The 7 Rules of Spending the First Night Together

‘Spending the first night together’ makes anyone excited on the lovely bed. It is such a taste which people even cannot think of unless it comes into reality. Every confident couple sweats in the very first night together. Sometimes it happens that even the partners who have been together for a long period of time, become nervous and does many unexpected things on the bed. So, it is good to know the rules of spending the first night together. The Two Angles always take care of your relationship and every single experiment of it. So, let’s read what the site is with for you this time.

7 Rules of Spending the First Night Together

Knowing how to have a sensuous sex can spice up your moments more. Read on and explore the ways to have a great first night romantic night together.



1. The Hit of Lying Together

Make sure that you are not in bed unless both of you feel the intuition and an urgency to be in a bed. Being together for having a sex is nothing but crossing the physical bridge and coming to a point. So, before anything else, I would ask you to take the final decision if you, both are mad, extreme in feelings and live on the verge. Uff!! Enjoy!

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2. Take Your Protection

Yes, I am talking about the condom. Never take the risk of being a pregnant or victim of STDs. In fact, if you are not mentally preparing to take it. Don’t rely on him or her. Take your own protection. Otherwise, your extreme lovely moments can be grasped by the tension of ‘shit, am I going to be pregnant?’

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3. Set Your Mood

The parameters of setting mood vary from person to person and couple to couple. Hence, setting mood before your sex is one of the 7 rules of spending the first night together. So, you must know how to set your partner’s and as well as your own mood fast and furiously. It can be a single warm hug or it can be a candle light romantic environment in your room. Creatively romanticize your bedroom before the first night of togetherness. What about whispering like ‘let’s play dirty’ or ‘want to test me?’ Whatever it is, make sure that you both are in a good and romantic mood.

4. Keep Clean Up

Having sex is not only just having fun and enjoyment it is also a matter of being hygienic. Also, it is your first night together. So, clean all the areas that must be. You know what I mean. Make your sex lovely, pretty and hygiene.

5. Be Ready for the Discomfiture

Remember, it is the first time you are both checking out your body parts. You may face some unexpected and discomfort situation. But, don’t let your moments go. Hold it back and cope you with it. The motto is to ‘enjoy’.

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6. Be Dirty

“You know what I did on my very first moment on bed? I did, yes, I did speak a lots of dirty words. Ghrrr..!!! My boyfriend was ashamed of one time. But, it made me sexier and, I believe, I could give the all to my boyfriend satisfying him to the full”- says Shanny, a 26 year old romantic girl.

So, my suggestion is also like that. Speak out. Bring nasty and dirty on your first bed time. It will allow both of you to arouse the sex-fueled hormone from the core. Ohh!! Rules of spending the first night together lie here, believe me. Try it out.

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7. Be Normal While You Are Done

While you are satisfied with your sex, try to be normal as soon as possible. Breathe out longer. Spread out your hands. Close eyes and make a small smile on your lips.

In fact, these 7 rules of spending the first night together will guide you to have a better, live and lovely sex. Add more that you think your relationship needs. Enjoy again!

7 Rules of Spending the First Night Together

Ask The Two Angles what you want more to know in the comment box. And, we appreciate if you share some moments of your first night experience. Let’s make the platform communicate for a better sex life.

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