7 Crucial Sings You’re Not Ready to be in a Relationship

‘Am I ready to be in a relationship’ is a common question peeps into your mind when you are in dilemma whether you will approach to your loved one or not. But, this dilemma has a chance to proof if you’re not ready to be in a relationship right now. Read on this article to be assured of your mental readiness for being in a relationship.

Why the Issue Comes?

Ask yourself that why you should go and delve into a romantic relationship? This is a very time-tested question arises because of the alarming break up rate throughout the world. People are nowadays take the relationship lightly and ignore the importance of romantic relationship in life. The on-going divorce rate, impatient people and their broken heart demand the respond to decide if you’re ready to be in a relationship.

7 Reasons to Think to be in a Relationship

The reasons explained here will answer your question if you’re not ready to be in a relationship. Read, think and explain matching yours one with the points. You will get the right answer.

1. You Want to Depend on

You are tired of your every day boring life? You are now trying and waiting to happen, something miracles that will sweep out your boredom and tiredness and will make it full of jolliness and cheers?

If you are on this thought and want to go for a relationship, I would strongly suggest not to do that. Nobody can be happy for others. Whoever it is or what the relationship you maintain with him or her. The secret is that you must find your happiness within yourself. If you are just the kind of a person craving for the dependency in a relationship, you must not go for it because you’re not ready to be in a relationship right now.

2. Just Because You Want to Forget Your Ex

Are you going through an extreme relationship trauma?Are you insanely looking someone one who you will fall in with and try to forget your ex for forever?

Oh buddy! Never ever, think of it. Your life will be a BIG hell. The discontentment, dissatisfaction, impatience and bad comparison will suck your life totally. Psychologists who are expert in love and relationship, strongly discourage this as the human being can’t fill up the space of each other but we just create a place for ourselves. So, if you are at this stage in life, I would rather suggest to have a research on you and your thinking that will open the scope to get yourself right and prepare yourself for the better relationship in the future.

3. You Want to Get Married

It is true that every person wants to get married to whom s/he knows about and feels loving about. But the harsh truth is that when you are predetermined to get married to the person you are going to date with will not be a wise decision. There are many reasons behind this belief. Some of them are:

  • Your expectation will be high
  • You will start to judge the person
  • You will demand more
  • You will lose the fun of a relationship

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7 Crucial Sings You’re Not Ready to be in a Relationship

4. You Can’t Present the Person

Is it the social gathering and you can’t attend without your partner there? If the case is this, it is highly chance that you’re not ready to be in a relationship. The reason is when you can feel about a person, it will not matter what or how she or he is. You will only be careful about that you love him or her and feel good about that person.

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5. You Want to Show Up

Uff, what an attractive and fashionable girlfriend or boyfriend, my circle has! Are are you in this kind of thought and as a reaction, you also want to have someone like who is presentable? If it is  true, you must stop yourself from the thought. The tie up emerging from this self-driven thought will not make happy any of you. So, be aloof off from having a relationship with someone for right now.

6. You are too Crazy

If you are too crazy to go forward and be in a relationship, I would say, you must not. The feeling will drive you to get the essence of a relationship mistakenly and thus has a bitter experience in your life. This craziness proofs that you’re not racy to be in a relationship.

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7. You are Indifferent

Some people always loved to be indifferent in whatever the situation it is! A relationship obviously has some bases and grounds that help to circulate the life-breathe into it. So, when you feel that you will take your relationship lightly and indifferently, you must think about if you should be in such kind of bondage right now.

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A relationship has a great importance on life, whoever the person it is. Again, there is a mental connectivity with the action you perform. So, never let your name be enlisted to those who are referred to with a negative adjective. Be sure if you’re ready to be in a relationship. Don’t hurry. You have enough sunny days to go out with your partner.

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