22 Scientifically Proven Signs of Being in Love with Someone

At some stage we all are bound to find ourselves a person who we can call of our ‘Own’. After a certain time we start looking for this person. But the thing happens very often in our life that we rush ourselves in deciding that whether we love a person or not. Sometimes, we decide too early and sometimes we realize after conditions have gone wrong so long. As the love comes naturally, the nature conveys us itself. Just we have to read the clues that the universe wants to preach. Further, the following 21 scientifically proven signs of being in love with someone must help you out to know if you are in love or not.

Signs of Being in Love with Someone

Signs of Being in Love with Someone

1. You Just Cannot Stop Thinking About the Person

The first and foremost sign about falling in love with someone is that you cannot stop thinking about the person you like. It is a very obvious one. It happens with everyone.

2. Being Around The Person Makes You Happy

Every now and then you would try to be around the person. More importantly, you would find that just being around that person makes you lovelier albeit you have nothing interesting to do. It is another major sing about falling in love.

3. You Pursue Silly Things

When you start to feel something about someone you want to impress that person by any mean. That’s why you may pursue silly things to do.

Why people do that? Actually the silliest thing can catch the eyes more frequently than the conventional ones.

4. You Stare At the Person All the Times

When you get the chance of being around the person, you keep looking at the person without any reason. Even you may find yourself that you are staring at the person in the meetings not noticing around you. Actually, you are so much curious about the person that you probably want not to miss even a single bit of a chance of getting a stare at the person.

5. You Smile without Reason

It’s another scientific sign that has been proven as fallen in love. You are around the person whose company makes you happy, gets you happier. Especially if the person is the one in whom you have found something that makes you crazy, surely you would be happier. Smile is the sign of your happiness.

6. You Want to Do Everything to See the Person Happy

When you are in love, you find yourself amused at the moment the person smiles. You want to keep the person happy at any cost. That’s why you want to do everything to see that person happy.

7. You Do the Things what You Did Not Like to Do Before

There may be so many things which you didn’t like to do. But when you have noticed the person you like does this, you may end up doing those chores. It is really a very positive and scientifically signs of being in love with someone.

8. Listening and Watching More Romantic Things

When people are in love they like to feel to be in very serene and sweet things. That’s why they start to listen to more romantic songs or watch more romantic movies. They feel more comfortable with these types of things. Even a metal head can turn to soft, cute and fluffy types of things.

9. You Support the Person

No matter what happens, you want to stand by the side of the person who you have started to love. Even you can take a brawl with your friends and family to support the person.

10. You Think the Person Perfect

When you are in love with someone, you start to pretend to think that the person is perfect. Actually, deep down in your mind you know that it is not possible but still want think in that way.

11. When Talk with Others S/He Come Very Often in Your Conversation

When you have a conversation with others, the person seems to come on your words very often. It is a clear scientific sign of falling in love. Even if you want to stop talking about the person, it seems impossible for you to resist yourself talking about him or her.

12. You Melt Down When He or She Smiles

When the person smiles in front of you, you find yourself amused. You can spend a thousand dollars just to experience that moment.

13. You Get Shy, Very Often

It may seem a bit of girl sided line, but actually that is also experienced in the cases of men. Even the most extroverts feel shy to express themselves. It is a very common sign of falling in love with someone.

14. You Sometimes Miss a Heart Beat

When you see the person sometimes you miss a beat. Look, if that happens or not when s/he is around you. While having a conversation, it also can be noticed. If that happens then buddy, you are very much at risk of falling in love with someone.

15. When the Word ‘LOVE’ Enters Into Ear, S/He Is the Person Who Comes Into Mind

If you are on the verge of falling in love, the word ‘love’ will soothe you very much. It is because the word will bring an image of that person in your mind. Every time the word will pop up with the person’s thought.

16. The Conversation with Him or Her Makes You Forget Everything Surrounding You

With the modern ways of communication we can talk, chat or mail with others very easily. The ways of communicating make you forget everything around you. You just get attached to the conversation.

17. Doodle Her or His Name

When you are out of mind for some moments, after sometimes may find that you have written his or her name on a page. The subconscious mind makes you contact that. Even you will be happy to see the name that you have written on something. If this happens, you are surely in love with someone.

18. You Feel Jealous When You Find Him or Her with Someone With Opposite Sex

When you see that the person you like is walking someone else, especially with a person of the opposite sex, you will be hurt. And if this happens, don’t waste times just express your feeling to the person.

19. A Day without His or Her Visit Makes You Mood Down

If you think the person all the day it is quite natural that you want to see the person’s face every day and the day comes when you have not the chance to visit that person, without any doubt, your mood will be down.

20. When You Compare the Someone Else You Give the Person Highest Marks

When you compare him or her with someone else, the person with whom you are already in love with, you will give the maximum numbers. You will find no one nowhere near to the person. This is also a scientific sign of falling in love with someone.

21. Everything Seems to Be Nicer

When you are in love everything seems to be nicer to you. You start to look at the world with a pair of new eyes. It makes you happier.

22. Yearn For the Person

We just like to yearn the person so much when we are in love with. We do it subconsciously more often. We get distracted and feel lonely and think of the person that if s/he could be by my side right now, how great the scene would have been!

Falling and being in love with someone is just unpredictable. Hope the above scientific signs of being in love with someone will drive to mark your romantic feeling at the right time.

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