3 Steps to Seduce a Girl and Get Her in Bed

“I am a girl and my boyfriend adores me as a sexy and hot girl. I cannot wait, but being seduced no longer I hear these words from my hunny-bunny”. I feel proud when my man says these to me. He uses different strategies to seduce me. As a guy, you also must know how to seduce a girl and get her in bed with full enjoyment and amusement.

Here are the rules and steps to seduce a woman. Whether she is your girlfriend or wife, these definitely will support to achieve the goal. Even the women with sex phobia will also respond if you spontaneously can follow the strategies.

On the way to this article, we asked 3 women who are enjoying the love relationship before marriage, in her newly married period and a woman with her 5 years of married life.

Steps to Seduce a Girl

Seducing a Girl: The Preparation Stage

1. Being Romantic is the first and foremost weapon to seduce a girl. Generally, the girls expect their boy would be romantic, talk with romanticism and behave romantically. You can easily seduce her if you follow some romantic strategies. For example: you must use some romantic words or phrases when you want to seduce your girl. Also, learn how to be creative with the approach with romance and love. Read how to be romantic with your girl for more details.

2. Doing Romantic Things means that you are romantic and it is the second step that you want to seduce her after you have turned yourself as a romantic guy. Don’t forget to be insane for your girl. Being mad and insane sometimes boosts the relationship. Read: 91 insanely romantic things to do for your girl.

3. Inviting her For a Date can open the door that can make her seductive. Choose the place that she enjoys to spent time in. It will show your loyalty to her and at the same time you will seduce her and make her prepare for the sexy time in bed.

“I know he always comes with some innovative dating ideas that I like most and that makes my mind and heart cheerful to spend the whole time with him”- says the 5 years married woman.

If you don’t have many ideas of about the dating ideas that woman like, you read this article to get some hidden ideas. Read: Dating tips for women.

4. Knowing Her well will ease your way to achieve her consent to you. There are many guys who don’t know the girls, even with whom they are having a relationship. It is true that whatever way you approach, you must know her well to make it effective. It will let you know how to stand in front of him, how to behave, how to dress and all the things. For example, an introvert girl likes a man with less talk while an extrovert and ultra-modern girl likes her guy would be Yo! Yo! And behave like this. Funny, isn’t it? To know more about women you must read: 21 facts about girls those boys don’t know.

5. Dressing Well helps you win almost any girl. Be careful how you will dress and what you will wear. Prefer the things that she likes to find you in. To make this step successfully, you can carefully notice her behavior or attitude with some special feelings. ‘You look fresh in this color’ or ‘This attire makes you adorable’ type sentences denote that she likes you in this approach. So, pay her your highest concern to seduce your girl easily. You must read what girls like in boy.

6. Touching a Girl is the first step that shows that you are in the process to charm your girl. You have planned many things and it is the real chance to make that true. Don’t touch here and there and as you wish. Rather be thankful and creative to touch a girl. Remember that it is the stage when you must have to win her to get her in bed. Some suggestions for you:

How to Seduce a Girl

On the Process of Seducing a Girl

  • Touch the sensual edges. For example: You can touch the edge of breasts or the butt, but not the breast and butt directly. ‘When he touches by edges, I feel like I am dying and that signals my brain that I am going to have an intercourse with him’ says the newly married woman.
  • Just have a soft touch and as soon as she responds or prepares her to responds take away your touch. This will lead herself to offer you to touch her more. Isn’t it positively, to seduce her for you? Yes, it is.

Learn how to insanely touch a girl.

7. Playing Nasty Games leads you to attract her to you. Flirt! Use slang a little bit. Choose words that evoke her body and sensual part. For example: invite her to play a hide and seek game with you. Ask her to close eyes. Now, pretend to touch or have your hands on a particular body part of her. Now, invite her to guess. If she can, let her chance to play such with you. If she cannot, ask her for a gift like a kiss or a warm hug.

8. Wording sexy and hot. Use some words that can make her sexy. ‘My sexual body parts become warm and hot when my boy uses the nasty words’ says the girl in a love relationship. Compliment her. Ask her different questions that can make her hot and seduced. For example: ask about her sizes (if you are not married), or the favorite underwear color. Compliment her that she has a big and alluring *****. These types of sexy and hot questions are bound to make her seduced and get her in bed. For more ideas read words to make her hot and desirable.

The Final Stage of Seducing a Girl

Seducing a Girl

Congratulations! Now you are done with the process part and it is the final stage to let her know that you love her or you want to spend tonight together or such. Don’t jump all of a sudden. Rather, follow the steps here:

9. Making Commitment is the best way to seduce a girl. But, remember that, both of you are in a romantic mood and don’t say any strict thing that can break all your effort to make her seduced. Rather, say the soft but warm things that can arise her feelings. ‘I love you’ or ‘Don’t leave me’ type words can help you out here. These will bring her more closely to you.

10. Forming a Habit of Happy Couple Formula can make her closer at you. There are many things that the happy couples do to be happy in life. Let your lips and whisper ‘You live in her’. This will instantly work to make your girl seduced. This not only works to seduce her but also works to strengthen the relationship between you. Read the 10 habits of happy couples.

Attracting or seducing a girl is the easiest thing if you go with the right approach. If you are not, it will seem as more difficult than climbing up the Everest.

So, be with The Two Angles and follow the above mentioned strategies, learning how to seduce a girl and get her in bed.

Good Luck 🙂

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