11 Surprising Sex Drive Killers You Don’t Know About

Who doesn’t want a healthy and peaceful life? And for this, a life which has a healthy sexual relationship is very important. But, as we now live among so much of pollution and synthetic things around us, day-by-day the sexual forces of both men and women is getting deceased in a dramatic way. Really the number of people going for sexual treatment at the doctors has raised so many brows. Even many of the scientists suggest that the habits, diseases and foods we are living with may end up us in a situation where we have to leave behind this natural instinct. They have become totally sex drive killers. So, guys! You must feel interest to what are the sex drive killers that can curse your sexual power.

Let’s learn here about the 11 surprising sex drive killers that you must know right NOW and take actions to get rid.

Sex Drive Killers

Surprising Sex Drive Killers

1. Fish

Though many of us regard fish as a very healthy food item, in reality the contamination has not left this item untouched. Actually the most of the industrial wastes goes to the river. The contaminated water makes the fish contaminated as well.

Industrial waste substances that shape up in dairy, fish and meat goods could be removing sex initiative in women, as said by Michigan State University academics. Though forbidden in this nation, Hormone-Mimicking Polychlorinated Biphenyls, or PCBs, can persist in the atmosphere for periods.

What To Do Now?

To defend yourself, consume lesser on the diet, try Meatless Monday feasts to reduce meat intake, and select fish from the harmless fish list, which are low-slung in pollutants.

2. Soda

The sodas have bad effects on our health; more or less we all know that. Some, like Pepsi, list brominates vegetable oil-or BVO-as a component. Bromine foods are connected to male unproductiveness, incapability, and reduced libido.

For that similar reason, it’s likewise a good notion to dodge other cradles of brominates flame retardants, as well as found in particular flooring padding.

What To Do Now?

Avoid taking soda as much as possible for you.

3. Soy

A recent study by Harvard published in a journal said that there is a strong relation between soy food item consumption and lower sperm levels in men. The study shows that the males taking a different soy items have an inferior semen quality which in turn makes the person very incapable of producing. Even in the animals when the research was undergone, the results also showed its true hue. The animals used to chew soy based items have higher levels of erectile dysfunction.

What To DO Now?

Since hereditarily engineered soy is available in the most of the processed foods, consume non-soy-containing food item prepared with uncut components as much as potential.

4. Microwavable Popcorn

Nonstick substances that are utilized in the interior liner of microwave popcorn gears and in non-stick containers and pots often hold Perfluoroalkyl acids; very common categories include PFOA or PFOS. These common substances can indeed do in a number on a guy’s virility. Minor dosages of these are associated to testicular tumors, male aridity, and dearth of sex stimulation.

What To Do Now?

To guard you, choose from raw stainless steel, and use this brown-bag trick to mark safer microwavable popcorn.

5. Sex Toys

Particular sex toys having vinyl-containing goods can damage equally male and female libidos. The substances in vinyl goods-the lot from that artificial vibrator to shower shade-can disturb hormones and reduce testosterone, slaughtering the need to intercourse in both men and women.

What To Do Now?

So believe in the nature. Go for the natural way of having sexual pleasure.

6. Air Fresheners and Scented Candles

You can think of a decent and very romantic candle light dinner with your partner and wish to go to bed with her to make love; okay that’s a nice idea. But if you are willing to use a candle with artificial fragrance made of chemical substances, then you are just murdering your sex drives. A study in 2008, South Carolina State University discovered petroleum-derived, artificially perfumed torches contaminated air with Benzene and Toluene, toxic constituents of Tailpipe sap. These can stimulus asthma attacks. The artificial scents in air fresheners and candles also perform as counterfeit sex hormones, which may put a hindrance on testosterone heights.

What To Do Now?

Pick beeswax candles.

7. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills consist of the capacity to interfere with a woman’s testosterone making by tapping the pods to sleep. (Certainly, women generate this male hormone, just in lesser amounts.) The testosterone that the body is capable of creating is rendered unusable, because of the effective phony estrogen in the condoms.

What To Do Now?

Enjoy your married life, taking as less help as possible from the pills.

8. Gender-Bending Pesticide

Atrazine, a shared weed-killing compound, can severely destroy a man’s sex energy. Experts were once tipped off to this detail when they saw that male frogs uncovered to dash out the heights of the chemical underwent a reduction in male sex hormones and productiveness. Shoddier yet, about 10% of the frogs really became females. Many new pesticides are measured to be hormone devastator.

What To Do Now?

Consume organic food items as much as possible that can evade feminizing compound acquaintance.

9. Alcohol

The alcohol decreases the blood flow into our veins. The whole artillery system gets thick with consumption of the alcohol. Even our brain gets so much attached to the alcoholic needs that people hardly can concentrate on other things. The same thing happens when people tend to take testosterone weed. Smoking weed can instantly increase the need of having sex. But in the long run the testosterone   level automatically burns out with smoking weed.

What To Do Now?

Avoid taking alcohol, smoking and any testosterone to make you free from sex drive killers.

10. Chronic Stress

Long-lasting anxiety can toss a woman’s hormone hooked on lather and slay libido. Throughout high-stress periods, the female physique actually changes progesterone, the precursor particle to testosterone, into the figure’s “trauma hormone,” cortisol, in place of sex hormones that create you yearn for your partner.

What To Do Now?

Blow yoga or a moment of mindfulness-based anxiety discount to adjust your mentality to lead a sexual life out of sex drive killers.

11. Cash-Register Receipts

Do you know the cash register receipts are harmful for your sexual life? Yes! They are indeed.

How? The cash-register receipts are coated with an element named the Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BisphenolA (BPA). About 40% of the total cash-register receipts are made of this element. This component can ignite reduction in production function of men and heart disease.

A new study circulated in the periodical Fertility and Sterility revealed that males with upper BPA stages in the urine have low semen counts and inferior sperm excellence than males with lower echelons.

What To DO Now?

To retain your semen-plus sex drive-levels strong, reduce needless receipts and evade additional huge cause of BPA, preserved food items, including soup.

Be careful. You just need a little care to have a pleasant sexual life out of any sex drive killer that can cause you harm in.

Sex Drive Killers: An Infographic


Sex Drive Killers-Infographic

Sex Drive Killers-An Infographic

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