the rest of her life. Making your partner’s birthday memorable is a necessity. Other than the arrangement of the birthday party, romance boosts up your partner’s happiness beyond imagination. Perfect romance is required to manage a memorable birthday. Here are some ways to deal with a perfect romantic birthday party:

68. Decorate your house as stunningly as possible.

69. Place framed photos of her around the house so that she gets surprised and amazed.

70. Plan a surprise birthday for her.

71. Invite your friend and relatives and come up with a strategy to dazzle her.

72. Sing and wish her on her birthday with everyone at the party.

73. Dance with her with a romantic music played.

74. Surprise her with a lot of flowers.

75. Buy her a huge doll or bunny. If possible buy her lots of little musical dolls that say ‘I love you’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

76. Plan a surprise getaway.

77. Write a love note or poem especially for the birthday and recite it in front of everyone in the party.

78. Its best if you can propose her again or ask her to marry you on this special day with people around you.

79. Put a note in her purse or bag, wishing about her birthday.

80. Buy a stuffed animal which she likes or it might be of any cartoon character.

81. If possible, plan a huge surprise party with friends and relatives in a posh restaurant.

82. Make reservations for the party in her favorite restaurant.

83. Make an album or a scrapbook with your girlfriend’s photo and show it to everyone in the party.

84. Wish your girlfriend on her birthday in an epic way, such as wearing funny costumes or making cartoon display for her birthday.

85. Get a great birthday cake arranged with good and funny designs, especially of figures carved out of couples dancing or holding each other.

86. Leave trails of rose petals or some beautiful flowers leading towards the cake’s table.

87. Make donations in the name of your partner to any charity organization or any orphanages.

88. Have bouquet’s balloon for the birthday party.

89. Record your voice on tape recorder saying how much you love her till this day and play it in front of everyone.

90. Have a candle light dinner after the birthday party and declare your undying love for her and keep a surprising event or gift which will mesmerize her.

91. Give her big hug and kiss in front of everyone in the party.

So you always wanted to do some romantic things with your girlfriend, right? Here are almost all you want. Let’s try them smartly to understand your girlfriend’s or partner’s psychology so that you can behave in her ways accordingly. Finally, the key to having a good romantic relationship with your girlfriend lies in your hand. So, don’t let it go otherwise.

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